I Persuade People With Reason


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Yuan Buwei was bound by a villain whitewashing system,

System 999 carefully taught the host:

① Behave yourself and be a good person.

② Salted fish for the win, by kneeling and licking the protagonist you can lie down and win.

③ Don’t make trouble, don’t make trouble, don’t make trouble!

Yuan Buwei (a sword swing overturned the protagonist): No problem. I’m best at convincing people with reason. What trouble? Nonexistent.

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7starkiller99 rated it
February 9, 2022
Status: Completed
Novel not recommended to read.

The author is a beginner who absolutely rushed the ending of the whole novel as well as continually not satisfyingly ending each arc.

The summary here is also misleading so here’s a real spoiler summary:

... more>>

The MC is a sweets loving lazy salted fish big boss who cultivates the way of devouring and of change. He squeezes a small system, changes everyone into his tool people, and ultimately robs Samsara scumbag snake of small worlds. Then, the author suddenly gives up and just ends the novel.


The MC tends to be wildly inconsistent, with a few scattered good moments through the novel: (I become the ruler of the demon way and My Sword spirit does all my work arcs).

Main issue is the author shoehorning in nonsense cultivation BS to explain everything the MC does (usually in the final 2 chapters of an arc) or simply undercutting the story by building crazy cultivator gaps and then having none of it apply to MC (he never suffers a loss). Minor issues are the usual problematic Chinese novel tropes, but there’s no excessive racism. Last issue is the mess of copied content, and way too much focus on Heavenly Way etc.

Novel is mostly MC bullying useless fodder, and author immediately chooses to derail the initial concept of MC checking out the original protagonist. There’s also a lot of unexplained power behind the MC without any satisfying explanation (MC ate demons so is allpowerful and some sword guy made him best swordsman ever).

A mostly mediocre quick transmigration novel with the added spice of all powerful MC messing with fodder. -600tril/10.

P.S. Not recommended to big fans of OP Mc’s as the author tends to make everything a part of Mc’s sandsculpture salted fish aura. <<less
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Meloman rated it
February 12, 2022
Status: c170
What reviewer before (7star) said is actually not wrong, but personally I quite enjoyed the first 150 chapters of this novel, in mtl mind you. Although I just felt that it would have been better if the arcs were a bit shorter... a little too much droning on for my preferences.

however, despite what 7stars said being correct, in my opinion this novel deserves more than 3 stars. Despite the certain spoiler characteristics of the MC’s personality, the world building and other characters are pretty interesting. Also for a QT- world... more>> hopping or similar transmigration type stories, this one is of the few with no romance and no bl in it. If you want qt but are tired of bl and josei where the f/MC live and die for love - then this novel is very very good.

I have also enjoyed (despite mtl understanding) the small parts where author takes a different approach from face slapping novels. The MC does not nuke the whole town out of anger towards a mosquito who bit him. There is no “must get revenge or both perish “ type thing either. And what I really liked was how (possibly a spoiler)


in one of the arcs the mc’s friend said that males also need to or desire to cherish their chastity and it is not fun being drugged by a girl who wants to cook rice with the boy while the boy doesn’t want that


I really liked that point of view, in most Chinese (and other) novels this point gets ignored or generalized. Perhaps after reading too many novels we (or at least I) get a bit desensitized towards forced and unwilling if not lacking in consent physical relationships, but it’s important to keep in mind that it is wrong and needs consent from both parties regardless of gender.

anyway I went a bit off topic, my point is this novel has quite a few pov’s that are different from other CN QT (and not QT) novels. Well it’s not QT, but similar type thing with different worlds.

I can’t comment on whether the ending is rushed, good or bad, as I haven’t read up till there. <<less
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