A Non-combat Magic Artifact Researcher ー Actually Was an Extroadinary S-rank Mage~ Though He Worked Overtime Without Compensation and Contributed Greatly, He Was Labeled as Incompetent and Was Fired


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“Strout, from tomorrow on, you have no job to do here.”

“Do you not get it? He’s saying you’re fired.”

At the Mages Academy, the extroardinary genius Magecraft Artifact Artisan Werner spent his days developing new Magecraft Tools.

The Magecraft Tools he designed were all revolutionary.

He increased the notoriety and fame of his Academy and had plenty of funding.


One day, suddenly, envying his talents and blinded by the potential profits of the upcoming Magecraft Tools, the President of the Academy and his supporters expelled Werner from the Academy.

Without any other options, Werner ventured into the wilderness and decided to continue his research in peace there.

He had enough money saved up, and he is still receiving royalties from his previous inventions.

He had no doubt that he could live at his own pace this time without worry or concern.

On the other hand, without him, the Research Division of his Academy was unable to successfully develop any further tools from Werner’s previous research and was in a state of panic!

The President of the Academy and his supporters struggled to meet deadlines to even publish a poor quality Magecraft Artifact and were at a complete loss.

The exasperated Kingdom’s politicians began plotting to pull Werner into their organizations, and an underground religious organization began making their moves to go after Werner’s inventions……?!

With a Dragon and a new female disciple, aiming for peace and safety, a comfortable and behind the scenes daily lifestyle, Werner’s isolated research life begins!!

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    Fiis10 rated it
    March 14, 2022
    Status: c41
    This is a pleasant surprise. You can guess what kind of novel this is from the title and this sort of thing is totally 'my cup of tea'.

    What I particularly liked is that the MC isn't as clueless as they usually are, and there is also an actual PLOT!

    This is gentle stuff, with challenges easily overcome and villainous mobs given comeuppance. 5 stars for being a great example of this kind of novel.
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