Wicked Island Of Ireland


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Isu was trapped in a building on a deserted island.

She had no memories, no recollection of how she got here.

She was rescued by one of the survivors of a plane crash that took place on the island.

Hayden Wight. A young gentleman from the United Kingdom. Representative of a security company.

Meeting him could have been a blessing, giving her the chance to escape from vicious criminals.

From his eyes to his lips and his whole body, the man also seemed to want to give her a chance to start a new life.


“I don’t know my name or my age. I don’t even know what kinds of danger I am in. That’s why it’s a bit difficult for me to be next to a man.”

Isu expressed concern.

“I mean, you could also be in danger if you were to get involved with me.”

A warm breeze blew in from the sea.

As the sand particles began to fly through the air, Hayden covered Isu’s face with his hand and replied,

“Then I’ll have to receive higher compensation. I don’t intend for you to pay me with your body, so you can rest easy.”

Unlike usual, Isu could barely control her expression. The memory of last night suddenly came to mind.

His blue eyes focused on Isu.

“Y-you’re staring at me like a filthy beast.”

Isu stammered, unable to respond properly.

Just then, the question that followed took her breath away.

“Who was it that pretended to be asleep and turned me on?”

She knew he had seen it all last night.

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Bad Island
배드 아일랜드
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