A Lunatic Says He Loves Me


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Han Rong has been very unlucky lately.

His boyfriend cheated on him, and the love rival even came to demonstrate.

Han Rong: … I want peace and quiet.

He woke up from a nap and found out his ex-boyfriend had died.

Han Rong: … Karma came too fast, like a tornado.

Police: Mr. Han, please come with us.

Beauty Doctor Gong X Criminal Profiling Master Shou.

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New Alexania rated it
June 25, 2024
Status: c8
The synopsis is misleading and I don't know how I feel about this novel.

Just gonna put it all in spoiler even though this gets "spoiled" pretty early on.

... more>>

So the events in the synopsis never really happened, sort of.

MC is a mental patient suffering from schizophrenia and ML is his doctor (of like 7 years).

When he has an episode he reimagines himself as a novelist and everyone around him as characters in his fantasy and he becomes like psychicly good at "criminal profiling". To the degree that the police ab*se his mental instability to solve cases.

This is a pretty interesting plot but the issues I have with the novel is as follows:

1. Sometimes he literally is psychic, aka he knows who the next victim is gonna be because the crimes are based off of his "novel", but the novel doesn't really exist, so how does he know?

2. He keeps drastically changing his profile whenever new information arrives. Which is maybe realistic but it casts doubt on how useful any his profiles can be if they are often that wrong.

3. Because it keeps dipping in and out of his fantasy world, it makes you question what, if anything, is really true. It's like unreliable narrator turned up to the max.

4. In his fantasy, ML is neurotic, batsh*t crazy, thirsty and shameless and he's cold and indifferent. In the (probably) real world, ML is a cold, indifferent doctor and MC is constantly flirting with him.

Then suddenly one day ML is like"Yeah sure" and then a chapter later he's full "Ive loved you for 7 years and dedicated my whole life to you".

After 7 years of indifferently brushing off his flirting, that seems absurd. So either:

    • It's terrible writing
    • ML is pretending to get something out of MC
    • None of this is real and MCs fantasy is evolving.

And like, when he's busy fantasising, are the other people actually playing along or are they just watching him talk to himself?

Like I said, no idea how I feel about this novel.


I'm curious to see other people's thoughts on it. <<less
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