When your World Turns Upside Down


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The pale corpse-like man whom the maniacal young lady loved.

Agat once worked as a loyal subordinate to Ian, the commander-in-chief of the planet Rehardt, but now, 10 years later, she no longer works for the military.

Ian died during the first revolution.

Now Agat is a member of the revolutionary group, codenamed ‘Dagger’, and works for a revolution that will once again overthrow the military.

But when Agat looked into the coffin that day, Ian was lying still with a pale face. A man who wouldn’t die was lying in the coffin.

Agat couldn’t ignore him. She wanted to care for her former superior.

She was still not free from the past that was hard to forget.

Agat loved Ian. Maybe even now.

“You are a crazy woman.”

“You love me. So you’re crazy too.”

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당신의 세상이 뒤집힐 때
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