A Man Called Cat


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Mart, nicknamed “Cat,” was not a great swordsman, but he was blessed as an adventurer with cat-like eyes and a nimble physique.

He was enjoying his life as an adventurer, but when he obtained a status card from the Adventurer’s Guild, he discovered a memory of his previous life and the startling revelation that accompanied it.

This is the story of a man who has acquired non-human abilities and gets caught up in all sorts of commotion.

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Neko “kyatto” to yoba reta otoko
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2 Reviews

Dec 06, 2022
Status: c5
This is just a temporary review since only Ch1 is up, and I'm just making a note of some oddities I thought you should know before reading.

You can't read unless you have adblocker disabled, which is typically fine, but mine blocked 146 ads/extensions and that sets off a bit of a red flag. I disabled it and, there are a lot of pop ups. Reading was difficult due to the page jumping around as different advertisements were loaded in; and exiting one loaded another?

The story itself seems pretty interesting,... more>> the writing is nice but it's written a bit like.. How someone would write a log of their day in a journal. The main character Cat has an interesting background and while the Harem tag makes me hesitant to continue, this has potential to be a good story.


EDIT: Ok, so the translation.. Isn't terrible, but the ads still are. Do not read this without Adblock. It seems now that you are able to read with an adblock enabled, but if not, Click the grey lock next to the website name, View site settings, and turn off Javascript. This will allow you to read with adblock enabled. Stay safe online! <<less
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Dec 07, 2022
Status: c215
I've had bad experiences with the translation group's website and translation/editing "skills", just to get that out of the way, but I highly recommend reading this story.

Why? The adventurer protagonist actually goes on adventures. The guild provides some support but you don't get that MMO daily quest vibe from the requests Cat gets, and he often goes to explore distant ruins or do undercover work that knights couldn't handle because they're too conspicuous, stumbles into various plots and has to do his best to survive them. The bad parts of... more>> harem genre exist but take a far back seat to everything else, and there's definitely no "harem party" as of right now. The action is also pretty good.

... It's just a pity that DragonTea picked it up. <<less
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