A National Idol Confessed to Me in a Joking Manner, but I Refused. Thanks to This, My School Life Has Changed Completely and I’m Now in Trouble


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I (Yukimi) am an ordinary high school sophomore. I work part-time at a family restaurant.

One day, while I was going home from my part-time job, an idol suddenly confessed her feelings for me.

Naturally, I refused, but it seems that they were filming something (prank?) so I said OK in a hurry.

Phew, that was a close call.

It would have been painful for an idol girl to be rejected by an ordinary person like me.

I thought I acted well, but it seems she saw right through me.

I’m apparently on fire on the Internet because of that idol’s comment

What’s going to happen to my school life?


Yukimi Daifuku……main character.

Yukimi Yuki……sister. She is ill but talented.

Hakariya Hakari……the most popular idol of the biggest group. Cool beauty. Has a strong expression.

Akamori Kyoko……a popular idol from the biggest group. She is boyish.

Kouki Futaba……mysterious classmate.

Hinoriwa Mio……a part-timer. She is actually a high school gravure idol.

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Kuroihagane rated it
November 21, 2023
Status: c9
I love how it's straight up romance instead of just teasing or being close or things like that. MC isn't a typical dense beta virg*n but not an as*hole either. Story is satisfying for me so far.
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dmntt rated it
December 28, 2023
Status: c28
The biggest issue with this novel is that the main character is boring. It's one of those harems where the MC is like a handsome martial artist god who's constantly rescuing the heroines and making them go all ooh aah, but he has very little in the way of personality himself. He doesn't even have too many lines and they are all dull and lifeless. The heroines are kinda boring too, though. They all worship the MC and that overshadows everything else that might distinguish them as individuals. Most chapters... more>> are from their various perspectives where they wax philosophical about how much they love him and whether they'll be able to compete with the other heroines. It's a snooze-fest. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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