Why Not Make Both Twins ‘Girlfriends’?


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Meet Usami, an honor student at the top of her class. She views me as her rival at school, but after classes, she shows me a ‘different side’. She enjoys arcade games and displays a carefree smile, unlike her school persona.

To become friends with Usami, I spend time with her both during and after school. Our relationship grows, and unexpectedly, Usami confesses her feelings for me after school!

I accept her feelings, but just as I thought we were becoming a couple, another girl appears, claiming she was the one who confessed to me!

It turns out their names were Chikage Usami and Hikari Usami—they’re twins!

After an unusual turn of events where both twins confess to me, I end up dating both of them, as per their suggestion. Ultimately, our days are filled with alternating solo dates and times when all three of us hang out together——

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Futago matomete “kanojo” ni shinai?
Why Don't You Make the Twins Your "Girlfriend" Together?
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