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The life of a cyborg, programmed to protect his overprotective older brother and ordered to conceal his identity from his classmates.

Part serious, part comedy; plot deepens as it goes on.

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Hunting of the Shaded Guardian
Xuan Ri Shou
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Anonymousse rated it
March 19, 2018
Status: v4
Comedy? Abit, not much, also not so funny.

Action? Halfass done. No suspense or tense at all.

Too much drama, more like KR novel rather than CN novel.

... more>> Story focus on 2 characters:

Sun emperor (the older bro) : chronic brothercomplex. A heartless top businessman, who become a ret*rd to everything related with his brother.

Darksun/Dar (young bro) : an ultimate cyborg guardian, with a mentality of 8-9years old kid. Pretty much acting like an autism kid, which always end up making troubles to everyone around him.

Overall, a mediocre novel. Not enough tobe a favourite, but still decent enough to spent your tea time. <<less
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White Head Ice Prince
White Head Ice Prince rated it
July 13, 2017
Status: Completed
Good, I guess?

Yu Wo's novels always had a specific charm that attracted me as well as specific traits that kept me at bay.

The first three volumes were doable, as expected I really liked the comedy as well as the interpersonal relationships and conversations and exchanges but Yu Wo really doesn't have a knack for serious stuff, unlike the comic parts, the serious area really wasn't up my alley.

TOO CHEESY and a little over dramatic. Without visuals, half-taking them to be helpless chicks (females) didn't really prove to be a problem.... more>> Especially that bl love interest of the older brother and the secretary (no idea why him too) who are perpetually female in my imagination.

Speaking of females, this series seems to heavily lack it like Yu Wo's other novels. Out of all the 16 characters (as the author claims) introduced, only two are females.

    1. The mother who died before the novel even began.
    1. The doting Big-Sis like female classmate who is important but not that important.
Obviously there is no Romantic plot-line but not like I'm complaining. You can't expect good Romance from Yu Wo.

The persuado [Over-Powered] tag seemed to vanish into thin air for more extended drama and struggling. I'm a man of simple tastes, I'd like some good old bashing thank you very much.

There were also ever so slight inconsistencies that you can over look but seem to indicate that the series wasn't properly thought out before hand. However these should sort themselves out by the second Volume. However the novel itself was well arranged with major incident happening at the end of each volume.

The actions of the Big Brother and his Father at the very beginning of the novel that is not that well explained and makes you think they are mentally handicapped; get explained somewhat fully at the very end of the novel with extended plot twists.

Speaking of plot twists, this novel has lots. Volumes 4 n 5 were a roller coaster ride of basically -

"I like this BlahBlah Guy!"

[BlahBlah was Evil.]

"Okay, I don't like BlahBlah!"

[BlahBlah was good all along.]

"Awe, BlahBlah. I always believed in you, such a good guy."

[BlahBlah has died.]

"... Ok, fine. So he wasn't that important of a character anyways."

[BlahBlah is important, he came back to life.]

"BlahBlah I missed you! You are my favorite!"

[Actually No BlahBlah is still dead, that's an evil clone.]


Plot Twists are exciting and all but this is just playing with my emotions.

A good plot twist was the one at the end of the novel about their parents. The author even skillfully droped hints beforehand!

Well played.

Anyways all the frustration was worth watching their brother complexes, so check it out if you are looking for some good friendship and bonds (no romance attached) with lots of drama and cute moments. <<less
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February 27, 2016
Status: --
This is a awesome story!!! I love it! There's many cool, and strange, but carefully hinted at plot twists, mysteries, backstories, and secrets. However, the thing isn't' that dark until he end, because the comedy is also very funny and great. There's also a lot of relationship problems and fixes. Last thing, Dark Sun is op, and his brother is op in a different sense, but they both have a huge brother complex for each other! I love that. Also hints of BL, but you can easily ignore that. The... more>> ending is
also very fulfilling, plus there's a sequel. <<less
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