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The World of Masks is a game that is prohibited by the law because of the extreme reality. It’s a place where users over the age of 19 can get all the wealth, power, fame and beauty that they want. This story is about a man who joins the game to satisfies the desires he isn’t allowed to show in reality.

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가면의 세계
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Ascension rated it
April 2, 2021
Status: c19
So for those of you looking for a review before reading.

If you have a weak stomach and can't handle cruelty don't come near this novel. The tag for this novel "Depictions of Cruelty" is there for a reason.

So quick summary beware spoilers.

... more>>

MC is a psychopath on the edge almost to the point of becoming a killer in the real world, every day or so he goes on the streets to look for people that deserve to be beaten to an inch of their death. First few chapters the MC finds some guys that tried to r*pe a girl, he doesn't care if the girl would've been r*ped or not, he's only there to feel the taste of his hands going through the skull of the guys.

Now, 1-2 chapters later, he meets a beggar with mysterious powers who gives him a game that is kind of life-like. This is a game where you can die inside, and die in real life, you can also take gold from inside the game, and get it out into real life. Our MC finds this interesting, but he doesn't care about this all he wants is to feel the flesh of people. MC is a twisted person. If you don't like what i've told you so far, not sure you'll like it. But all in all interesting story. It's kind of like the book/movie "You" except you swap the obsession to a girl, to obsession of killing humans.

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Lqpiz rated it
September 14, 2021
Status: c20
I've only read until about chapter 20 as the novel is only translated up to there, and it got dropped by the translation team.

The author wrote novels like The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind so you should expect about the same feeling as the MC of that, but a lot more twisted.

The novel is about a scumbag MC in a different world/alt universe. How scummy is the mc? Just some examples of what he does and thinks in this novel.

... more>>

The MC thinks about raping a woman, kills multiple people in cold blood, enjoys murder and violence and also likes manipulating people to his advantage.


Frankly, I won't say too much, there's only been 20 chapters after all but fair warning to those who start, there are depictions of graphic violence in great detail.

TLDR, tw//blood, gore, r*pe, violence <<less
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