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Group Name Prince Revolution!
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Group Releases
Date Title Release
12/31/18 GOD v2c5
12/30/18 Dominion’s End v4c2 part1
12/29/18 Illusions, Lies, Truth v3c2 part2
12/26/18 No Hero v7 prologue
12/01/18 Dominion’s End v4c1 part2
11/30/18 Illusions, Lies, Truth v3c2 part1
11/25/18 No Hero c6
11/18/18 No Hero side story 5
11/01/18 Dominion’s End v4c1 part1
10/31/18 GOD v2c4 part2
10/30/18 Illusions, Lies, Truth v3c1 part3
10/21/18 No Hero side story 4
10/01/18 Dominion’s End v4 prologue
09/30/18 GOD v2c4
09/29/18 No Hero v6 epilogue
09/27/18 Illusions, Lies, Truth v3c1 part2
09/26/18 No Hero v6c10
09/01/18 Dominion’s End v3 epilogue +...
08/31/18 GOD v2c3
08/30/18 Dominion’s End v3 extra
08/29/18 Illusions, Lies, Truth v3c1 part1
08/15/18 No Hero v6c9
08/01/18 Dominion’s End v3c10 part2
07/31/18 GOD v2c3 part1
07/30/18 Illusions, Lies, Truth v3 prologue
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