World Destroying Demonic Emperor


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Crossing into a different world and impersonating the Lord of a city, a city encompassing five hundred miles, an elder sister having celestial beauty, and double digit number of lovers.

Tasked to revive a perilous family, Lanling, a third year university student, felt an overbearing pressure on his shoulders.

Hosting the Demon Star in his body, he can directly devour other people’s force and make it his own, he crossed through with a sole mission: To Utterly Destroy This World!

From being the Lord of Tianshui City, becoming the Queen’s husband, to being the World Destroying Demonic Emperor, he became the King of the entire world.

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Magic Emperor Me Shi
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leste rated it
March 26, 2017
Status: c1027
So far there are two parts to this novel. The first part seems like one long prologue which would setup the motive for the MC to Conqueror the world. The second part is about the MC beginning on his path to Conqueror the world.

There's a lot of wars going on. The MC builds his own army and uses strategy and cunning to defeat his opponents rather than brute force however it does change a little later. He also establishes his own empire later.

He is kind to his family but ruthless... more>> to his enemies. He'll spare certain enemies if he thinks that they can be of use to him. Oh and here's the shocker

He is later ruthless to both enemy and family - he kills his own wife


One of the good things about the MC was his ability to stay calm and composed or so it seemed

MC becomes crazy, cruel and heartless and he even badly beat up his wife in public


It's a Disappointing novel. The main character's wisdom and intelligence kept thing interesting in the past but later he becomes similar to standard ruthless protagonist and possibly even worse. The plot is also repetitive with the same enemy sending different forces to keep attacking him until they are defeated and the MC gets easy power ups with little to no training. <<less
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lancele rated it
March 5, 2017
Status: c1026

It started off really good, different from many popular martial arts novels. It was quite enjoyable for the first 400 chapters.

Then in the later 400 chapters, both the setting and the MC changes. This is were things get a bit more interesting but further in unfortunately one of the worse things happen. Very far in the MC starts to become like the likes of Chu Feng from MGA wanting to kill for petty revenge and well the MC changes for the worse.

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slaider23 rated it
May 8, 2017
Status: Completed
This novel at the moment is my favorite.

Overall story so far is unique in the fact that its divided in two parts, the first part hes staying in the human kingdom where its focus's less on cultivation.

... more>>

Actually this part annoyed the sh*t out of me because I like an MC that can at least hold his own against who he is fighting. Although the MC does fight and his cultivation does rise to a certain extent by absorbing other peoples cultivation who he kills but these fights can be counted on my hand out of the first 400+ chapter arc


I got the chance to appreciate things I never truly cared about like him getting his own city, him trying to build his own empire. Trying to get his woman to be queen in a world where pretty much no woman is in power. Heavy plotting and politics, not forgetting the wars and the MC pretty much using his real world knowledge to make money to help his empire grow and to build weapons to tr*sh his enemies that constantly outnumber his whether on land or sea. Using his enemies to achieve his goals and so on even winning without having to do a slaughter fest.

Then the second half.


To transition into this arc I wont go into detail but he loses his entire empire he was building


In the second half we see our MC embracing his destiny as the destroying demon emperor thing and dropping that useless sh*t dream of saving the world for his sister to be forever happy. Now we see the MC starting to focus on his own strength cultivation finally he is no longer the using the silk pants master identity but his true identity.


MC pretty much gets transformed into a vampire demon thing, where he sucks the blood of his enemies and it adds to his cultivation he doesn't look like a monster though except the vampire fangs and sharp ears.


There is still empire building and politics but its more focuses on cultivation and out plotting enemies. We follow the MC on his path of conquering by slaughter and carnage winning by what ever means necessary. With him trying to find way to hold on to his humanity as he sets a course for the final battle in his grand plan to ultimately destroy the entire world so he can make it over in the form he wants or something a long those lines.

story 5/5

Also character wise its also pretty good, especially his harem aren't filled with a bunch of useless women. Each have there own personality and their story and character is developed well, especially the ones that hated his guts before.

P.S I noticed a lot of people reading the raws and so on complaining about quitting because they are tired of the betrayals and the other things that have happened. But how about you kill yourself? This isn't suppose to be anything about fun times watching some MC with super luck and super plot armor save the day and have everything go his way. This was going to be DARK from the very beginning so if you're some pu*sy who can't stand to see real life suffering then this isn't for you.

Edit: Finally done should redo this review but too lazy plus idk how I feel honestly. I thought the ending fight should have been better. Meh but at least its happily ever after and also this is one of those stories where the MC travels back to earth for a bit lol that arc was refreshing although it was just a few chapters. Overall this story is just one of those that you might really like or you just wont. <<less
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lehur rated it
March 9, 2017
Status: c777
Kind-hearted MC to the point makes reader want to vomit, worst cultivation system, and the most lazy MC (he only care about doing office job). He have the most OP Cheat but vow to heaven never used it, so s*upid, even his wife and family being kill he still light heart, never angry, I doubt he even have heart/feeling.

If you ever play simulator game, this novel for you, for building kingdom, if you want a cultivation never read this ever. Actually in this story have a two phases/plots. 1st when... more>> he still naive arc Human Continent and 2nd with a little naivety arc Demon Continent.


1. The Most s*upid/idiot MC
2. The Most lazy (never practice) MC
3. The Most love office job, he never be cultivator, he a man doing office job and recruite army.
4. If in other story want to become strong is to doing adventure, then in this story want to become strong recruite army, soo s*upid.



Kind-Hearted MC to the point makes me vomit

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Camel rated it
February 18, 2017
Status: c8
I was about to ditch this novel at chapter 2, I was pleasantly surprised with the turn of events. First, what I liked is that this LN is different from the other reincarnation stories but rather transportation. The MC whole body has been brought to this plane and didn't rob somebody's. He took the deceased identity of a silkpant who was pursuing the empire princess, in order to prevent the latter's clan a calamity. Nice writing and the world building is good, the characters are not boring, so is the... more>> story. It is still the beginning but I expect a great read. <<less
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blazerd rated it
June 14, 2017
Status: c1028

The MC was just a university student who is pretty much thrown into a new world. He becomes the host of some demon star that brings him more trouble than good. He just wants to live a peaceful life with his sister however circumstance would not allow this. Even so the sister gets very little screen time compared to other characters and is away for hundreds of chapter - more than half of the story.

The MC's harem - MC doesn't care much. He just uses women and makes little to no effort to comfort them, he only has s*x and dines with them. He also kills some because he's too "broken hearted" too care.

Broken hearted


Just some excuse that the author cooked up for the MC to act cold and kill people close to him if the author needs him to. If you decide to read it then you may find out how forced the excuse is but I'd recommend that you don't waste your time.


The enemies - they are very powerful but also very s*upid and very smart at the same time. They let the MC run free - "rearing a tiger" so does speak. Why they don't just capture him and force him to do the stuff that they want is just plot armor or an example of s*upidity. They could've killed or captured him at anytime but they don't for very unreasonable/s*upid excuses (I guess this is what you call plot armor)

The MC - He struggles a lot, he supposed to be wise and smart but it's iffy and later he becomes very conceited (a very very bad/unlikeable trait to have when coupled with the MC's ruthlessness akin to a villain). The enemy still fools him every now and again.

The story - It's nothing special. It's a repetitive cycle of enemies trying to plot against him while MC is then forced to go and acquire power ups, this is a continuous cycle.

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divlono rated it
June 15, 2017
Status: c1026

What started off as a fairly decent story changes in a not so good way.

MC starts off pretty smart not caring about martial arts training, he's good in arts and music, He gets caught up in politics and for various reasons he ends up fighting for his survival.

In the early part the MC uses his smarts to solve problems but later degenerates into a ruthless killer that has no qualms with killing his own wife/woman. His mentality is that either they are with him or against him. He makes no initiative or effort to try and change their minds.

Unfortunately after MC got power it becomes apparent what made the MC seem broadminded/tolerant was the fact that he was weak. Once he gets power it's just kill, kill, kill...

The much later part of the story is just about the MC being childish and seeking revenge with him having no problems killing anyone that gets in his way including his wives and those close to him.

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jims rated it
August 17, 2017
Status: c1140
Take a look at that novel cover. They say that the MC is more beautiful than a woman. What's up with that mask, the MC is one of the biggest moron's in wuxia history, an absolute waste.

He's got some special powers/aura that's supposed to make demon women go crazy but he still manages to get betrayed several times by them - WTF

He's got something called a demon star which should make him one of the wisest and most intelligent beings in the world but he still carelessly exposes himself -... more>> doesn't even bother to hide his true appearance.

This MC is extremely incompetent, selfish, self centered. This guy's brain is broken, he sometimes behaves like a rabid dog, he needs a shrink. This would probably make a nice chick flick " pretty boy with mental issues"

So at one stage this fool get's "betrayed/abandoned" by a woman. Apparently MC did and "sacrificed so much for her". Bollocks, the MC needed her just as much as she needed him maybe even more. The same woman saved the MC several times previously. In fact without her protection this guy would have died a long time ago. It's a pretty one sided opinion from both the MC, there's also some upside down logic, a lot of far fetched nonsense happening more often than not.

Inconsistencies in MC's character eg.

MC goes berserk over the the fact that some guy was going to give him a cuckold. However another of the MC's wife (long story she lost her memories but MC knew who she was) whom was to be engaged to another guy but the MC didn't show any resistance, it just so happened by his luck the wife refused to go through with marrying the other by her own choice.


Bad logic eg.

MC's enemy has held some of his family hostage/prisoner for around a decade. Enemy representative that was sent threatens MC to swap one of their captured spies with one of MC's wives but somehow (honestly seems like an ass-pull used to prevent the MC from bowing to the enemy) MC figured out that the Enemy's goal is to convince the MC to cooperate with them so they won't harm any of his family. So he has his subordinates beat up the enemy representative without consequence. Not long after an enemy spy is discovered in MC's camp and the spy took his kid hostage but now MC is afraid even after he just confirmed that the enemy won't hurt any of his family.


MC is too passive eg.

He was willing to just abandon his wife and let her marry another guy.
He was also willing to let another plan fail because he just doesn't take the necessary action to prevent that, it's the other or a third party that ends up doing things that lead to his advantage and that is pure luck and it has nothing to do with the MC, he doesn't plan it.


So I read this on lnmtl website, thought the the positive ratings there were good, turns out this was not a good reflection of the novels true rating as lnmtl does not seem to have the option to edit/change your rating. So if you give it a positive after reading only 10 or 20 chapters you are unable to change it even after reading 100 or a 1000 chapters. It's quite unfortunate as it might have been more useful if the ratings weren't locked in after rating it prematurely.

It's a mess and the MC himself gets boring, he's no martial expert nor is he as smart or as wise as he was "hyped up" to be. He may be a little clever here and there but over all that's all he is. It becomes a repetitive bore. <<less
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Arch rated it
May 30, 2017
Status: c1028
Updated review : Ok, so as of late chapters MC become OP and sets his journey on revenge.
... more>>

I don't like the author mindset on this theme "Getting betrayed by close person, and getting MC revenge on him/her". The author of this novel has gone too overboard on mind control/puppet/betrayal plot to the last chapters and I reckon it will continue to the end.
The novel is full of overused theme. Villians will manipulate till the end. Overall, MC is just an idiot with deus ex machina in his pocket.

To conclude

75% of the novel will be MC suffering hardships.

12.5% of the novel will be MC enacting his revenge.

12% of the novel will be MC getting rekt by behind-the-scenes manipulator.

0.5% of the novel will be MC getting SOP and finishing off the final whatever shitman.


Honestly, this novel has ingenious plot.

Make Weak MC -> let him bang some b*tches -> Secure him a highest position -> Get him betrayed by the banged b*tches -> Trample his dignity -> Crave him for power -> Give him a new start -> let him bang some new b*tches -> Secure him a new highest position -> Get him betrayed by the new banged b*tches -> Trample his newly acquired dignity -> Crave him for more power.

Getting sick of this pattern.


MC - Hmm. I got nothing to say about him. I only see him getting betrayed by b*tches, getting his dignity trampled, using him as a tool. He makes war every 10 chapters and win by performing a gimmick at the last moment surprising the enemies. F*ck - a ret*rd clown. He has no traits. No wisdom. He can't do anything without Demon star. The only ability he has is to resurrect after getting his ass kicked by the enemy. You could summarize him in a sentence "If you fool me once, shame on you. If you fool me twice, shame on me."


80% of characters in this novel are second hand b*tches.

Misleading chapter titles.

Excessive foreshadowing, bs.

This is literally "A World destroying Demonic Emperor (MC) , not the other way around".

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jolt rated it
July 30, 2017
Status: --
Oh, I initially gave this a rating of 5.

... more>>

However that was before the MC went full ret*rd and the author overusing betrayal plot became unbearable as well as some plot feeling forced.
Basically, MC seemed quite admirable at the start and the story was fresh but as I continued to read this novel especially past the first part I began to see more and more inconsistencies, repetitions and over-exaggerated characters. Author trying his best to destroy perfectly normal characters by making them behave crazy for very poor reasons.
The MC is a waste without the demon star and demon emperor inheritance - all power ups that are meaningful come from inheritances and the MC's training is insufficient to ensure his survival and MC doesn't seem talented at all, it's just his blood that gives him cheat abilities such as the ability to resurrect/revive himself. The author even loves to belittle the MC eg. MC once thought to himself that another person was so smart that the only reason he can compare to that guy is because he has demon star. Even MC getting inheritance is more like him receiving a charity. He's survival has been dependent on a lot luck. Majority if not all of his plans to succeed relies on a great deal of luck without any back up plans. Crucial components required for MC's survival appear/achieved at the very last minute.
Certain characters inner thoughts don't align with their actions. The MC is immature and I don't see any character growth from him, there's really no good traits about him, he's just there to receive the inheritance and is literally a tool to move the authors story along. If one had to describe his purpose in one sentence - "f*ck and kill' - that's right he's just banging succubus (which according to the story could also be considered as his daughters because of his demon emperor bloodline, this doesn't really bother me per se but if other readers dislike incest then this should be contrary to their beliefs.) and he simply kill's for revenge even when there are alternatives available, he also has no problems killing innocents. Since the MC's first betrayal he decides that he wants to act like a ret*rd (doesn't want to think but just kill), like seriously you'd think as time goes by he would improve his mindset but that never happens. He just continues that way, seems very weak minded, like a rebellious teenager.

Some of the important story involving certain characters seems somewhat forced and author seems to just make things up and change things which contradict certain characters. It's difficult for author to justify these changes so he just ignores them and expects the readers to accept it.

The MC has a lot of plot armor with meager excuses. He makes the same mistakes again and again but the author doesn't seem to acknowledge it. Perhaps it was never a mistake in the first place but author decided change it could be another example of forced plot. An MC that the enemy treats as a mere pawn and tool been given too many concessions by the enemy makes little sense. Even the excuses given are laughable. The enemy had already crossed the line with the MC by killing some of his family and ruined his entire life in the human state but they wouldn't give him a green hat. The author seems to give too convenient excuses at too convenient times, it's like a soap opera.

If you've enjoyed the first part when the MC was in the human state then that's understandable. Just take note that what takes place after is like a whole new story with a whole new MC or at at least an MC with a huge change which is not necessarily a good thing.

This novel had reached it's peak a long time ago and has been descending ever since.

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Plazma rated it
June 12, 2017
Status: c950
If you do not want to be spoil don't read my review.
... more>>

If you have read nyss, the author previous work (which I haven't) this story might be different than the last one.
This novel have a good start. I really like the first part in the human state even there is some force plot, but it just disappointed me later on.
There is many contradiction and inconsistency on what the other character saying. If I were you don't believe what other character saying in this novel because they might change it later on.


For example when he promise to his brother that he will kill the princess for him, it did not happen, he probably forgot it. There is also some bullsh*t talk and monologue, some side character saying that the MC is in control of his destiny and they are chess pieces and guess what later the MC saying that his destiny is always being manipulate by the divine dragon temple and many more contradiction like he says that in earlier chapter that he can understand women better but he is always been betray by them as the story goes on


There is also some that lead to betrayal


There is some girls that can be in the harem, take note they say that they love and will help the MC but they choose to do different because they dont know which right way to follow, that can be help if the MC is not a bastard and care for them or at least convience them to make a decision to side with him, basically the MC is just unconcern let them betray him without doing anything until it is unredeemable for them for him (Well the MC is not a good harem protagonist and the author always saying the MC is a bastard so he basically deserve the betrayal because the MC can't understand them very well take note again, not always but frequently the MC ask why they betray him, as a proof what I'm saying that he is poor on understanding them)


As for the story it is good if you like kingdom building, politics and wars it have majority in the first part of the story.
As for our MC, he is ruthless to his enemy whether woman (beware the author is not a feminist in this novel) or man and he is acting indifferent to the one that betray him, he probably can kill anybody.


beware he probably can kill his women or his children in the story as the story goes on because of more betrayal and they are being manipulate/control by ddt


As other saying this story is full of tension, mainly because we have a weak MC and the MC do not know his arsenal and resources, that the author can't help but make reasons why the stronger enemy can't kill the MC and want him to grow more stronger and some weaker ones want to make a scheme and kill him for profits.
Lastly if you read this for harem, I advice to avoid reading this novel for that reason, you will only cringe how poor the MC in handling the safety of his harem members.


Before we go on second part the demon state, majority of his harem in human state will captured and will be in enemy hands because of the MC lack of caution and negligence of warnings that he will be found out anytime. Just imagine how they been being treated in the enemy camp probably they have been experimented or manipulated their minds against the MC or worst they been tortured. For example his daughter already been brainwash and in second part their is a lot of betrayal specially his new acquired women, that he use his d*ck first and consequences later on, as you know this MC is not special he can't capture women and make them be obedient by his d*ck alone unlike other MC



I think there will some that who are unhappy in my review, but my review have all basis backing it up.


another info for what im telling about his brother reason of betraying because of the princess, if not for her he will not betray his family, so his adopted brother ask the MC to kill her because if not for her enticing him to betray their family he will not do this mistake and the MC agreed to him. But eventually the MC doing the reverse what he wish for, so again it just add proof about im saying about contradiction and inconsistency of characters here in this novel.


Well anyway I will add more review, the MC is smart but certainly he is not that cunning enough


even he have a super computer calculation brain he still been deceived


I have to stop reading this novel in this period because I have many issues not only the MC and story but the author as well for example like the characterization of the characters here, there many issues like making a character be more evil just the author could eliminate him/her just to make it more acceptable for the readers. For example first they are allied with the MC but later when he/she betray the MC, author will make them more ruthless and evil and make the MC bad doing is like a joke compare what they have done. The author have done a lot of justifaction like this through out the story and will do more in the coming chapter you can count for it the author will do more like that in the future.

Some other telling the character is being realistic (that in the sense that they can't help to be like that because they are born that way specialy people of ddt) but for me there reasoning is too shallow and the story is definitely not realistic. There is also too much foreshadowing in the title author and comments, like the author is the one spoiling what will happen in the story. Cliche and force plot definitely already have in this novel or else the MC already wearing a green hat/cockold and it will be more tragedy on what will happen the MC in this novel.
About the MC, I can not still accept what carelessness and s*upidity he have done to make his family member that got captured.


First of all the demon star already warn him that he can be discover through to his hell knight if they been captured but the MC neglect this warnings and the still do nothing to make some preparation for worst to come, there also when the time he was playing chess to one of main ddt enemy and openly use his abilities in front of him and the enemy suspect that he is indeed the wdde because of this ability, but our good MC did not care showing his abilities and still happily playing with the enemy and did not show any concern about showing his abilities front of the enemy (so is this not a force plot but just s*upidity of our mc?). The MC main priorities is protecting his family member but he is f*ckingly s*upid and forgot his main concern from the very beginning is protecting his sister, that why he fighting so hard from the very beginning


About MC human state queen wife


There also force plot regarding in betraying of zhi yan, even zhi yan character is so not refined she have sentiment to king that he follow his order and she treat like he is her father, she even rescue the life of MC and make her life at stake in the process and she also agreed to the king and to the MC that ddt is not good and will lead destruction to the kingdom and she show uncooperative to her fellow ddt member as well. But she betray the MC and offer her kingdom to ddt and become a puppet of ddt. Then why the heck she still fighting for the throne so hard if it is his brother win the throne same outcome their kingdom will still end up become a puppet of ddt (so she just throw to the tr*sh the little sentiment she have to his adoptive father this make no sense at all and take note she do not know the MC is wdde so no scheming behind on this) and in the story she shown concern to his only relative left his adoptive father in that time she just lead him to death when she kill the MC, so zhi yan just dont care about the king in the very beginning? Even her reason for betrayal the author still not explain it. (Probably because she is member of ddt and that it not very depth reasoning if that really the reason or she just feel want to betray the MC now. The author might be still thingking what her freaking reason is) Also the author just say she promise to the king he will protrect the MC but she choose different and thats it no f*cking explanation why she choose the different route and the king not saying to her that the MC is wdde make no sense too if the king really trust her. (This one feels a force plot for me)


Ps. The author already spoiled in the synopsis that the MC will become king of the entire world so I know what will gonna happen in the ending. Its just the author would probably make the MC suffer more or more betrayal to come until he MC reach the goal. And lastly the author have new weird fetish to futunari. Well im done in this novel now.

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Syndicatekun rated it
March 14, 2017
Status: c179
I absolutely have no idea why this novel got so many 1 stars, for me it was a rather pleasant read. Do not get misjudged by the description which makes it look like a typical cultivation focused xianxia, this novel is more or less about world building/conquering

The MC is an art student transferred from earth to another world, and I love how he makes splendid use of his art skills solve lots of his problems for example fundraising by drawing portraits, not only that he is also genuinely smart unlike... more>> other "genius" protagonist and solves issues (including woman issues) in an interesting fashion for example how he incorporated parachutes to escape from encirclement by 10, 000 soldiers.

In conclusion the novel more about MC's strategies and leadership ability rather then a mad grind for cultivation, though he is still strong in his own right.

**Trust me it starts to get much more interesting after 70+ chapters** <<less
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Enryu022 rated it
April 29, 2017
Status: c201
This novel is gem, the story is really awesome, the characters are awesome, especially the female characters, this is a rare harem where females have their own personalities, what I like about this novel is, characters follow their own goals, no matter how cool MC performs, they won't drool him over and instead acknowledge him as an extreme threat, so they all do all they can, if he's worthy ally, they treat him well, if he's an enemy, they treat him like an enemy

I like the mc's personality as well,... more>> he treats others how they treat him, but sometimes swallow his pride in order to reach his goal, he's calm and collective.


There was a scene where MC got humiliated very hard in front of a public, but he instead acted calm and cool and resolved the issue like a man, everyone in the end admired him and his enemies were the ones that lost their face, but once MC came back to his room, his face changed, he screamed, yelled, destroyed stuff, it shows you how much he endured there but at the end of the day that he's a human.

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charlt rated it
September 8, 2017
Status: c1140

Starts off with some potential for more or less the first 450 chapters. Had some cliche's such as arranged marriage and MC with bad reputation. Most of the time the MC is a sitting duck but the enemy makes excuses not to kill the MC. Plot pattern gets pretty much reused in later chapters. Enemy decides to attack MC without full strength -> Enemy "underestimates" MC but enemy still decides to adds extra strength close to the start of the battle but still far below their full (which could've easily sent the MC to the afterlife) strength-> MC beats enemy with some simple tricks due to the enemy "underestimating" the MC as well as them not appearing with their full strength.

Ended up pretty mediocre with a mix of BS and wishful fulfillment.

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ranstorm rated it
March 4, 2017
Status: c10
So far its pretty interesting. The MC seems to be transported into a different world and he has the same appearance of a dead young master of a family and was saved by a person of the clan of the young master and now he has to act as the young master who died. Also the Young Master he has to act as was a total playboy and the MC is inexperienced with love and has to avoid the countless gfs of the dead young master lol

There not much to... more>> write a review on but since it seems interesting I'm giving it a 5 star rating for now. <<less
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DeathStroke96 rated it
May 24, 2017
Status: c865
Btw this review might and does contain spoilers, it just depends whether I believe it is a spoiler or not will depend whether or not the paragraph ends up under a tag. Also at the end of the review I will do a quick summary spoiler free for those that cba reading it.

also, what's up with these 1/2 star reviews, a lot of people suddenly becoming quite Salty...

I have been debating recently on a novel to read and by read I mean LNMTL or just GTMTL, since most translations around... more>> are only at a stage of c300 with a few exceptions being on wuxiaworld where the chapters of some novels have reached an average number of 700 chapters.

i am no stranger to the mtl side of novels as I have read a few, however I didnt really know what to read mtl or lnmtl, some of the novels that came to my mind were the maoni ones but for some reason I chose this, basically I randomly picked this one, for better or worse I chose it because someone told me that the MC is like a vampire in the latter half of the story (c400 onwards) so I decided why not.

World: truthfully in the 155 chapters that I have read, not much has been about the world except of the fact that there were mentions of nations as well some historical figures

the guy few thousand years prior to the story that set up, this super empire was also a transmigrator but died of old age and now most countries as well as systems that are in place are from his set up and the empire that he created that split up,

It sort of takes on a historic view with slight twists I guess, which is interesting but, I hope that as I read on the world would be expanded on.

So for know on this aspect I am willing to give it 4/5 as long the world is expanded on in the future chapters I would be willing to raise or lower the score but that will depend on the situation and the writing.

Story/plot: at the moment the story and plot revolve around the family that the MC is serving being destroyed due to unknown reasons, well the reasons are stated but in my honest opinion the reasons are pretty illogical, because the way that the royal family could have gone about this would have likely been easier if they struck a deal with the family that the MC is serving which could have avoided the troubles, so from c1-155 it's the struggle of how the MC tries and sort of hinders their plans

until the most recent chapters, where all of this goes to sh*t and the MC and the only descendant of this family lose their city that the royal family has been after and plan on reconquering it within 6 months as that's when the royal family would finally be able to take it over officially although behind the scenes they are the ones that have taken away this location


Over all the plot has been interesting so far, and I never felt like I was forcing myself to read although some aspects have been done in a slightly illogical manner, but that's my view that's illogical way of handling, overall I didn't think of it as forced or anything as such which is the interesting part so 4.5/5 on this aspect.


The biggest redeeming factor for me from this novel from the beginning until the part I have read are the characters, I like all of them even if they are the villain characters that are in the way of the MC, why? Because they are not just one dimensional where they exist just to stand in the MCs way, no they have their personalities and their goals and the like, which I find really pleasing even the MC I am willing to acknowledge as a likable character because he has his own traits that are pretty cool, even the aspects that he doesn't want to be a villain as the cheat item wants him to be

Well if I had to say, that I dislike a character than there is one,

it's the guy that the MC is impersonating, well there is a story behind so read it, to find out, but long story short, is that the guy the MC is impersonating is such a manwho*e that's its unbelievable, the amount of trouble his manwhoring has caused the MC who is impersonating him is unbelievable

even though I dislike this character, its still better than just not having any feeling about it, so although I loathe that specific character but in not a bad way, but within the story because of all the mess this character has created, after a certain time it feels a bit stretched hence, its my one and only issue at the moment, but I believe that its finally the end of those chapters where the MC has to clean up after that character hence I don't mind.

Summary; long story short,

the world hasn't been explored in a large fashion but gave interesting glimpses so far, the story at the moment is interesting but the hints from c1 from the cheat Items as well as the side characters as the story progressed showed real potential and finally the characters are all interesting even if I dislike this one specific one (but the way I dislike this character is not in a bad way).

Overall my opinion on this novel is give lnmtl a try its worth it! The chapters are super long so you will likely not be able to enjoy it as much if you don't lnmtl it. And with Qidian making issues these days, it's a good idea to look into mtl'ing certain novels and I think this one deserves a huge chance.

I will update this review when the novel reaches c400-c450 as that's a point where there is sort of ending of the first part and the beginning of the second part. <<less
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THE MAN rated it
May 26, 2018
Status: --


This novel has two parts.

1. First 450 or so chapters (until MC's death by Zhi Yan). In this part MC didn't concentrate on cultivational, remained weak, but rather concentrated on politics for throne, war strategy, army building, betrayals, e.t.c.

Sounds great. But what made it truly pathetic was that it was nothing but a mixture of 'Game of thrones' and dumb Chinese ideology (that a beautiful woman, even she tries to kill or betray hundred times, she absolutely can't die, MC have to forgive all her guilt for some foolish excuses and she ends up being MC's wife or concubine. Despite of all reasonable possibilities, author didn't have the guts for NTR. Females betrayed MC and left him for years- but there were no extramarital s*x affairs- so unreasonable and gutless writing That's why it became most pathetic version of Game of Thrones.) This part overused the betrayal plots, sometimes it felt forced as well as unreasonable, and it would annoy you endlessly that almost all betraying b*tchy females ended up being MC's women.

2. The rest of the novel. Here MC concentrated more on personal cultivation, and thus the novel lost its former glory and turned into typical Chinese cultivation novel. Despite all overused betrayal plots, first part was somewhat interesting, but all those settings of former part were thrown in second part and it became boring.



It's quite unreasonable that MC didn't get NTRed. Each of his wives should be f*cked countless times by various characters. But by some unreasonable miracle it didn't happen. So s*upid and gutless writing.



The author had a fetish for sexy b*tches betraying. It's too overused and unbearable. I really wish his wife to give him the taste of his own fetish.


It was quite disappointing to see how a novel with good starting, abandoned all of it's interesting settings and turned into a typical boring novel.
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