Young Master Jun’s 100 Techniques to Spoil His Wife


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He is the sole heir to the Empire that can topple the world; matchlessly noble and devilishly handsome.
She is the Cinderella of the real world; abandoned by the groom at her wedding and mocked by her entourage. When she and her family were forced into a dead end, he swoops in to save her.
He said: “Marry me. I will pamper you, be a qualified husband, and keep you safe.”
The second time that he saved her, she said: “Mr. Jun, I am willing. Will you still accept me?”
After her marriage, she seeks revenge from her enemies. But he is distressed: “Are you hurt?”
She is spoiled beyond limits. She is tossed left and right every night. She really feels that her waist will break.
“Mr. Jun, I want to rest.”
Jun Mohan, as he unbuckles his belt, says: “Very good. We are going to sleep right away.”
As the night passes, Feng Sujin feels like crying. She didn’t mean this type of sleeping. Jun Mohan softly says: “Don’t worry. I can give you whatever you want.”

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