A Beautiful Blonde-Haired, Green-Eyed Transfer Student Who Calls Herself My Future Wife Appears in Front of Me, a High Spec Loner, and for Some Reason, From the Very Beginning, She Is Not Only the Most Likable, but Also a Super Yandere and Loves Me to Death


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Kurotsuki Takuma, a high school boy with excellent grades and athletic ability, was always alone at school.

His peaceful daily life is drastically changed when Izayoi Alice, a beautiful half-Japanese, half-English transfer student who calls herself his future wife, appears in front of the high-spec, lonely Takuma.

The extremely yandere Alice takes every possible measure to make Takuma her own, and she is rapidly closing the gap between the two.

“Hey, is it my imagination that the paper you gave me to sign and seal is a filled-out marriage certificate?”

“No, don’t mind it”

“No, of course I do.”

How is the fate of Takuma, who has been completely locked on by the yandere Alice, ……? (It seems that he will never be able to escape from her again.)

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    Coldfanai rated it
    November 4, 2023
    Status: c17
    Dunno about others but Yanderes are Dere♥️.

    Even though MC is a bit slow and despite calling himself a loner adapts to the strangest thing a boy can experience in his school so f***** easily that the MC character is blunt and tasteless. FL is intriguingly hot and very fitting Yandere and Waifu character, while the other characters like MC mother, Teacher and Friends and even MC himself does not raise any suspicion toward FL actions the Dere and Romcoms are enough to enjoy.

    So... Instead of trying to delve deep go... more>> with the flow and Enjoy the DereDere moment the Female Lead Gives to the bland MC. <<less
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