A Reincarnated Maid, but the Precious Young Lady’s Behavior is a bit Strange


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She was reincarnated and received cheat magic, but she got fed up with living at her parents’ house and ran away from home. She became the exclusive maid of a “cursed” Countess. She is a very cute young lady in a pitiable situation. She is a precious young lady who is adorable and spoiled.

But somehow, sometimes I get the feeling that the young lady is looking at me with a strange gaze――?

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03/21/23 Blossom Translation v1c5
03/20/23 Blossom Translation v1c4
03/20/23 Blossom Translation v1c3
03/18/23 Blossom Translation v1c2
03/18/23 Blossom Translation v1c1
03/18/23 Blossom Translation prologue
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