Who Let Him Cultivate Immortality


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“I’ve repeatedly emphasized that the atmosphere in the cultivation world is inherently skewed, not skewed by me. It’s said that history is written by the victors, so why am I still being slandered when I’ve won?” Lu Yang, the Sword Immortal, said in an interview with reporters, expressing great anger.

The next day.

“I’ve repeatedly emphasized that the atmosphere in the cultivation world is skewed by me. History is written by the victors, and I won!” Lu Yang, the Sword Immortal, said in an interview with reporters, expressing great anger. —《Cultivation Daily》 reports for you.

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Who Let Him Cultivate
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9 Reviews

Mai Mee
New Mai Mee
Jun 22, 2024
Status: c87
A light-hearted xianxia-themed comedy

It's pretty well-written, with its main appeal also being its main flaw.

The characters' thought process are a bit unconventional. This easily creates humoric moments, which is essential to such a story, but perhaps too many characters exhibit this strangeness, resulting in dialogue or developments that seems almost random at times, and contrived/forced at worst. Restricting these strangeness to a specific kind per character or limiting these comedic characters would make the story more believable. As it currently stands, it tests the readers' suspension of disbelief a bit... more>> too much for full enjoyment.

Another obvious flaw is with the dialogue. Sometimes it is used as exposition, which is not exactly wrong, but when it's done as an info dump, it is. Rather than being short and witty, dialogue instead becomes a wall of text. This and its info dumping nature makes it very tempting to just skim through it. While good for character counts, it's horrible for enjoyment. If it is to be long to be skip-able, it only works in a comic, not in a novel.

One good thing is that most reveals are done well, or in other words, setup fairly. This is in contrast to many in the same pile trying to look smart yet just withholding any clues and just revealing things as they come for you to revel in the main character's intelligence or something.

Overall it is written pretty ok, and fun to read. Would recommend as a time-passer.

Its probably best as a comic but this is great also.

P.S. The author tries a lot of trope subversion. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 24, 2024
Status: --
Translator here! I really enjoyed reading the novel so I wanted to share it with everyone who can't read Chinese! I laughed a ton while translating it so I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I have. It's an extremely funny and anti-climatic parody of typical cultivation novels which is a delight to see as a long time reader of those typical over-saturated OP MC novels.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 27, 2024
Status: c77
TL;DR: A comedy more than a Xianxia, but a comedy done very well.

First things first, the synopsis gives no information so I'll give a short summary.

The main character is the disciple of one of the five great immortal sects and has a very unconventional mind. This story follows him solving problems and having interactions in unintended or unexpected ways.

... more>> This novel is fantastic.

First of all, of course, the comedy. This novel is more a comedy than anything else, and if you take it too seriously, you might not enjoy it. This is clearly demonstrated by the idiot who rated it 2 stars before me.

There were many points where I laughed or even went back to reread. This is a very, very rare Xianxia comedy that I actually found really funny. Even for just that, I would recommend it.

Second of all, the characters. I love the entire cast of this book. The main character, the side characters, the enemies, even the passersby! I feel like each of them has life to them, with unique perspectives, goals, and personalities. There is not a single character in this book that I feel makes it worse. No characters are introduced for plot progression or anything.

Genuinely, I find it hard to think of novels that are even comparable in terms of crafting characters.

Third of all, the actual plot. There is constantly something going on, and that something is hilarious more often than not. I was never bored reading this book and was constantly anticipating what shenanigans the author would pull out next. A great read from the beginning all the way to the currently updated.

Fourthly, the translation. Both the translator and the translation are phenomenal for this work. The actual translation is very high-quality with zero mistakes and the translator is interactive by explaining strange terms with links to sources or just saying his thoughts. I'm so glad this work got picked up by him, give him some support.

If I had any critique about this novel, it would be about the cultivation itself. This novel is not about cultivation or anything like a traditional Xianxia in general. The main character doesn't dedicate his life to immortality or any other common trope, and cultivation level doesn't mean everything here either.

I think this is fine since it is not the story's focus. The focus is the comedy, and that is done perfectly. Forcing typical cultivation standards on this MC, such as expecting him to be ruthless in killing people, would absolutely worsen the story.

However, it is still worth mentioning if that is what you expect coming into it.

Overall, I would recommend this story to virtually anyone. In fact, this is a cultivation story that I might be able to recommend to real-life people outside of novelupdates. Amazing read. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 20, 2024
Status: c602
Suprisingly its pretty good, I'm hooked with it, the only fault I can find with this novel its that the traduction is a bit off, but if you like novels like Cultivation Chat Group, it will definitelly hit with you.
Moreover, I should mention that if you compare it against other xinxia novels, you will find that this novel is pretty realistic and the actions/story makes sense.
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Feb 22, 2024
Status: c65
A fun and humorous take on the cultivation genre. Similar to cultivation chat group but the setting isn't so modern.
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Feb 24, 2024
Status: c67
I find this story pretty funny so far and somewhat reminds me of “Ascending, do not disturb”. The MC has “unconventional” thinking that makes the story entertaining, and all of the characters have their own quirks but none are annoying. All in all, this is a great story if you’re looking for a light hearted cultivation story.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Senior Brother Goose
Senior Broth
Apr 18, 2024
Status: c316
It's funny at the start, but the character living in MC's head is really annoying. There's always a bunch of filler chapters between the interesting plot parts.

Romance: none, although some jokes about arranged marriages are made.

Dropped because I got bored of reading filler.
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Apr 12, 2024
Status: c14
For sure a novel writing style compared to typical mass produced murim / xianxia novels. It attempts to break and avoid cliches. It has tries to have funny plot and writing, though some of this seems to be lost in translation. I think it's worth a try to read.

I however dropped this as I've read too much Martial arts novels and couldn't remember the story really anymore after taking a month break
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Feb 23, 2024
Status: c23
The story is nothing like the synopsis and it's definitely not like Cultivation Chat Group.

The story follows a young would-be cultivator that the author is determined to make look smart.

The story starts with the protagonist trying to join a sect and become a cultivator. The first arc is about him "outsmarting" the tests. The tests given to the protagonist ignored simple problems with the protagonists "clever" solutions.

... more>> The second was a training arc. It was decent, but nothing special.

The last arc I read related to a job the protagonist took. It turned into a detective conan style mystery. Complete with the protagonist giving his "this is how I figured out the mystery". But doing this in a fantasy novel is a horrible idea. Imagine the detective saying things like, (I'm making up the example so I don't post real spoilers) "the only way you could have mu*dered him was if you possessed a level 10 gryphon, or a barrier defeating potion, or contracted with a demon." It's complete nonsense. The audience can't play along at all. <<less
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