The World Is Overflowing with Monster, I’m Taking a Liking to This Life


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On his way home from his office, the main protagonist drove and ran over a big dog. At that moment, he heard the sudden sound of a voice inside his head. ≪The monster has been subjugated, gaining experience points.≫ 「Eh?」 Before anyone knew, the world has changed. Monsters appear, this is a game-like world where levels, skills, and status exist. This is an adventure where the modern world becomes fantasy and where the main protagonist has to strive hard for his survival.

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Monster ga Afureru Sekai ni Natta node, Suki ni Ikitai to Omoimasu
The World is Full of Monsters Now, Therefore I Want to Live as I Wish.
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New jersanxx1 rated it
May 15, 2020
Status: c1
A total tr*sh

MC has many cheat skills yet he negligent his skill, some with high levels yet never try to use it.

I think the Author has a major brain issues. He give the MC lot of cheat skills but never use the skill properly.

Another brain issues, the MC ransack lot of stores he wiped it clean so he has many supplys that can be last for months yet he tried to steal the food supplies of a group that can barely eat or feed themselves and even knowing the group... more>> supplies would only last a day he still tried to ransack their supplies. Reasons? It's better than nothing. Fck the Author <<less
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bloggbigg rated it
September 16, 2018
Status: c29
Good friggin' grief.

It's not bad, but soooo plodding.


  • I guess it's kinda a 'reasonable-ish' attempt at a 'world becomes fantasy RPG' story.
The BAD:

  • Pacing is awful. first 10 chapters are detailed minutiae level rambling exposition and forced narrative/speculation.
  • Yet another 'this character sheet's development' story- only with way more discussion and analysis of the underlying rules. Seriously- half of the story is easily the character sheet & extended discussions about it/jobs/skills/more speculations, exposition, etc. discussions on potential. Friggin' walk-through on the 'underlying game' more than a novel about the MC.
  • MC is a coward. I swear so many Japanese writers make these 'I'm pretty powerful, but other people dying is not my problem' stories that it's just sad.

    This clown can literally drop major appliances and cars on enemies, but is still afraid to help others 'not die'- because they might ask him to join them or something. When you see more powerful monsters and organized monster groups- maybe you can consider a few allies may come in handy.

  • MC is an idiot. I know the writer thinks otherwise because of hack/tricks, but...

    when you walk to an SOS sign, see enemies, then turn tail... What did you think you'd find, jerk? You wasted your own time for nothing.

  • MC is a sociopath.

    By Ch 29 the MC finds out 'plain as day', that his conveniently hoarding everything in his cheat item box leaves others with nothing to survive with. Says valiant MC "But, clearly wiping the buildings clean was going too far. It was bound to attract undesirable attention.

    Though, I didn't feel like returning it either."

    Really, MC? You have so much, and you care that little? It's not even like they're bad guys- they took in refugees... well, whatever...

  • Plotting is shallow/convenient. MC speculates on a need? It'll show up soon. Also suffers from 'I prepared this earlier' disease...

  • Nothing. Rambling, boring MC?
Overall, 'wtf, author?'

Now, the story may go somewhere- but so far (15 chapters) he's done so little, a different author could cram al this in 2-3 chapter- easy. That said, Except for the pacing and apparent pointlessness so far, it's not bad-- but I wouldn't recommend it by any stretch...
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Nitrox rated it
December 30, 2017
Status: c78
The beginning was so interesting that I couldn't help myself but read ahead of the current translation (c17).

I must say that it was good until around c30 where you begin to see the flaws of the story, then it becomes awful the more you read.

I believe the story would have been better without the JP. It's certainly a new thing but destroy the logic the author try to implement.

The author not trying to explain more how works the characteristic such as strengh and agility is like killing the story himself... more>>

The MC start with 3 strengh 1 agility, then when you see he has more than 9x strengh and 2xx agility and still act as if he is weak, you don't understand...

And I won't speak of other things such as the personality of the MC and others : typical JN


To conclude

The beginning is good with few new ideas : 4.5 |5

There is less and less logic the more you read and try to immerse yourself in this world : 1|5 <<less
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DudeBroEliteKid rated it
November 20, 2018
Status: c28
First of all you might think "huh this has a good score, can't be that bad?". Well most people score early in the book and it does start decent, but don't be fooled; it's total tr*sh.

I just can't bring myself to continue reading this. The guy is a s*upid psychopath...

Ohh I have a few stores worth (years of food of you consider what he said earlier) of inventory in my itembox? Let's not trade or talk to these nice people but rather rob them off their food!
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Mudassir rated it
December 26, 2017
Status: c15
Damn! This is great.

Few noteworthy points.

1. The bunch of chapters gave the story a lot of boost I don't think normally people like me would have felt inclined to read such a RPG novel with days to wait for a total new novel. But the initial bunch system seems to have gotten me hooked.

... more>> 2. Length wise the chapters seem small but the content is significant so far nothing like fillers yet.

3. The story has a realistic side to it, there's the hit and run mentality. The poor man's richness mentality where you want to check your skills asap. The guilty feeling for having forgotten about the pet thing. The flight instead of fight mechanics. These things make the protagonist realistic and relatable

4. Since it's a holiday release people usually are free to read the bunch at once and get hooked as well.

Definitely waiting for more chapters.

World introduction 5/5

Personality development 5/5

Suggestions at the moment:

A. Fix the chapter links.

B. Avoid typos.

C. Remain awesome. <<less
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SnoopyGM rated it
January 9, 2018
Status: c82
I already read trough the raws till the lastest chapter (now), I must say it kind of ok story.

The protagonist have some flaw, he is not the leader kind of character, he easily persuaded and not very ruthless, also sometime s*upid, but he knows that and he actually realize that and decide to not mingling with other survivor cause he know he will become the one who will be the 'protector' and he know he cant say no cause his personality. So thats kind of bad and good at some... more>> point.

The plus point is definitely the side character, Momo the shiba inu, and there is more (side character) to come, which is give the story some colour (I want that shiba inu so cute lol). The plot is also quite realistic and interesting, I dont see many flaw in this plot except what really happen to the central government.

The minus point is definitely the slow plot, because the short chapter, ch 82 is actually day 5.... what the f*ck... And the protagonist growth is still kind of lame, mostly he just use his cheat power to grow. If he is more smart, he already become so much stronger than he is now, but guess what he is not, he just want to become something like jack all of trades which is s*upid in my opinion, cause that can wait later if your enemy is f*cking much stronger than you. What can jack all of trade can do in that kind of situation, nothing except using smart head, but MC is not really this kind of genius type so you know the rest. Also for those who think his power is not OP, you will see later, it is the very definition of cheat power, but the protagonist cant use it correctly and want to become jack of all trades, I just slap my face when know that, so s*upid, thats why he cant solo boss character enemy 1 on 1, if he is more smart he definitely can solo vs 2 boss character easy enough. Momo the shiba inu definitely help the protagonist alive, he should die multiple time if not because her. But in the hindsight, the protagonist only a normal office man so what can we hope for that kind of background?

All in all the story is realistic enough to got 4 star in my opinion, the character have solid background that make him what he is now, also he know himself well about his weakness which kind of negate the flaw of the MC. The plot is interesting with many more character beside the MC, and the big question about what will happen next make you want to read more. Its not great enough to give star 5 but at least worth 4 star in my opinion.

I recommend this novel to those who like apocalypse/action/fantasy/cheat/game system setting, but dont hope so much of the MC character, he may grow in the future, but now he is just barely pass ok protagonist in my opinion. <<less
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sumantri_eko rated it
December 1, 2018
Status: c43
The story it seems enjoyable, but what make I feel sorry is, the MC is s*upid. He is not using his brain properly. Ok I know you're coward, but why is you make this like a game? You should level up properly, or at least move from that neighborhood. Like that Orc King cases. If you're gamers and web novel reader, then you should knew that roar is King Intimidation skill, and you knew even he can take out the JSDF instantly, why you keep bother to keep stay at... more>> that place even knew you can't take out him? Even you have that almighty item box, yet you underestimate your enemy by throwing contruction site heavy machinery. So s*upid. Why not find item which is heavier like ship maybe? Or building to slow down that orc? I wonder every Jap MC who is have a NEET element is like sh*t like this. <<less
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DarkPhantom rated it
January 3, 2019
Status: --
This novel's tags need to be readjusted, otherwise based on what I've read it deserves a rating of 2. the MC Character is quite poor for the title 49 chapters in and he's still hiding around watching people die because he's too scared and impartial. Unless this novel is aiming to be comedic in a sarcastic and inappropriate way which is normal for some JN, this is a poor depiction of how anyone can survive an apocolyspse.

... more>>

In one attempt to be self reliant the MC takes all the food in the area finds out others think he is plotting against them, silently declares it a misunderstanding to himself and the goes oh well time to sleep.... wtf



The MC is so afraid of actually getting involved in difficult confrontation he relies on his item box all major fights when he's in a tight spot, pours all his abilities and attention into skills that require no real effort from his character then complains his swordmanship isn't leveling up, if this isn't supposed to be sarcastic I don't know what is


suggestions tag sarcastic MC, Slow progression, Comedy, Selfish Protagonist

Conclusion: Not my style if you're into this go ahead <<less
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ReadsWebNovels rated it
August 1, 2019
Status: c7
Story: Mediocre

Writing: Now here's your problem.

The chapters are painfully short and the writing style is like a journal. Even if the story is exceptional later on, the short chapters will prevent you from getting truly invested. There's nothing bad, but the writing is definitely holding it back.
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Bookworm789 rated it
August 5, 2019
Status: c60
This is a mess of a story it’s slow to get going and when it does the main character seems to forget basic things he learned earlier. The author from early on tells you the main character is a coward but instead of running as far as he can from a monster that terrifies him or hiding he carry’s on doing the same things he was before encountering it.
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Ecchan rated it
July 30, 2019
Status: c60
Okay, so I'm into isekai fantasy as much as I'm into zombie apocalypse, and this novel's premise seems a lovechild from both genre (switch zombies with monsters invasion). You get a level up, skill points, job points from killing monsters + the need to do supply run, have to go stealth to avoid alerting the monster - and you got me hooked up to binge-read 60 chapters in one sitting. The minus is the main character itself - which other people had pointed out - is a selfish coward. Yes,... more>> it's a spot-on.

  1. so you have item box in zomb.... err monster apocalypse, and find you have almost limitless capacity to store items. Yes, I think am going to going crazy storing too. In my defense, I didn't know if there's any other survivors and if I just left it there, it might destroyed by the monsters so better to store them in my item box. But will I still emptying every stores that I come across once I know there are survivors? probably not. Or if I store them, I will drop it in refugee shelters who, you know, might have refugees and in dire need of supply
  2. Other people. So this MC established as worker on black company (what's with japan and their obsession on black company worker?) i.e. being 'ens*aved' by company for low wage and therefore develop 'me first' mentalities. He didn't want to help other survivors because he's afraid he'll be 'ens*aved' to help them forever if his super-useful abilities are known. Selfish, yes, but that fear still understandable (he's black company worker, remember?). However, keep scavenging for supplies while you have enough for yourself and didn't have any intention to give/share them with other people makes you selfish and greedy prick beyond reason. Food are limited, you have more than enough, you've seen other survivors with levels lower than you, and yet you keep taking this precious supplies?
  3. Coward. Look, am not ever in zombie/monster apocalypse, so I might not be in capacity to say this.... but for someone who have combat job, this guy's fighting method doesn't seems to change much from when he's level 1 (throwing appliances at the enemy from afar. which is effective, but umm........ okay, whatever, it's still effective. What's kinda struck me, is for someone who always philosophing 'people has to help their own *shrugs* it's apocalypse, what are you expecting? *shrugs*' whenever he sees people need help and choose to scram away/piling up more supplies, he sure quick to bawling and screaming 'anyoneee, please help me, I don't want to diieeeeee' - once he face dire situation in first boss fight.

You know, another annoyance is for someone who 'eh, screw fellow humans', MC goes into 'I want mofu-mofu' with my cute dog' very excessively. and I meant, very, to the point of it's became slightly annoying. The only saving grace is his love for the dog makes him can be manipulated to do good deeds once in a while (like saving fellow humans) because the dog made an irresistible puppy eyes. Seriously, that dog is the leash holder in morality chain here and I think it will an upgrade if we set the dog as main protagonist instead (with her selfishly-coward human sidekick)

I am trying to understand what it's feels to be loner freaks and/or socially outcasts surviving in zomb.... monster apocalypse which makes you treating any other humans as unnecessary deadweight/nuisance/they're coming to get me/oh no I'd better taking all the supplies in this town for myself even though I have enough for years already. People has fears, and from watching apocalypse movies, I know that it has some basis, but dude, I hope he change a bit. No need to be 180 turn to self-sacrificing, trusts what anybody would say, and saint-like, but basic compassion (without the dog need to cue him with her puppy eyes everytime) would be nice.


that said, now excuse me while I'm fantasizing what skills and jobs what I would like in zomb.... er monster invasion apocalpyse and if I got item box! muahahahah! item box! <<less
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sjmcc13 rated it
January 8, 2019
Status: c49
Not the best series, but I do find the Main characters actions more realistic then many seem to give him credit.

He is a low self-esteem, loner, overworked and underpaid office drone. Which leads to issues with interacting with others (not that there are many quality human companion options) and underestimating his strength.

He is not a warrior by nature, and as such is not courageous enough to stick his neck out when not necessary, like 90+% of sane individuals would be in this situation. This leads to him getting stealth/assassin style... more>> jobs which are good for surprise attacks, but not straight up fights. He watches 4 soldiers who as far as he knows should be leveled up as far as he is get demolished by the Orc's boss, resulting in no desire to get close to the Orcs. All he has is stealth and dirty tricks but if either fails he would be dead.

As to staying close to the orcs (same city) he is considering where to go, but not 100% on which way is best, and it is a devil you know versus devil you do not kind of situation, as long as he avoids the Orcs, he can handle most things, but does not know how the threats scale once he leaves the area.

He is looting the stores for everything he can, but is not the first person to hit them (seeing as he slept through the initial chaos), most of the best stuff should be taken long before he gets to any store, and it is better to take everything then leave it for the monsters to eat.

Some might have issue with him looting the stores near the delinquent students, but quite frankly they had had plenty of time to load up and should have had weeks of food from the first pass on the supermarket alone, as well as wherever the closest camping supplies store would be, let alone what is left in the abandoned apartments in the area.

The biggest issue I have is I think he should be searching the abandoned apartments and stores for batteries, something to charge his cell phone and a radio to see if there is some form news available. The abandoned apartments and office buildings should be a treasure trove of useful items if he chooses the right building (s).

The sniper girl is cute, but slightly annoying, though that appears to be from a symptom of her being extremely lonely with issues making it very hard for her to talk to others. Hopefully she develops to be more likable.

I have no sympathy for the students, the first time we see them, they are trying to turn away refugees because they do not want to share their resources or shelter, and the only take them in disposable canon fodder.

we even see them leaving the refugees to die in ch 49

The first time the MC encounters them leaves a bad impression that can justify the MC being wary of interacting with them, and his actions have not done anything other than hinder them, and speed up them expanding their search area since things would have started to spoil soon anyway. <<less
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December 4, 2018
Status: c28
Just read any Korean real world becomes game/fantasy web novel instead.

They are all 1000x times better than this tr*sh. And you are already reading them, don't even try to read this filth.

Its not like this is the first attempt at it, but, it is one of the worst I have ever read.

It feels like you aren't reading a Japanese Web novel attempt at this kind of plot, but more like a shitty mass clone chinese webnovel plot that you can't tell apart from each other anymore.
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Bookwyrmy rated it
November 6, 2018
Status: c38
Realistically done from the point of view of an overworked loner otaku, suddenly thrust into a dangerous world full of real monsters. A few comments I've seen call him a selfish coward, but I see him as an average person (not a hero/genius/etc) with no close friends/family (no emotional ties to people) who is naturally cautious about preserving his life while learning how to survive in a world that's completely changed overnight. Personally I like his mostly optimistic view towards making a new (and maybe better) life.
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Higeshi Tomura
Higeshi Tomura rated it
February 19, 2020
Status: c156

Very Good

Actually the story is complex.

The average character that is there is useful, or arguably contributes to the causes and things.

The explanation is also good.

lastly, this is still a long time from the end.
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Jakeel94 rated it
October 17, 2018
Status: c33
Very good so far.

It's almost like a journal of someone going thru a monster apocalypse.

Its does have game setting where leveling up and skills come into play for people interested in that.

This MC is a little more realistic he doesn't try to fight the strongest monster he comes across on day two and wins with the power of hope.

Overall very good
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April 26, 2020
Status: c39
Beginning is interesting but more you read it get worse.

MC is small lost child without any charisma. Have dog fetish and its neet (sorry I'm 40 and something like this I cant understand) and then he finds girl party member which is totally messed up and want to join him because of dog. Really???

He is in apocalypse and have tones of skills but uses items dropped from item box to fight????

Its destroys your brain reading this. Sorry
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BigBadBoi rated it
February 27, 2020
Status: c29
This is absolutely shit. This is basically a shitty Japanese version of Korean system apocalypse novels.

We have a beta as f*ck MC that doesn't do crap, short chapters that makes you want to skim it, a sh*t plot, and generic bullshit.

Others have already said how bad this is anyways and I won't bother talking about it.

If you want to read this type of genre just read Korean ones since they at least know what the hell they are doing compared to this generic shit
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muhammodalamin rated it
February 10, 2020
Status: --
MC is very weak. He sleeps when and wakes up after two days in the Apocalypse. He runs away. He doesn't fight to become stronger. He runs away. He doesnt increase his strength but only agility. So that he can run away all the times. He doesn't deserve to be the MC. Why run away when you have so many cheat skills?
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The8Sinz rated it
December 29, 2017
Status: --
I honestly this is one of the best RPG-Themed novel I have ever read (but its just 20 chapter in so I can't solidly say it will continue on to be great to me)

The MC is just a normal citizen that got caught in a black company, not one that came back in time, not one that has some brokenly OP power's

... more>>

Even though he has one special power it has shown no function till now and I douth it will be that Overpowered


And I just love the pacing of the plot, yes he can kill normal mobs with little effort but he does not grow soo OP that he can 1 v 1 a boss in the first few weeks nor can he kill a entire wave in one battle (which I see very often in these sorts of novels -_-) <<less
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40K rated it
December 7, 2019
Status: c90+
a good story in-starting point, its like telling the begining of "solo leveling" feeling.

what I like about MC is he has the most basic human like personality. He coward "YES" got power but still coward "YES". Compred to some isekai cheat hole seaker MC where they both start from being "tr*sh", intead lets be hero and save everyone or lets save my number xx hole from peril or lets just kill villain X because is JUSTICE, he just like lets runaway if not I will die fack-in-hell I care about... more>> dying neighborhood btw. Ist not he the most human like? He only doing in his interest and the best outcome for himself first thing first, I believe there is one or two people like that arround you! YES?

is like another example of hajime of arifureta saying "it is not you got power you must do something, but you want something you got the power necessary to got what you want"

and here I wonder why alot people dislike him with such personlity. Hmm if compared to our current society then the answer is "YES" people like him is detesctable. But in situation where your environtment become lawless where you should survive on your-on and cannot shoulder additional burden I thing not becoming burden itself is priseworthy, NO?

people call him s*upid but I thing he is just late of adapting his mental state, like GRID of Overgeared the only he need is character development and resolve on his goal that is to live and survive

the drawback of this novel is slow peaced but short in overall chapter. 90+ chapter and just arround 4 days worth of mumbling about skill and how to acquired ration <<less
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