Yamamoto-kun’s Youth Revenge ~ I Was Bullied At School, So I Worked Hard, Made A Comeback, And Since Then My Classmates Have Been Acting Strange ~


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I, Ruka Yamamoto, suffered from a strange disease that caused me to become ugly and so I was looked down upon and bullied at school, at my part-time job, and even by my unkind relatives.

However, when I returned from the USA after undergoing a treatment, I found that I had become a ridiculously handsome man (as I should have been)!

Moreover, because I used to be obese, my muscles strengthened and I became an all-arounder no matter what I did. I became the best in sports, the strongest in fights, also I became more fluent in English than my teachers, a very high-spec individual.

Now that I’m back, my youth’s revenge begins…!

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Yamamoto-kun no Seishun Revenge!
山本君の青春リベンジ! (LN Title)
山本君の青春リベンジ~学校でイジメられてた俺が努力して生まれ変わり、戻ってきてからクラスメート達の様子がおかしい件~(WN Title)
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Touch-San rated it
February 1, 2023
Status: c82
It's definitely a fun story, but holy sh*t is it slow. 50 chapters have been translated and we're only just now finally getting to the whole "youth revenge" part of the story, and even then it's only barely begun.

... more>>

Chapter 49 is called "First Revenge" or something like that, but don't be fooled as he hasn't he even returned to Japan yet, so the revenge isn't on anyone that matters, but rather some random pro athletes who make light of him (while it is uncalled for, it also makes sense as they are professionals, and MC isn't) and end up getting merked.


Edit: As of the 6th of March, Zetro seems to have dropped this. It's understandable, 82 chapters are now out and we still haven't gotten to the hook of this story yet. Thus, if you came here for a revenge story, sorry but you're out of luck. <<less
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December 20, 2022
Status: --
I've skimmed to the chapters up until the latest and there's no indication that he's back to Japan. I suggest that you wait maybe 6 months from the time I give my review since the author is on the long game. Hell, maybe come back at 2023 same day as the time of writing this review since the story is slow and there's just few paragraphs in each chapter.
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Suola_ rated it
January 13, 2023
Status: c33
I rather like this. Often in this kind of ugly duckling stories, the change is instant, and the "bad people" gets just rewards, deus ex machina style. That sort of wishy-washy stuff has not happened in this story (yet, and I hope it won't either). His treatment and life in the 'murica at ch. 33 (where I've read so far) has barely started, which I feel is a good thing. There was a proper short story arc of the mc's life with the disease and the relationships he had in... more>> Japan (the first 26 or so chapters), which let us know that he has both good and bad people around him, and that the MC himself is too good of a person at heart, and has a strong mind. Reciprocation of goodwill with the selected few good persons likely helped him a ton, if I'm not reading things wrong from between the lines.

The start of 'murica treatment arc is quite fun read so far, and I'm waiting eagerly for continuation. <<less
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December 31, 2022
Status: c26
(Dec 31st, 2022) This isn't a real review, there's only 27 chapters and each one is short, so it's not right to say if it's good or bad at this point.

Two things I want to say, he doesn't leave for his treatment until chapter 27, up until then it's the story of a beautiful-on-the-inside ugly duckling. So like Lastn232 said in his review you MIGHT want to wait until more chapters are translated to start reading.

And two, he has some form of Hypertrophy, but Juvenile Hypertrophy only affects girls... more>> (it has to do with irregular breast tissue). Not sure if it's a mistranslation or misunderstanding on the part of the author, but it doesn't really effect anything, just thought it was interesting ¯_ (ツ) _/¯ <<less
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