Wizard’s Brain


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In a world teetering on the edge of extinction, humanity’s survival is threatened by uncontrollable atmospheric control plants and relentless war. Ren Amagi, a young “wizard” with the ability to manipulate the very laws of physics by rewriting the “information” of the world, accepts a critical mission. His task: to intercept an experimental sample being transported to “City Kobe,” one of the last seven fortified cities in the world. However, his plans are disrupted by Yuuichi Kurozawa, another wizard and formidable “Knight.” Amidst their confrontation, Ren rescues a girl named Vier and escapes. As Ren and Yuuichi, each fiercely committed to their own causes, collide in a series of intense battles, they remain unaware of the profound secret Vier harbors— a secret that could alter the fate of City Kobe itself.

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01/01/24 Moon Rabbit Translations v1c2
12/04/23 Moon Rabbit Translations v1c1
12/04/23 Moon Rabbit Translations v1c0
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