A Serious Error in Chihaya-chan’s Reputation


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“What on earth is that Bomber!?”

Gates to another world have been developed, and various countries are building special zones in pursuit of new resources. Each is exploring and developing a different otherworld, named the New World.

Since there is a possibility of being affected by unknown viruses when humans go directly to the other world, each country has been sending in specialized remote-controlled robot called “Actanoids.”

Chihaya Usabuki, who had failed to find employment due to her timidity and communication disorders, is attracted to the words “full-time remote work” and becomes an Actanoid operator, an “Actor.”

That choice was the moment that gave birth to the Bomber, which would send shivers down the spines of those involved in the New World.

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LittleFox21 rated it
October 11, 2023
Status: v2c20
Socially awkward girl meets isekai radio controlled mini gundams... I guess?

Very quick, out of the box thinking for a mecha "pilot" and unfavorable situations that unexpectedly always haunt the MC whatever jobs she takes - and they all end up completed with explosive successes (literally and figuratively)

The comedic undertone feels great, combat scenes are written well, world building is decent, multiple PoV doesn't feel forced or redundant, and decent TL work from awebstories. There's one thing that bothers me so I can't give full 5 stars but I'm still... more>> trying to grasp the overall issue. will update again <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kriegpanzer rated it
September 30, 2023
Status: v1c21
Its good. Its about a cute litte girl who has social anxiety and who does not hesitate when the push comes to shove, and is surpringly smart and competent. She becomes a remote mech operator for alien world exploration. She does very violent things usually involving explosions no person with comon sense does, with a creepy fu-hehe laugh while using a voice changer... so naturally everyone thinks he is a batsh*t insane mercenary. Its very hilarious and a fun read, I liked it very much. The setting is also very... more>> unique and original, I just cant get it enough, I fear I will run out of chapters at this rate. <<less
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