A Bowl of Sweet Soup


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The eldest brother of the Tang family, Tang Xu’en, has recently been very troubled.
His youngest brother, Tang Yuan, had suddenly brought a boyfriend home! And even expressed that they are dating with marriage in mind!
The three brothers had lost their parents at a young age and his two foolish brothers had been raised and brought up single-handedly by Tang Xu’en. Despite nearing thirty, he himself wasn’t married and he had never been in a relationship either.

Tang Xu’en went to find his good friend, Ji Wei, for a drink—–
“So it turns out Xiao Yuan likes men. What does it mean when a man likes another man? What kind of book should I read to know more about this?”
“That man is so old, he’s four years older than me! But he seems to be very rich. When I searched him online, he was on the ‘Billionaires List’. He’s from a completely different world from us. You come from a good background yourself, do you know him? Can you help me look into what kind of person he is? I’m afraid of Xiao Yuan being deceived.”
“Xiao Yuan, that child, is such a fool. He even said at the table that he thought you and I were a couple seeing how well we got along with each other and how we would always go out to play together. That was why he felt comfortable coming out to me.”

The alcohol had made his cheeks flush red and head dizzy. He softly continued, “Xiao Yuan is really talking nonsense. He actually said that you like me. Wouldn’t that tarnish your reputation?”
Ji Wei drank from his glass and said calmly, “Firstly, you should change your way of thinking. Even if I really did like you, it would not tarnish my reputation. You shouldn’t regard liking a man as a bad thing.”
Tang Xu’en nodded blankly.
Ji Wei continued as he helped pour him another glass, “Besides, someone as good as you deserves to be liked.”
Tang Xu’en blushed at this praise of his. Feeling embarrassed, he turned his attention to drinking.

The next day.
When Tang Xu’en woke up, he found himself sleeping on the same bed as his good friend, Ji Wei.
He only vaguely remembered that last night, Ji Wei had said that he would tell him what it meant for a man to like another man. He had readily accepted this offer and even praised Ji Wei, saying that he was truly his best friend.

NB: There is a play on words in the title. ‘Tang’ is the surname of the three MC’s in this novel and it also means soup.

>>Three short stories about each of the three Tang brothers

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February 16, 2024
Status: --
I haven't started this yet but I find it funny that there supposedly is a short story for each of the 3 siblings but the summary really only goes over the eldest and youngest siblings. Middle child erasure is real.

Will edit once I read more.
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