A Girl Who Was Told “You Have No Talent” Turned Out To Be A Talented Monster


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A certain girl aspiring to be an adventurer was invited to join the Hero’s Party by chance and became their apprentice. However, she was not actually treated as a real apprentice, and was subjected to physical violence and verbal abuse every day.

In the end, she was told that she had no talent and was about to be expelled from the party.

However, the hero promised the girl that if she could stay in the Demon Forest for a week, her expulsion would be revoked. Unaware of the fact that she had been tricked, the girl was abandoned in the forest without even a weapon to defend herself.

But the Hero’s Party had no idea that the girl had been observing every battle they had faced. Nobody knew of the girl’s talent.

A talent, for which even the word “genius” would be too modest to describe, would allow her to reach the realm of excellence.

The girl who was able to escape the forest soon registered herself as an adventurer, and in no time, she overtook the fierce fighters one after another.

This was a tale of the rapid growth of a girl with the strongest physical prowess.

A talented monster doesn’t need to be taught – someone once stated.

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`Omaeni wa sainō ga nai' to tsuge rareta shōjo, kaibutsu to hyōsa reru sainō no mochinushidatta.
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9 Reviews

Sep 02, 2022
Status: c200
I have been reading this series on raw since no one was translating it but it was a fun and enjoyable series.

The MC is not so broken compared to other stories involving isekai/fantasy stuff and the MC had great growth potencial which also develops along as they continued their journey, and not only the MC but other characters as well, learning new skills, combining what they could and many other things. Each and everyone of them would try to complement each other and would not just bruteforce things.

Also, the world... more>> is wide and they went to different places, learn different things and enjoying every moment of their adventures. <<less
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Sep 06, 2022
Status: C04
Hey, mhm my review is coming pretty earlier than expected bt I've read the chapters and felt like it's worth recommending this novel to others, this one is a pretty unique work from our regular romance fantacy or reverse harem novels. And I believe that the story gonna devlope in completely unexpected way. Thank you for translating a new novel!! To fellow readers who are going thro reviews, hehe do read it if you are looking for smth different ^^ ❤️❤️
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Sep 06, 2022
Status: Latestch
The pace seems a bit too fast, like the hardship written for the character development sounds too easy to overcome. On the bright side, it may be good for a casual adventure about growth without serious drama.
Will stick around to see how this goes
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Aug 11, 2023
Status: c76 part2
Good read. Still wonder why MC needs to be female, it doesn't show any significance to MC development or story but perhaps MC is easier to be liked by common folks because she's a girl - then again considering her age, it should be the same results for a young, earnest, smiley hardworking BOY MC... well doesn't matter

MC is NOT OP. Her growth is. But her rapid growth and talents alone doesn't make her cheese her way through everything - there are a lot of people still way stronger than... more>> her, plenty of monsters able to rip her apart easily, and even though she's very well liked by people, she has no political power or any connections to smooth things over. She gauges her strengths and weaknesses well, avoiding to overstretch. No shounen plot armor besides


the first chapters where she survived one of the most dangerous forest without any supplies, weapons, or skills.


After this point, there's not much weird plot armor... At least I don't remember big plot armors after this one.

She's a happy go lucky girl, full of smiles and unwavering thirst of adventures, but she's really just a young girl, she gets upset when things get weird or caught in unfavorable situations (pretty different from usual JPMC with their "protagonist corrections" mentality)

World building is ok. Maybe it's just me but the way author writes scenery and structures, I can't imagine it as vivid as usual JP novels. Aside from that, they're pretty decent. Strangers are still strangers even if MC does them favors and vice versa, social life isn't written in "ideal life", politics and societal tr*shes going on in believable ways without overbearing (usually found in typical shounen stuff but fortunately this one isn't) <<less
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Aug 31, 2023
Status: c98
Quite enjoyable! The world is a little simplistic and video game-y in its design (though there's no blatant leveling or status systems).

There are blatant game-inspired things like a cute harpy messenger system that can go anywhere in the world and different "jobs" that can all be mastered. I was very strongly reminded of Octopath Traveler with the jobs and wanting to master all of them.

My biggest complaint is the MC is not OP enough. She has a quick-learning talent from her incredible observation, along with bottomless energy and motivation, but... more>> she doesn't seem very talented in magical energies. I'm still hoping she develops those later. Edit: Seems like they're developing more in the direction of an adventuring party instead of a solo person so it makes sense she can't do everything herself.

If you enjoy hard-working protagonists and genki-girls, then this story is pretty great! The simplistic world design leaves it feeling a bit off, but so long as you can look past that, the characters on the side of the protagonist are a delight.

There's also some hints that there may be some yuri elements, but thus far it's just along the lines of the cute girls being cute together and having vague crushes on and feelings for each other genre.

Update c98: When I said the world is overly simplistic, I was unprepared for just how simplistic it would get. The entire capital arc was a burden to read through (they seem to be finishing it up soon as of c98). And they even introduced some young male character as a love rival for Roma (though they never explicitly say Roma is in love with Litty). I really dislike the guy which makes me think he's probably pretty popular so it's more than enough to have me lose hope for a yuri ending.

The heroine characters are all super cute, including the summons they eventually get, but the set-up of the politics and actions of the villains are all quite absurd and continue being absurd with every villain character that pops up. I hope the next arc has more monsters because the author just does not seem good with human villains.

The translation seems to be less edited in recent chapters as well. I still am not sure if there were two bad teachers with similar names like Aileen or Elaine or if that was the same person and just translated as two different people. It was a minor enough character (and I was tired of these human obstacle characters) that I didn't check. Plus, the author is extremely fond of referring to people by their occupation so I'm sure that doesn't make it any easier on the translator. <<less
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May 31, 2023
Status: v22
I like this one. At first I though she will be s*upidly keep trust at hero and not resent him at all but she sure had some though

story pace pretty fast (she is very eager for fame) still fun to read and she didn't too soft or too cruel

except one thing author make this MC very reckless person. She doing everything without caring what it cause her trouble and many times she run into enemy without caring her companion at all

luckily this story is kind world so MC will keep... more>> success without learning about what is her doing wrong. <<less
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Oct 30, 2022
Status: c21

author is not bad at writing various kind of characters and he does it frequently, there is probably close to 40 characters written already in ch 21, but the problem is there are too much extras in the story that are being used for everything that we dont have anything meaningful aside from mc's development.

novel itself is not bad (aside from: author sucking at writing conversations, it feels like a puzzle to figure out whotf is talking) (and author changing perspectives tooo much for us to understand anything sometimes) writing... more>> is not bad and characters are likeable, chemistry is faint but there, worldbuilding is slow but steady

but the problem is that it doesnt have anything special about it and it isnt interesting at all. Lack of tension is bit too much cuz of the setup and mc's character doesnt help this at all either, making this more like a long biography rather then a story

I would consider reading it if updates were too much frequent and I could skip the filler parts freely but neither chapters in stockpile being 22 nor the 1/3 chapter publishing helps <<less
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Feb 27, 2024
Status: c18.1
Interesting story format. The character starts lowly and progresses upward without immediately jumping to being the most powerful person around. It takes some time for her to learn her power jumps. I enjoy the female lead concept too.
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Nov 15, 2023
Status: c58.1
It's quite badly written, in many ways. Third-rate villains act utterly insane but receive authority and get away with mu*der. Frequently third and first person perspective is switched.

Combat Jobs require an apprenticeship that may take years or just a few days because not much is actually learnt and there are no standards. Anyone who'd make it would be skilled enough to skip a few ranks.

The protagonist is plain, simply optimistic and a fast/astute learner. A basic outstanding power and basic fantasy wouldn't be so bad but it's badly written. It'd... more>> require the protagonist and characters to carry the work but here they are too simple, there isn't much in the way of comedy or romance. <<less
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