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Saturday, July 07, 2018
Title Release Group
Monster Paradisec516Webnovel
Strongest Abandoned Sonc661Webnovel
Mystical Journeyc441Webnovel
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to Youc551Webnovel
Legend of the Supreme Soldierc500Webnovel
Adorable Food Goddessc62Webnovel
My MCV and Doomsdayc417Webnovel
Ultimate Scheming Systemc335Webnovel
Ultimate Scheming Systemc334Webnovel
Dominating Sword Immortalc371Webnovel
Would You Mind If I Play?c66Webnovel
Mystical Journeyc440Webnovel
White-Robed Chiefc68Webnovel
The Crimson Dragonc66Kuhaku Light Novel...
Martial God Spacec588Webnovel
Assassin’s Chroniclec501Webnovel
Mystical Journeyc439Webnovel
Monster Paradisec515Webnovel
Carefree Path of Dreamsc232Webnovel
Strongest Abandoned Sonc660Webnovel
MMORPG: Martial Gamerc303Webnovel
Forty Millenniums of Cultivationc459Webnovel
Superstars of Tomorrowc287Webnovel
Super God Genec358Webnovel
Red Envelope Group of the Three Realmsc439Webnovel
The Legend of Chu Qiao: Division 11’s...c79Webnovel
The Legend of Chu Qiao: Division 11’s...c78Webnovel
White-Robed Chiefc67Webnovel
Adorable Food Goddessc61Webnovel
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to Youc550Webnovel
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to Youc549Webnovel
Treasure Hunt Tycoonc440Webnovel
Treasure Hunt Tycoonc439Webnovel
Silent Crownc242Webnovel
Silent Crownc241Webnovel
Shift! The Side-Character Heroinec208Webnovel
Shift! The Side-Character Heroinec207Webnovel
Badge in Azurec199Webnovel
Badge in Azurec198Webnovel

Saturday, July 07, 2018
Title Release Group
Rebirth: How a Loser Became a Prince Charmingc749Webnovel
I Am Supremec580Webnovel
The Invincible Dragon Emperorc492Webnovel
Why Did You Summon Me?c93Webnovel
Crazy Detectivec92Webnovel
I Can Turn into a Fishc47Webnovel
Martial Arts Masterc424Webnovel
Am I A God?c316Webnovel
Am I A God?c315Webnovel
Am I A God?c314Webnovel
Omnipotent Sagec215Webnovel
The Immortal’s Poisonc145Webnovel
A Will Eternalc716Wuxiaworld
Would You Mind If I Play?c65Webnovel
Stealing The Heavensc525Webnovel
The Empress’s Gigoloc51Webnovel
The Empress’s Gigoloc50Webnovel
A Valiant Lifec143Webnovel
Unrivaled Tang Sectv26c243 part3Wuxiaworld
Unrivaled Tang Sectv26c243 part2Wuxiaworld
Titan Beneath the Heavensc144Webnovel
Shen Yin Wang Zuoc720-721Gravity Tales
Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (WN)v4c87TranslationChicken
Brother-in-Law, I’m Pregnant!c45Peaches
Chaotic Sword Godc1401Gravity Tales
Rebirth: Degenerate Slave Abuses Tyrantc33acidofanyi
The Most Pleasant Thing to Hearc32 part288tang
Trafford’s Trading Clubc341Webnovel
Plundering the Heavensc300Webnovel
Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu kenc287Paichun Translations
When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver...c27Yin Translations
Chaotic Sword Godc1400Gravity Tales
Perfect Worldc640Wuxiaworld
Perfect Worldc639Wuxiaworld
Perfect Worldc638Wuxiaworld
Demon Hunterv3c17 part2Wuxiaworld
Demon Hunterv3c17 part1Wuxiaworld
Tales of Demons and Godsc467Webnovel
Empress Running Away with the Ball!c622Alyschu
Running Away From The Hero! (Remake)c29Praise the Metal Bat
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