Your Talent is Mine


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The young man Ye Tian obtains the ability to copy the talents of others and now fights against the heavens to change his fate. He struggles to survive and protect his sister from the apocalypse of the alien beast invasion. In order to become stronger, he begins to explore the unknown world and gradually reveals the secret behind the invasion of the alien dimensions…

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Ability Copy
I Can Copy Talents
I Copy Talents
Talent Copycat
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6 Reviews

New PurpleEarth
Jun 23, 2024
Status: c498
Thank you etude for translating this novel.

I really love how the MC is always improving, either he improves his comprehension, enhances his talents, improves his cultivation, etc. It feels like there isn't a moment the MC isn't improving and this feeling increases as the novel goes on and I just really like it.

If you like a MC who never idles then this is for you.
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Aug 30, 2023
Status: c312
It's OK until the nationalism and racism starts kicking in. The author probably was getting warnings from the CCP about not enough nationalism even though it was over 100 years after the apocalypse and all governments pretty much fell. (I guess while struggling to survive they made sure to teach their children that other nations are evil, especially the Japanese.)

So it's just illogical.

You end up with a basic Chinese MC who becomes a tr*shy sword wielder who forgets he has other talents.

... more>>

Author forgets what he was doing, for example: he was building a 'force' on Earth. But then they disappear from the novel completely even though he was originally all about finding young people with high talents to train to be his subordinates. (But I suppose it didn't help with his sword so the author decided to ignore it?)

MC is an utter moron. By chapter 312 he has 2 'copy' opportunities per DAY.

But, he disdains any kind of production skills even though he could just get the 'talent' and keep it for later. Instead he just doesn't bother to copy a lot of the time later on.

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Sep 29, 2023
Status: c300+
If you liked Solo-Leveling, you'll like this novel as well. I recommend this novel if you want something entertaining to read while passing the time.

I'd suggest you start with the manhua to see if you like the story or not. If you have any questions about where to continue on after the latest manhua chapter, you can join my Discord and send a quick DM!

As for the nationalism allegations, I'd say it's about the same as Solo Leveling (Japan Arc) or other Chinese novels. If you can understand that this... more>> is a work of fiction, I think there'd be no problem.

Enjoy reading! <<less
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Oct 29, 2023
Status: c118
This novel is quite enjoyable for those seeking a fast-paced cultivation story. The MC's ability is reminiscent of a system, but the novel contains none of the trappings of a system story. Etude is doing a wonderful job translating this novel, and I appreciate him for picking this novel up. Definitely give this novel a shot if you want a quick, yet enjoyable reading experience.
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Tyki Mikk
Tyki Mikk
Oct 28, 2023
Status: --
I started reading your talent is mine after manual/manwha (or whatever) it is a different cultivation concept, a fresh one, we needed and the world building and pace is really good, I am honestly at this point not too much of a fun in good elaborate, artistic and long prose in cultivation novels or young master nonsense, this novel is concise, the author know what he wants to to with the story, there no standart young master or other cultivation novel cliches etc, so if you would like to read... more>> something fresh and new Your talent is mine a good choice.

Last but not least, let us not forget the amazing quality of the translation, etude does a splendid job translating this work, and I thank him for the enormous effort he put into.

Anyways I digress, overall for the time being, I am at chapter 111, I do not read mtl's or raws, and I am enjoying this novels, so give it a shot it you are looking for something to read. <<less
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Feb 09, 2024
Status: c350
Interesting novel

The nationalism isn't too bad honestly from what I've read, cringy but it isn't anything insane.

There is an arc that clearly references another asian country that was hard to read because of how cringy the whole thing was but other wise the pacing is good. Author thus far hS kept the story interesting no 100 chapter long struggle so far about a small matter that is later forgotten.
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