A “Breeding Diary” That Continues to Be Updated. However, There Are No Domestic Animals at Our School


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“Breeding Diary” – A mysterious notebook that has been secretly passed down from graduate to current student at a certain high school.

Only some knew about its existence, and even fewer knew the outline of the Breeding Diary.

The main character, Sakuma, is at the mercy of rumors about the “Breeding Diary” but strives to uncover the truth.

――And behind the birth of the “Breeding Diary” that finally arrived, there was a….

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09/23/23 GalaxyTL c15
09/23/23 GalaxyTL c14
09/23/23 GalaxyTL c13
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09/12/23 GalaxyTL c8
09/10/23 GalaxyTL c7
09/10/23 GalaxyTL c6
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09/10/23 GalaxyTL c3 part2
09/08/23 GalaxyTL c3 part1
09/08/23 GalaxyTL c2
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