Young Noble Be Monster Slaying


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In an imposing mortal world where the Divine Nine and Terrestrial Ten immortal sects exist…

The world is beautiful and full of temptations, but cultivators ignore them and happily work toward becoming immortals.

When Chu Liang opened his eyes, he found he had become a disciple of the Mount Shu Sect and even possessed a wondrous treasured pagoda… Henceforth, he embarked on a path that he had never envisioned before.

As the morning mist rises over Mount Shu’s thirty-six peaks, what’s Chu Liang doing?

He’s slaying dragons eight thousand li away!

“Please, young noble, slay the monsters!”

Associated Names
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Please Kill the Demon
Please Slay The Demon! Young Master!
Qing Gongzi Zhan Yao
Young Noble Be Monster Slaying
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03/29/24 Wuxiaworld c4
03/29/24 Wuxiaworld c3
03/29/24 Wuxiaworld c2
03/29/24 Wuxiaworld c1
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