A Knight Who Eternally Regresses


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Though it may be a dream weathered, crumpled, fading,

I held on without surrender.

Through each repeated day, running toward tomorrow’s light,

I became a knight, resolute and bright.

Associated Names
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Eternally Regressing Knight
The Knight Who Only Lives Today
오늘만 사는 기사
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New sweetnarry rated it
July 2, 2024
Status: c37
I love it, period.

I'm a sucker for loyal subordinates, MC's squad respecting/caring for MC despite him being of lower skills compared to them, and them squad members offering to teach and train MC so MC can have higher survivability rate, I like their bonds. The squad members are considered troublemakers and doesn't even get along all that well except towards their Squad Leader (MC).

Heck, one time, the squad members were about to beat up each other over petty squabbles and Enkrid (MC) just walked between them while everyone else were terrified out of their mind, stopping the fight. Another event, when MC was assigned to a different mission for recon, the members tried to interrupt or swap place with him, one even prayed to God that their 'precious' squad leader will not be taken away from them.

I just love how they show they care about MC.
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RavenIsis28 rated it
June 27, 2024
Status: c33
I really like the concept of this story, regression but not overpowered then gradual development. I really love how MC's self awareness of his lack of talent but is relentless in improving himself, thus affecting those who encounter. Its beautiful to see how he grow slowly even with his regressions, and not just speed running everything on the next turn. So far so good. And the manhwa really do it justice with the visuals.
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