A Sword Master Childhood Friend Power Harassed Me Harshly, So I Broke Off Our Relationship And Make A Fresh Start At The Frontier As A Magic Swordsman.


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The power harassment from Alfine ー a girlfriend and childhood friendー, who are the same age, grew up together, and became adventurer together, is painful.

A peerless beauty, a person with the title Sword Master and called the Flawless Sword Goddess, a capable woman with achievement recognized by the Kingdom and rewarded with appointment as a knight and became a noble.

On the other hand, I’m treated as that capable woman Alfine’s accessory, hurled abusive language by her, often power harassed by her with insults as an adventurer, losing my dignity as a man and as a person, I resigned to spending my daily life in position as a lover-cum-caretaker.

However changes come to those daily life.

Alfine, who became busy as the kingdom’s knight, often became unable to take part in adventures, the times I took requests alone increased, and I was able to regain my lost dignity.

Then I became aware to the abnormality of the situation I was in.

Then, to regain myself, I decided to abandon her repeated power harassment.

In addition to all the equipment I received until now, I returned the sword which we gave to each other when we became an adventurer to her, then I declared our break up, and left that place quickly. From now on, I will change my name and appearance and live freely.

As soon as I decided so, everything went well, and when I realized, I was praised by the people around me and became the greatest adventurer on the frontier.

What’s more, I got a proposal to marry the frontier lord’s daughter from a female adventurer.

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Kensei no Osananajimi ga Pawahara de Ore ni Tsuraku Atarunode, Zetsuen hite Henkyō de ma Kenshi to Shite Denaosu Koto ni Shita
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Bloody Hero
Bloody Hero
August 6, 2020
Status: --
Ignoring the absurdly long title, I rather like the premise of the story.

Basically what it comes down to is a person who was abused and downtrodden for so long wanting to reclaim their life and dignity. Thus the MC in this case ends his poisonous relationship, respectfully and cleanly breaking it off, and goes out to live his life.

As it currently stands he doesn't possess any ill will toward his malicious Ex, he simply wants nothing to do with her anymore and be his own man.

Personally I find this thought... more>> to be a breath of fresh air, so many MC get wrapped up in payback or humiliating person who wronged them or obsessing how much they were tortured. While I can in part understand where these type of MC come from when reading their stories, I can't help but feel a good amount of the time they forget to truly LIVE their own lives in process.

I hope there isn't some sort of justification for his Ex-girlfriend. There really isn't any sort of excuse for her treatment. The whole she is a Tsundere isn't going to cut it. I mean, there are Tsundere's and then there are straight up b*tches/bastards. <<less
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Auros rated it
September 27, 2020
Status: side story 10

The best character in this novel is the ex-girlfriend and that is saying much about it...


she goes from someone you: "haha, fk you b*tch! you deserve it!" in the first chapters, to someone you: "well... she has done wrong, but deserves redemption"... then the yuri sh*t virus showed up his sh*t-head and we are heading to the female knight X sl*t pedler ship because the MC will stay with the kuudere girl and the harem tag isn't here & that the female knight doesn't want to "have" the MC again, she just wants to apologize to him for all the sh*t she has done


About the MC:
- I'm tr*sh. I quit. Oh, I guess I was OP af.

Also... for such drama queen title as that one, he really moved on pretty fast and without looking back or you know... slight trauma? I guess this is another novel with a title who gets old after his first arc.

And their "romantic relationship"... hollow af...


-everything started because the girl didn't want the MC to be stolen away so she made up those rumors of them going out, and the MC accepted it because he already lived with her for the past 20 years, so yeah, why not, he already was like her caretaker / house-husband.

-when she understood her own wrongdoings, first thing she wanted to do was to apologize to him and then after that, everyone would go their own way... didn't... didn't you two, or at least you, like... were in love?.. or something?


The future of the plot?


The kuudere is in love with MC, her father already took notice of him. MC will stay with the kuudere.

Female Knight will see that the MC moved on, will ask for forgiveness, MC will accept.

They will go their own way.

MC will do stuff to help with the predictable future invasion of those "demons".

Female Knight will travel doing stuff with her new companion, the lesbo ancient ruins investigador/pedler girl who will "confort" her, because as tradition, female knights should be into yuri.



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Ichigoeater rated it
August 26, 2020
Status: c8
It's okay. A little disappointing, but okay. I was hoping this story would be more unique, but it's already your standard fare, with an OP protagonist who happened to get lucky in the magic department without any hard work on his part, running off to impress the yokel locals with his superior skills and getting his ego stroked left and right, especially by the new lady friend he'll undoubtedly get together with. The only saving grace is there's no harem tag.

Maybe I'm being too harsh, but this is the same... more>> dime-a-dozen OP MC story we've seen a million times, and it's not one of the better ones. I guess I'm just disappointed that my expectations were false.

I was really excited, because it's ALLEGEDLY about a man who's been in an abusive relationship finally deciding to break away from his abuser and become his own person. And that does happen, by chapter two. He's already confident in himself, he's already moved on with conviction, going as far as changing his hair, eyes, and even his name, like he's in the witness protection program or something, but doesn't mention anything about being afraid of his ex, or even giving much thought to her at all. He just threw the name he was born with away because he didn't want to work to change his public image as his ex's dog?

Anyway, he doesn't actually think or act like a victim of spousal abuse at all, really. Because he was already fed up by chapter one, we're not really invested in that spare plot line in the first place. It feels pointless and unnecessary to the plot, is what I'm saying. I was hoping it was related to his OP strength. Since he was put down six ways to Sunday by her when he trained with her, what with her being the best swordsman in the country, or whatever her deal was, he maybe got super strong in the process in order to lessen the abuse. In this way, his tragic past would have sown the seeds for a bountiful future, and as he grows more confident in himself and realizes more and more how wrong his ex was about him, he will open up and, once healed enough (from the terrifying and not-at-all negligible memories of being physically, mentally, and spiritually harmed by someone he cared for), may even find true love~

Like that could happen, with a straight male protagonist. Emotional turmoil and growth is just too much to ask for, isn't it? Gotta get that girly crap outta the way before the story actually starts. No, he's already confident in himself and his sword skills, not that he needs them. Unlimited magic capacity, woo. He was basically wasting his time learning the sword at all. His ex is being depicted as a stereotypical tsundere, too, as if the author is trying to whitewash her and say she can't help it. Are we supposed to take the abuse seriously or not, author?

Final conclusion, this is a basic OP novel that could've been much more, had an underlying plot raring to go that could've made it much more, and didn't for reasons I'll never understand. <<less
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Logron99 rated it
August 28, 2020
Status: --
Low Mediocre Story

Plot: everything is shallow,
It has good premise, MC was abused by his childhood friend/lover because lover has Power now and MC was weak incomparasion. MC recognized this is abuse and broke with her, by running away. However, the story progress poorly apparently MC has hidden power and got new girl. Yes it became another Isekai. There is no exploration to his feeling or repercussion from the abuse. He run away and healed.

The Magic is shit, MC can use it after training once its so easy and not rewarding, power of imagination is just lazy.

Translation: Some grammar mistakes, still readable
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Fluffums rated it
October 25, 2020
Status: c45
You could cut the childhood friend part out of the story and so far it wouldn't change a single thing. I suspect even when they reunite the story wouldn't change even if they had been strangers.

On top of that, the protagonist learns magic a little too easily, even coming up with his own spells like it's nothing. I don't mind that in and of itself, but it's a little surprising he didn't already use magic on accident while growing up with that much talent. Considering he can do it without... more>> thinking or any kind of practice or training or effort, why would "I never even thought about it" keep him from using magic?

In other words, the story abandons 20/27 of the words of its title within 2 chapters. "At The Frontier As A Magic Swordsman" is the only part that applies. If it wasn't for the title and description and chapter 1 giving a false impression of how the story would go, maybe I'd give it a 3/5. <<less
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Delirious rated it
July 21, 2021
Status: --
These reviews just prove how little society sees abuse against men as a problem. There are people literally BLAMING the MC for being abused (no matter how small that "abuse" is) by his ex-gf. Is he a dumbass? Sure! But apparently, these people can't comprehend she is just as capable of talking to the guy she is supposedly supposed to love. Not to mention having a responsibility towards your partner. No, instead, let's create as many excuses as we can for her and blame the victim for being abused. What... more>> a joke.

That aside, the story is horrible. Bad characters, even worse character progression, sub-par plot development, and generic middle-school syndrome level writing. The fetish of the author is just the icing on this shit-cake. I guess when you've screwed up your relationship to the point the other person runs away, the only solution is to become gay, lmao. <<less
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Blyatman rated it
April 23, 2021
Status: --
I actually had high expectations from the story's premise cause this will show the reality of Tsunderes but it kinda fell flat instead of doing development between the MC and his ex-gf author tore them apart by giving MC a kuduure gf and ex-gf became lesbian for no apparent reason. Relationships are supposed to have communication but this doesn't have anything like that. I swear the story would've been so much better if the author tried to repair the mc's and his ex-gf's relationship cause no matter how much you... more>> hate her at the beginning you will pity her later. I started falling asleep while reading the actual story but was more interested in the ex-gf POV but I feel like it will turn yuri and I'm not that a big fan of it so if you are into it you can keep reading the side chapters.

The mc's powers are another dumbassery in itself he was a swordsman now a mage but is stronger than anyone else cause he has better imagination and the current mages can't even do simple spells, this is the case where to make the MC smart the world becomes dumber.

The characters don't have any feel to them they're just bland at this point my favourite character is the ex-gf. At the beginning I thought that this can develop into a nice romance and with a gist of action/adventure but OH MY GOD the romance is SOOO bad the romance tag should be removed. The author just wants to make it an action adventure story with plot so predictable you really can't expect the story to go anywhere.

The comedy in this story is so bad I can't even call it comedy because the Gods of comedy will smite me if I do (girl on girl s*xual harassment funny, Oh I'm such a klutz, Pe*verted blacksmith who longs for skinship are some of the examples of attempt at comedy) some of these could've passed as comedy if the author had kept the story light hearted.

The title should've been something different as the main story doesn't really have to do anything with his previous relationship. I really had high expectations but they were all shattered when author didn't try to do anything about their relationship. The main story is soo boring you're better off reading some other novel I was waiting for mc's and hi ex-gf's reconciliation but I don't think that is happening.

If you're thinking of reading it I'd give it a pass <<less
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Raven Frostwing
Raven Frostwing rated it
March 8, 2021
Status: side story 37
You know you will see a bad story by looking at the title and the way it ends up getting executed by the author, I have a love-hate relationship with bad novels, its kind of complicated. There are some bad novels which are so bad they end up good and some which I end up writing a review like this one. You see the premise is that the MC is inferior to his lover and she abuses him out of stress something he didn't even try to talk to her... more>> about since they are in a relationship and he breaks up with her and suddenly he is OP now and she is not as strong. Lol That's it I have headaches thinking about the execution of this story it makes me wonder what is up with Japanese authors and seemingly villainizing the person known as a childhood friend it really makes you question what the hell happened in their lives. Onwards to the real review.


The MC may be one of the most s*upid and most insensitive MCs I have ever seen, there are still some who take that seat but he is up there with those idiots, first off is this fake love that he had for his ex if he really loved her he would have asked her what is going on, what's up with her these days and such but he doesn't. He ends up going his way and what do you know he can suddenly use magic and is already found a better girl (lol) than her, the ex has more character development than the MC that says a lot. His new ship feels hollow, everything he does feels hollow, there is nothing in this novel that the MC does that doesn't feel like he is lazily acting in a sh*tty film. "Oh I can create new spells now why didn't I think of this?" its so grating that you are forced to admit that the MC must've hit his head after he broke up with his caring gf and he developed dementia and thinks he is this hero for all. The ex feels more alive, she knows she messed up and probably wants to go back to our bullcrap MC, no its good stay with your new gf you don't deserve this guy if at all. I honestly think its the worst, premise is good but it could have been more than just your gf being abusive to you it could have been nobles too, the system even to make it seem reasonable that you push against it. Here it just feels like the author got told by his crush childhood friend she thinks of him as a brother to be honest.

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DeadOpossum rated it
November 11, 2020
Status: c22
Annoyingly s*upid stuff.

"Wow, if you cast weight saving magic on a bag, the contents will be lighter, too! Such an incredible discovery! We have to report it to the court!"

Incantations are just randomly assembled words, why he just cannot say something like "all the enemies go kill yourselves" and be done with it?

When you randomly take a magic test and discover that you're the strongest in the world, but despite of that do not even attempt to learn magic (even though you only need a few minutes to try and... more>> cast a fire arrow).

Man, you have to be brain dead to enjoy this stuff. Or listen it as a lullaby with a text-to-speech app, the novel has the same plot complexity, so it will make you sleep really fast. <<less
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LegendDairy rated it
December 2, 2020
Status: c10
Honestly, this dude is a massive dumbass. If he actually cared about his girlfriend in the first place, he would have f*cking talked to her and expressed his complaints and asked her why she is acting like that. If nothing changes after that, then f*ck her, its all good to leave. But he knew her real personality from before and he didn't even give her a chance to fix her attitude. I pray to god she searches for him because I can kind of tell by the way she was... more>> upset when they broke up that she actually loved him, and that she had just been making a mistake without realizing the effect. I pray that she not only searches for him, but finds him and they can adventure together on the frontier where she can make up for the way she acted towards the end of their relationship and then they can partner up again on adventures and date and then marry. They could have a badass strongest sword master and strongest mage duo and then they can have cute little babies which will become even stronger since they will inherit their father's magic power and their mother will teach them swordsmanship. This plot is really s*upid and I think the girlfriend deserved better. Now, I am not trying to say she is a tsundere and that's why she acted like that. I think she was influenced by the other nobility and was pressured into the poor treatment of commoners and sort of reluctantly did it at first but it almost subconsciously became a habit which she ended up realizing that when the shock of the breakup hit her. Either that or she was angry and stressed because of the pressure of her new status and the constant pressure from the other nobility and she ended up taking it out on her boyfriend, but instead of talking to her about it, he just endured it until he couldn't anymore and then broke up with her without even giving her a chance to fix it. In the end, f*ck the new girl, please old girl come back, you deserve a second chance, you should be able to make up for your mistakes since you guys obviously loved each other. <<less
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Serimoutcast rated it
August 6, 2020
Status: c3
I don't normally leave reviews, and to be honest this is very early to write one, but thus far I really enjoy this story. There really isn't much there yet, but I really appreciate the main characters determination and interactions with the side character thus far. I will probably update as I go along but for now really enjoyed it!
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
montblanc512 rated it
February 17, 2021
Status: c31
I want to like this, but I don't.

The protagonist is just so plain. He's never not just your generic protagonist. Overly polite and friendly to everyone he meets, dry and honorable. He's a boyscout, a Marty Stu.

Then there's the heroine. She's also not really about anything other than the MC. Their interactions are about as bland as white bread.

These aren't characters. They are cutouts with backstories. Nothing they do is interesting, the interactions they have aren't interesting. The interactions with other characters are only slightly more interesting because other characters... more>> are allowed to be a bit more colorful.

And the whole premise is kind of s*upid. The MC isn't a reincarnator, he's not new to the world. He's an OP protagonist just because he never bothered to see if he's more suited to magic, which of course he conveniently turns out to be a super prodigy at.

And then you have the sword saint character. Who is supposed to be so OP that she can train with the entire royal guard and not get touched. So of course the first time we see her in combat she's overwhelmed by nobodies and forced to flee just because we can't have the bad guys plot getting messed up before our hero White-bread-kun, can return and solve the problem.

Dropping this now. I'm bored. The only reason this isn't a 1 is because at least it's not gross and though the characters might be dull, it's not walking into every trope we usually get with this kind of story. (Or if it is, it's taking it's time getting there). We don't have a monster pet that transforms into a waifu or a harem yet. So that's a plus. <<less
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z4raki rated it
November 30, 2020
Status: c61
This novel is good. The translation, story progression and character development is fleshed out properly. The early chapters is deceptively bad though, so many people get irritated and give one star as well as bad review in this page.

As for me, I'm definitely love how the story goes. MC's abusive childhood friend get good character development in later chapter.

... more>>

She is also go to the frontier and change her name/appearance like MC because she nearly killed Prime Minister's son. She is regretting her treatment for our MC, and the way the author depict her regret and character development is good.

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Kuro Alicia
Kuro Alicia rated it
April 19, 2021
Status: c77
Main story: Flatly boring, I already know where this is going. What make me still reading until c77 is because I just want to read the side story of Alfine (MC ex-girlfriend). Well, many people also do this lmao

Magic: MC too easily learn about magic with just 1 try and boom. Author don't tell how basic magic works. He said with imagination only, but still need chant, for what? Even MC build new magic with imagination and somehow new word appear in his mind to chant the magic lol

The world...... more>> I don't know man, is this the world where they just have 1 kingdom rule the entire world? WOW.

Heroin/FMC: early chapter I want Alfine to die miserably, but now I want her to come back to MC and throw away good-for-nothing Noelia, she just trigger MC PTSD and get depressed without want to improve/advance their relationship. She don't even know MC past and don't want to know or ask MC about anything, she just want to stay as it is, don't even have guts to ask him. Really tr*sh new waifu if you ask me, prefer the new Alfine with her personality improve to the better than Noelia shy/silent personality

I drop this because Noelia character/personality didn't grow unlike Alfine, well the main story is still boring...

Sorry for my rant, I really put a high hope on this one cuz the description is good and author drop it down really hard~ <<less
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Lovise rated it
February 23, 2021
Status: --
Such a shame. The only thing I enjoy from reading this is the perspective of the MC ex lover... Actually just skip everything and only read the extra. I will rate this a 4/5 reading only the ex lover parts!

Anyway, story summary should be:

... more>>

Welcome to this week's r/relationship. Guys this week I will tell you a story about how OP (age m) left his crazy, abusive, and possessive ex-gf (age f) and how he starts to like another girl and the ex-gf now wants him back! Don't miss this crazy love triangle drama! <<less
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TimeVoid rated it
November 26, 2020
Status: c3
whoa, this novel is bad. I just get into chapter 3 and I feel this is not the novel that I want to read. As I observed upon these 3 chapters, I could tell that the author have a wrong start. You see on chapter 1, the author were introducing the MC and his girlfriend. The MC were introduced as the victim of abusive girlfriend, While the girlfriend were somehow nominated by the kingdom on joining the knight order & was granted a nobility. But if I read the dialogue... more>> on ch 1 carefully, the girlfriend actually did not spew/talk abusive language instead she was using a forced attitude that somehow being misunderstood by her boyfriend which in reality, she used this because she was forced to do by the standard noble society to look down upon commoners. Consider the boyfriend immaturity and lack of understanding, he did not consult anyone regarding her problem and he also did not think deeply to try understand her girlfriend changes on attitude which leads to ch 2 the breakup chapter.

On Ch 3, the MC was going to a frontier in order to avoid his girlfriend, But then the author makes a unnecessary thing to the MC which is changing appearance by dying his hair. Well, since this novel is a shounen type, nothing is to be expected. <<less
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fuidama rated it
November 3, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel started off pretty good, but the author tried to do too much in the last arc and it all just came off as forced and shallow. They probably dropped a lot of content and ended it early in favor of working on the LN.

The main characters have some decent character development. The minor characters also get some character development, at least until they become companions, then they become nothing more than plot devices.

They touched every Isekai trope possible, but didn't develop beyond it.

Tame a dragon? Great! Let's ride a horse into battle instead. Intelligent sword that can become stronger by killing monsters? Check. Get it one or two levels then neglect that function completely. Then, even though it can read your mind and intentions, spend more time telling it to cast a spell for you than actually casting the spell yourself. Get a chapter of a cat girls story, save her from being trapped and starved? Cool! She's going to be nothing more than an alarm clock now.


In the last arc, the author tried to portray the villain as an antihero. It would have actually been pretty convincing if only they didn't try to bring up issues like cloning, human experimentation, and augmentation/transhumanism, which was all just portrayed as a shallow mess. It just came across like, "It's bad because I say its bad. Now you're scarred for life. No more questions!"
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
k40235 rated it
July 13, 2021
Status: c138
it was nice at first, nice interactions between MC and FL ; altough fast bit nice character developing , fun use of magic, realistic strugglings of people

but after some time author decided to stop anything from developing for solving it at the end, wrote bs conspiarcys, wrote the ruler as incompetent so he didnt needed to put much thought behind what he wrote, slowed magic learning to 1/10. It lost everything that made this novel fun

plot isnt something hard to guess but even then author struggled to wrote something decent.... more>> All we saw about villains are that how much they f d up is irrelevant and if they were to put least amont of effort, everything will be solved.

this was promising as a fun slowlife novel, but ended up as nisekoi v2 (too much stalling the story and development)

definetly not recommended <<less
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MasterPannya rated it
April 16, 2021
Status: c100
Okay, I'm writing this review because it seems everyone's making this novel a disservice. Sure, I may not gave this a 5/5 but 3.2/5 score (as of writing) is just criminal.

First, it's not a harem. That's already a massive plus for me.

Second, Frick and Noelia's interactions are cute. There is a mutual respect to each other and the female lead isn't a tsundere. Another massive plus. Them doing adventuring together also helps.

... more>> Third, supporting characters doesn't overstay their welcome and does help the characterization of the main characters.

Sure, the world building may be non-existent and the magic system is downright BS (I mean, seriously, the MC doesn't know a thing about magic and now he's one of the greatest magician just because he can imagine better than the normal wizards is just s*upid). But I read this because I find the main couple cute and I'm 100 chapters in and still find them cute.

In a world where harems is always tagged, edginess is turned up to 11 just to incite reactions and discussions, and MC either preachy about virtue signaling or r*pey at times, I'm glad there are stories like this exists. It may not be great but it gets the job done and sometimes, you just wanna taste vanilla every once in a while. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
September 30, 2020
Status: side story 6
Well, I don't know where to start. I don't have many expectation from that long ass title and I guess it is true. More of that is below here cuz I might spill too much spoiler.

The theme itself is interesting but it's just your standard "MC seems not OP but actually OP in a different way". The only difference is, he is the one who banish his own self from the party because of a long time abuse from his partner/childhood friend/girlfriend (now ex). The other thing from this story is just the same as other banished from the OP party troupe though. But there are some saving grace, I'm interested in how will the ex gf repent or coping after believing the MC is dead, or I just hope that they can met and reconcile.

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