Nine Yang Sword Saint


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Freshman student Yang Dingtian possesses the Nine Yang Body, found only 1 in million. His Yang Fire is incomparably vigorous and thus, he cannot be near a female’s charms for his entire life. On the night of his 19th birthday, he decided to bid farewell to his virgin life. After stealing and tasting the forbidden fruit, he spontaneously combusted as the result!

In death he crossed over to another world; a world that held respect for Martial Power. His, originally, catastrophic Nine Yang Body was the Nine Yang Body that couldn’t be seen in a millennium! He was saved by a mysterious old man when he was at his last moments and the old man received him for a disciple, then betrothed his daughter to him. Thus, in this odd way, Yang Dingtian became the successor of the largest clan under Heaven, and became the number-one-beauty-under-heaven’s fiance.

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Cửu Dương Kiếm Thánh
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New aqifkhan7991 rated it
December 10, 2019
Status: c150
Heavy plot armor, Hypocrite self righteous and Naive MC, MC is from earth but is not. Nine yang is innate nothing to do with cultivation technique. And cultivation technique is 1D. No benefit of being a city lord or sect master despite MC clings to it desperately. A fruststing read.
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slaider23 rated it
May 8, 2017
Status: Completed
This will be probably the first time I have ever written a review but here goes.

This story from start to finish is pretty satisfying, when I first started the story I really didn't expect anything much I just read the synopsis and thought this will probably have a lot of s*x lol

Jumping into it at the start the MC is pretty kind and a bit naive when it starts out when he first enters the world he meets two people who treated him sincerely his life when crossing over is... more>> going pretty good but just when he thinks everything is going well (from the first chapter the story starts pointing in the direction of him becoming the successor of the head the most OP sect in the lands and the story truly makes you think it will be so but) Bam! Plot twist! His entire life goes to sh*t in a few chapters.


MC meets his so called Fiance and at first everything is nice the mother in law is especially good to him, but who would expect that the moment the mother in law leaves on sect business the Fiance straight forwardly tells the MC that she has no intention of marrying him especially him who has no talent in cultivation (her cultivation level is too low to even realize that he has a special body so she just judges from testing his cultivation level.) She then goes on to threaten him into giving her the sect leaders ring his master (her father) gave him. Naturally our MC outright tells her to go kill herself (okay not that but he did say something but I cant remember) our MC then sneaks out of the sect only to be found out and chased down and almost killed by his own Fiance if not for his special body. Then he's pretty much the enemy of said sect but another old man who he meets in the beginning saves him and ends up dying for him. While on his last breath, marries his daughter to the MC and makes him his successor to his city lord position and such, now the MC has to shoulder this task while competing against his new dead master's sons who want to become the next city lord (and this is just the start of his troubles)


Story wise I give it a 4/5 as its a good read, it progresses nicely the MC is pretty much the underdog from start to finish because nobody ever believes this guy is going to win even me (lol) based on what he had to fight against every time but of course the plot armor never fails to kick in at those times. The characters all play a part in developing the story as it goes on even some of his die hard enemies at one point end being the ones who come back in the end to give him the greatest help. Lots of twist go on in this story from start to finish to keeping you hooked.

Things I really liked

    • MC uses real world knowledge in several wars developing weapons to win wars in which he has no chance to to win.
    • MC's deposition/personality doesn't change even to the end of the novel
    • Because of the laws of the world the wars do not depend on the powerhouses that have high cultivation but the smaller strength of armies of each city and so on.
    • A good amount of the story is politics

      as the MC has to convince people to fight with him against an enemy who quite frankly has more than 300 years preparation while he has none so its fun to see the methods he has to try to win.

    • The harem, each woman has a different personality which causes some small fights between them in the beginning.

      There is one specific woman who ends up in his harem later that pretty much he tricks her that he is her husband who she thought was dead (well the truth is the husband asks makes him promise to pose as him and take care of her and his family) although they had been married but it was pretty much for 1 day before he had been killed. MC basically takes the wife's first time and gets her pregnant when she finds out the truth she goes balistic but later through there other encounters you realize she actually start to fall in love with him not to mention he is the father of her soon to be kid but she trolls him constantly with her tsudere personality. She later on becomes one of the people who are constantly helping him even if it means to drug another woman and bring her into his bed lol

    • The main antagonist is one of the biggest twists in the entire novel you wont even know it until he reveals himself.
    • Most of the characters even the ones you probably thought were insignificant still make it towards the end
    • The ending pretty gave closure to everything you needed even his insignificant girlfriend from earth.
Things I didn't like

    • I forgot
So overall its a good read if you don't like harems this probably isn't for you, although the main character doesn't strive for a harem but the author naturally wouldn't allow him the choice. Overall Character development is good,

Good world building, Its not as dark as his current work, MC personality is good his sticks to his values even when he becomes the strongest in the end he still treats everyone as he did before even those below him, doesn't needlessly massacre everybody who he goes against. <<less
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thalissonwfc rated it
January 10, 2017
Status: v1c7
The story is very interesting, the MC is fortunate enough to find the old man and the old trains him and leaves his sect and his daughter to the MC who seems to be OP...
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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
April 18, 2018
Status: c432
I am not sure why so many are saying this novel is good. It's terrible and hard to continue reading it. I dropped it after awhile. Probably was most put me off about this novel is the MC personality. He understanding of woman is really lacking and he is really petty. What worse is he just doesn't learn from his mistakes.

The most what annoy me about the MC is his so called attraction for 1 of the girls he met in the beginning that was suppose to married him. After... more>> all the pain and suffering she put him through, he somehow still like her more than any other girl. It feel like he focus more on the beauty then what's in the inside. She did later fall for him and turn into a good gentle one, but I still get annoy how the MC was focus on her.

The villains is another thing that is hard to understand. At one moment they are friends, then enemy and then cooperate to deal another enemy. It keep switching back and forth. Is like the author keep using excusing to have his enemies tries to spare the MC or tries to keep those villains around longer. This is probably the thing that I hated the most about the novel. A lot of negotiating and cease fire for the most idiotic reasons.

The romance really sucks. Is more like it's full of sadness and drama. But there is a lot of sexual content, which might be the main reason the readers still read this trash.

MC has a lot of plotarmor and luck during the whole story. The beginning part (first 10chapters I think) was really already a example. A guy that he meet is well know the be one of the strongest and after only talking to him 1 time, the old man like his personality so much that he tried to protect him and sacrifice his own life for him and entrust everything to him (even his daughter). The old man died and his own daughter and his people are even in more danger. What even worse was, the only reason MC survive that day was because his enemies decide to spare him.

Not a great novel. Too many coincidence and plotarmor for my taste. <<less
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whatdo rated it
October 15, 2018
Status: c385
I'm not getting where these people are saying this is a good novel. I was thinking of dropping this novel wayyyyy before I got to 385 but kept reading hoping it would change. It didn't.

Beginning was good till around c30 then the plot started to go to shit.

So much bullsh*t in where the MC forgives his opponents and let them live for some stupid reason like "you can't kill me because of my family blah blah" bullsh*t that would get them killed in other novels and instead offers them compromises... more>> so that they can come back and try to kill him again. Same old enemies, never changes.

MC seems to have a masochist personality, always wanting to help his so called female "enemies" that eventually will become his lovers. One constantly tries to kill him and actually did but he never really tries to kill her because he pities her or can't go through with it.

Anyone that can read this dumpster novel to the end, I tip my cup to you. <<less
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June 5, 2017
Status: --
I am sad right now, I have a weak heart and normally don't like those novels where the MC is basically hated by the world, where even the author hate him, and this novels I started reading thinking that the MC would be someone with high status right from the batch and would be an easy-going novel that I would read to pass the time, but I was wrong, if I like a novel I normally read the raws because I can't wait and so did i. Now I am... more>> in chapter 47 and basically am quiting because I can't take it anymore.

The MC has a nine yang body and because of this he can't masturbate, touch a woman and even less have sex, whe he touched his girlfriend he basically had an 43 Celsius fever and almost died, and when he was 20 years old, in his birthday he was drunk and ended having s*x with his girlfriend, he litelary combusts and when he wake up he is in a ice cave, he is alone and naked, also because of his nine yang body he basically can't feel cold, and his body is very hot, with this his body melted some ice while he was sleeping and there was an old man there who he trough was dead, but wasn't, after the old shout at him angrily in an language that he doesn't know and almost kill him, later they start caring for each other, they learn their languages, the old man teach him martial arts and later he learns that he is the sect leader of one of the most powerful sects and that he is basically considered the number one cultivator, the old man has a daughter and want him to marry her, also to succeed him as sect leader, and with his last energy cleans the MC marrows so that he can cultivate more easily and fast, the MC then is lost and is picked up by a nice guy, the guy is going to the same sect that he is going, there he find the wife of the teacher and with his master token she believes him and accept him, his fiance act nice in front of him but later the threaten him to give the ring of sect leader to her, he doens't want and she gave him one hour to think better, the MC immediately tries to run but is found, in an clif he jumps, he is save by the nice guy that toke him there but they catch up to him the guy don't give him to them but dies after repelling them, and before diyng he gives his daughter and position as city lord to him, there in the city the elders doesn't accept blah blah blah.... well I am tired from writing as is now 5:18 am and don't wanna write anymore, basically he is f*cked up by the world, everybody thinks that he is crazy and it seems as if even the author hates him, I know that later he will prove himself but I can't wait until there, this is an novel that deserves 5 stars but it isn't for me and my weak heart. <<less
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Thousandswords rated it
August 29, 2018
Status: c209
I think the author pretty much hates this MC himself. The MC faces nearly endless troubles one after another to the point I started to think that why doesn't this guy just die and go to hell. His life in hell would be more enjoyable for him than being alive.

At this point the amount of duels he lined up and the pressure of it is enough to make anyone insane.

Read if you want to know the story of the most unluckiest MC in CN novel history.
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Morty rated it
February 14, 2017
Status: c550
A decent start, goes downhill around the time MC meets the old mans daughter.
... more>>

The girl is not as stupid as he expected, she doesn't want to get married and requests him to hand over the sect master ring.
The arrogant MC feels wronged and starts out an endless conflict. Every single bad thing that happened to the MC is entirely his own fault.

The girls are mostly one-dimensional, despite coming out from different backgrounds and having different personalities, they all end up as s*x dolls eventually.

The part about MC being from earth? You can just forget about it, his morals and behavior are nothing like a real person from earth would be. You will realize this on the first 10 chapters. The "Nine Yang" talents stuff for example, it's over once he leaves the old man, he is just average.

Power ups?;

This old scroll here? the strongest technique ever that will save the world, and only you can use it.
This prison here? It's actually a mystical place and the only one who can enter.... is someone who knows Chinese.

Tons of plot armor;

I will not kill you now but in 3 years we will fight and I will humiliate you.
I will not kill you because public opinion.
I will not kill you because you are not worthy of dying by my hands.

Unreasonable behavior;

Instead of taking the ring from your hands right now when we are deep inside my sect and I am many time stronger than you, I will give you a 3 hour head start so you can run away and will invite people from another sect to hunt you. By the way, that's because I don't want to hit you so I will bring people over to hit you instead. That's because I fell grateful for you taking care of my father. Okay?

I am obviously colluding with evil, and so is everyone here but we will never admit it. And we will talk like justice is on our side so we can fell better about ourselves or something.

The objective of the evil way is to destroy the world and everyone knows it. But heeey maybe they will spare me if I help them kill everyone who opposes them.

This novel has it all. <<less
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MAHINDRA rated it
March 20, 2018
Status: c1288
  1. The MC here is intelligent and he tries to use scientific methods from earth against his enemies. He always has a big picture in mind when dealing with them.
  2. The enemies in this novel have personality of their own unlike those arrogant young masters we see in other Chinese novels, they are scheming.
  3. The female leads in this novel have their own thinking and don't just randomly keep falling for MC and overcome many situations do they fall in love with the MC.
  4. And finally the plot of this novel is what makes it keeps interesting and you won't believe who the final enemy is and I won't spoil it for you guys in my review.
  5. Overall this was a very interesting novel and if you don't like dark situations then this novel is not for you.
  6. The only fault of this novel is the righteous personality of MC that sometimes keeps getting him fall into dangerous situations but he overcomes them with his brains.
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ASURA2000 rated it
December 28, 2018
Status: c23
This novel MC is the greatest trash in history. He is the basically the ret*rd version of OP MC. The way he handles his problems is beyond stupid. Really who in his right mind would expect the perfect woman who put every effort to become the sect leader to suddenly follow the order of "hey I really like this guy so I give him the sect free of charge and give you to be his bi*** " without question. And he has the nerve to play the victim " I... more>> was always spoil and she doesn't want to spoil me. Fine I will go and leave the the greatest place to train and unlimited resources while being on the run from the world top experts and still be able to be strongest. Ok I can do this" he doesn't even try to use his talent.

So my overall score for this is.5/100 and that is for participation. <<less
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minlegacy rated it
November 25, 2018
Status: c34
I chose this as a filler/break story inbetween longer stories. I regret this... Not because the story is neccesarily bad, but because the translation itself is horrible. especially in the later available chapters. It would probably be more readable as an MTL translation than whatever this has turned into.
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Soren59 rated it
August 30, 2017
Status: c493
Not for people with soft hearts, this isn't a typical xuanhuan where the MC is godlike compared with his enemies and crushes them all rampantly. He has to take a lot of winding paths, endures a lot of hardships, and make compromises in order to gradually overcome his foes. If you're looking for a more realistic xuanhuan novel then this might be for you, but it's definitely not a light-hearted read.

... more>>

The main reason I'm giving it 3 stars is because the enemies are bullshit. He always has enemies 100 times stronger than himself who can kill him but disdain to do so, he's always forced into situations without any choices because he isn't strong enough to control his destiny. I don't like this feeling very much when I read this type of novel.

Yes, his talent is so-called world best, but his enemies get this bullsh*t so-called "Evil power" which is basically a cheat power which makes them practically undying and increases their cultivation basically for free. And because he started cultivating late he takes ages to catch up.

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Gillmour rated it
March 28, 2017
Status: Completed
Well, after spending 2 weeks reading this I will say that it has both good and bad parts.
... more>>

The plot:

The adventures are well developed, so much so that you certainly do not get bored and the author puts a limit where he knows more or less when he should finish an arc and start another, I have almost never become bored or tired of reading.

Being honest, the 40 to 100 first chapters (I do not remember) were deplorable, I really did not really want to read it, but I read a good review here (which is not now) and then I venture to try to read it and after having passed those 40 - 100 chapters the story becomes more decent

He is a weak MC against opponents.

- A hypocrite.
-engineering, from the first chapters was so naive.
"Stupid, there were times when you wondered why he did not kill his enemy, only to become his ally and his disgusting ideal of saving mankind.


There are all colors and flavors, the MC has them of different species and at least the author took the trouble to give each one its history, but there were always one or another set aside, took the job of giving them personality and these women most often were stronger than he and they are earned because he had a certain ability to make them warm. I am satisfied with regard to the Harem, although I had left some holes.

- Some are useless and some are very strong and intelligent. (Most are strong and smart)

- Although it may be contradictory, relationships seem forced and if you think about it, you ask about the blind faith that they have to MC or their unconditional love, although the author has put one or another girl being rebellious.

-There is no NTR.


"She is not very detailed and only says something like" English beauty "or" Oriental beauty "and those adjectives as white as milk, thin, slender, big eyes, face like a fox. I do not complain because being too detailed would have bored the reader, after all it focuses on the adventures of MC.

- In the landscapes is not so detailed but gives you the idea of ​​what the place is like.

- Cultivo, At first it was a reverendo rubbish, he practices something called sword of the massacre and really at first the MC seemed to throw powers, like naruto screaming every time he launches a rasengan, but later he fixes it because it really would have filled with content unnecessary and the chapters would become unnecessarily long and ends only describing the powers, such as a magnificent dragon, A beautiful rain, etc., etc. There is also a great difference of level in level, example: at the beginning the increase of power is not much to say that the MC is in level 5 and the other in level 9 then there is not so much difference and MC can get to win, but when they are in the highest crops of level 8 to 9 it is an immense amount of energy that is like double.


This is the most complex part, being only one person and owner of a country, everyone wanted to destroy it but the race came demons and started the sides and most went to the winning side (the demons) so MC had to do everything possible to win allies. If he killed the son of a king, would he gain his favor? No, he tries to convince them and explains their plans and tries to fill them with his ideal of justice and shamelessly calls the people on the devil side.

Most of these people wanted to r*pe their wives and kill their children, but the MC had to swallow everything and look for the most efficient way to unite humanity and the only way was to become ally of them and he accomplishes and little by little they become comrades, so with the allies he wins, I'm really satisfied because if he had to find a way to win, even if he did things like cheating to follow.


It's a good ending but I did not get full, I did not feel that everything was complete.


My general opinion, I liked it very much, at first I suffered it but after entering a vicious reading and in two weeks I finished it and that is 1288 chapters. I entertained the harem and the adventures I had with their girls, is not perfect because the MC does a lot of nonsense and is very lucky, but at least in the end the author tries to explain several things but leaves some intrigue.

Until the end you do not feel that the MC turns op. <<less
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Kuratatsu rated it
August 25, 2019
Status: --
This is my first review and I generally don't believe in NU reviews cause I always find out after reading a novel that some people over exaggerate or put things out of context and I would've missed out on a nice novel if I didn't read it myself. So to me a review is just like a synopsis to get an idea for a novel.

Anyways I have never read such an insane novel like this one before. Every single girl in this novel pissed me off, all of them managed... more>> to change my mind at one point, idk if this is a spoiler but all of them have tried to kill the MC at least once and some almost succeeded. I can't help but feel that this is a story for masochists. Archenemies becoming best friends, best friends becoming traitors, worst girls becoming best girls, best girls turning into trash, the MC NTRing other dudes, other dudes NTRing the MC. By the end of the novel I have come to hate each of the originally 'good' heroines and to love the ones who were the worse girls at the start.

This author is nuts, there's one girl who was such a sweet and innocent airhead and adores him like a little sister and then she ended up marrying like two other guys and became an heartless enemy for such a long period of time. I mean it all worked out at the end but the plot twists man, there's not a single genuinely untainted guy or girl in this novel. Trust me, you will know what I mean, the ones you trust the most and the ones you hate the most have two sides to them. I think Yanyan was the only girl who didn't give him any grief up to the end, after her original bs at the start, she became a loving wife all the way to the end. Anyways I hope that gave you some idea of what this insane novel is about, thanks for reading. <<less
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September 4, 2018
Status: Completed
This is a hidden gem among Completed CN Novels. It is a solid 4 star for me. I know that the translation is not moving at all, but I will have to thank those few translations because it helped me discover a gem. Nine Yang Sword Saint is an amazing title. You can read it here via machine translation

Now allow me to give you a brief synopsis about the story. The story in itself is fast paced. There is cultivation growth, world building, romance, and a bit of flair here... more>> and there. Yang Dingtian may not be the best MC that I had encountered, but the character he portrayed was great to say the least.

Like most CN's that cater around weak to strong categories. Nine Yang Sword Saint follows the same routines. The only difference is that the author did well on his story telling, and it didn't stray much from the scope that it will make the story redundant and repetitive.

The romance setting was nice. It wasn't spectacularly amazing, but it was decent. The girls entered center stage and gave their curtain calls at the right moment.

The mystery was there and it was fun to guess some of the events that might transpire after picking up a few clues here and there.

World building is good. It wasn't as detailed as you might expect from other titles like "Release that Witch" and the likes, because the MC is like a shop keeper that just waves his hands and things get done. He's so busy that he has to go here, go there, go overthere and so on and so forth. So world building is not his strong point and just allow his people to move things for him.

In regards to the cultivation aspect, it's quite different from other titles like ATG (Against the Gods). Here although increasing in cultivation levels is the norm, for me it didn't feel like a priority. For me, the MC is just trying to get stronger in order to protect his family. Not like some young masters who murders entire families (and their 9 generations) because they annoyed him or such.

The MC is not that smart, but he is honest. He's not lustful, but he has many women (and kids). The story in itself will keep you in for the ride until the final chapter. Some twists here and there made it more interesting. Frankly and fortrightly, I salute the author for doing an amazing job for NYSS. I had fun, it was a title worth reading. I hope I find similar or better titles like this in the future. I highly recommend this to anyone who are looking for something decent to read here in Novelupdates.

Now I'm wondering... What COMPLETED title should I read next? (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Yuehan rated it
October 22, 2017
Status: Completed
This novel is quite good, full of twists and turns, enemies become friends, enemies become lovers, etc. You also need a tough mind in reading this. Regarding the MC, he is OP but you wouldn't feel it at all. His main personality also stays the same throughout the whole novel unlike in other novels where MC starts from gentle then becomes ruthless. Regarding the romance, I quite enjoyed it a lot. The female leads have their own roles and personality and not just a b*tch where MC will have s*x... more>> with and not be mentioned again. Ending is also good, although I'm not satisfied with it but it's definitely better a hundred times than other Chinese novels.

Things that I dislike (some probably are the selling points of this novel) :

  • Author likes to force the MC in helpless situation which causes me to suffer a lot in reading this. Only masochist would enjoy those.
  • MC is a little bit naive in the start and his emitting this righteous kind of aura
  • MC is a softhearted, a savior type guy (I like a rational ruthless MC more)
  • Lot of harem members, not enough screen-time (although most of them have their own duties, but due to large number of the harem, their interactions with the MC are describe in group. No more one-on-one interactions/conversations. Also at the ending, only a few members were mentioned)
  • He's gentle, but killed one of his potential harem member (although that woman really did bad things that maybe unforgivable in MC's view, she still deserved a better ending. It's unacceptable for me because there are also two of his harem members that did a lot of bad things to him and even infatuated by his rival enemy but still he accepted them and became part of his harem)
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FTxNexus rated it
May 8, 2017
Status: c13
A fresh start compared to other CN novels. Instead of a rough start, where the MC has to work to their bones. This one gets a pretty "easy" start with a kind teacher.

The people he meets are both problematic and people who knows their faults. You heard it right! A mere 13 chapters and we already see something which is considered rare next to non -existent event!

Also, the MCs actions up untill now are also plausible.
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Datura rated it
November 29, 2017
Status: --
Got a different element from the usual xuanhuan, if you are bored with overrated martial style and etc, then this novel is for you.

Although the MC still use martial arts and cheat to become stronger, the MC also very smart, he mainly use strategies and psychological attack to win war or battle. And yes, the MC is not that OP.
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Scaethys rated it
November 13, 2017
Status: Completed
Fantastic novel. There hasn't been any translations lately, but its definitely not your run-of-the-mill cultivation story. He gets OP techniques, but they're not really that OP..... ... more>>

You sort of expect the MC to get on the fast track into a big sect while marrying the number one beauty in the world, but right from the start he gets shut down. (LOL beauty tries to kill him and steal her father's sect ring) And he literally doesn't pick himself up until a few hundred chapters later. Or actually, I'm not even sure he's ever ahead of anyone at any point in his life. Luckily, there's no NTR. Favorite girl has to be Dugu Fengwu, part of the harem but doesn't acknowledge it and wants to kill the MC (did kill the MC).

Seriously, there are so many twists and turns in this novel. Giving face to other people? Throw that sh*t away. Definitely a shame it hasn't been translated. <<less
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