A Yandere Encirclement Has Been Formed in a World Where the Sense of Virtue is Frequently Reversed


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The protagonist, Sukui Ren, realized

In the world in which he lives, the sense of virtues ​​are often reversed.

Sometimes he lives as a normal boy, and sometimes he lives as a boy who is protected and lusted after.

Even though everyone else hasn’t changed at all, Ren doesn’t know what to do because he’s the only one who notices this discomfort.

Because he has a sense of normalcy, he spends his time normally in this unusual world…….then, naturally, some things change.

And so the changes that occur even in a world that Ren takes for granted……this is what bothers Ren.

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ZzzzdevioustractionzzZ rated it
February 28, 2024
Status: --
here's a better description

this guy, ren, notices something pretty strange. Every day at midnight, the typical gender roles flip. So on day one, its a normal romcom type situation, but on day two the novel flips to a reverse gender world trope (women being sexually aggresive compared to men, but also always trying to apease them), and on day 3 it goes back to romcom, and so on and so forth

for some unexplained as of yet reason, our special protag (who has the morality of the romcom side of things)... more>> is the only person aware of this. Needless to say, he is troubled.

also, yanderes

edit: turns out the MC is indecisive. A complete pushover. I understand not wanting to write a h**ny beast, but would it kill to have hum at least be confident in himself? Dropping this <<less
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Chris_wilver rated it
March 2, 2024
Status: --
It's decent. Quite unique plot frequently reverse world, normal to reverse to normal to reverse. A bit of a headache ngl. Still prefer the generic reversal world that won't flip to normal back. Less headache. But that's not the problem, what annoys me is that MC yapping to himself too much. Less yapping is better.
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Miskatonic81 rated it
February 29, 2024
Status: --
I love reverse chastity worlds, and I love myon stories. So I've read this using google translate. It's good.

I don't think myon is much for world building because there's basically zero. The most you get is a news program talking about women mol*sting men on the train. Not ground breaking stuff. Unfortunately world building is a lot of the fun of reverse chastity worlds, so that's the biggest thing this story is lacking imo.

The rest is typical myon romantic comedy, which is to say it's enjoyable. The two love interests... more>> are both good. I came into this story expecting a lot more, and maybe I should have rated it 3 stars, but I still liked reading the story. I'll be reading the translation for sure. <<less
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