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Group Name Prince Revolution!
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Series (10) Half Prince, 39 – The Legend of Sun Knight, Dominion’s End, Female Warrior, GOD, Illusions, Lies, Truth, Kill No More VS ½ Prince, No Hero, Romance RPG, The Legend of Sun Knight
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Group Releases
Date Title Release
09/01/19 No Hero v7c8
08/31/19 Dominion’s End v4c7 part2
08/29/19 GOD v2c9
08/22/19 Illusions, Lies, Truth v3c5 part1
07/31/19 Dominion’s End v4c7 part1
07/29/19 No Hero v7c7
07/22/19 GOD v2c8
07/18/19 Illusions, Lies, Truth v3c4 part3
06/30/19 Dominion’s End v4c6
06/29/19 GOD v2c8
06/27/19 Illusions, Lies, Truth v3c4 part2
06/23/19 No Hero v7c6
06/01/19 Dominion’s End v4c5 part2
05/31/19 GOD v2c7 part2
05/29/19 Illusions, Lies, Truth v3c4 part1
05/19/19 No Hero v7c5
04/30/19 Dominion’s End v4c5 part1
04/25/19 GOD v2c7 part1
04/19/19 Illusions, Lies, Truth v3c3 part3
04/14/19 No Hero v7c4
04/01/19 Dominion’s End v4c4 part2
03/30/19 GOD v2c6 part2
03/30/19 Dominion’s End v4c4 part1
03/28/19 Illusions, Lies, Truth v3c3 part2
03/24/19 No Hero v7c3
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