When The Main Protagonist Broke Up


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“Let’s break off the marriage.”

That were the words that fell from the mouth of Kane, the male lead in the novel I possessed,

I cheered inwardly at the words I had hoped so much for.

I possessed the villain Belita in the novel.

Jealous of the female lead who monopolized the male lead’s love, she committed all kinds of evil against her

She is a villain who is killed by the female lead’s younger brother.

In order not to die, she should break off the marriage with the male lead as soon as possible.

You have to step away from the original.

However, as a result of reading many novels,

When the behavior of the possessor changes, the surrounding people will also.

I found out that I get too much interest in the possessed person.

So I was careful not to notice that I had changed.

That includes maintaining obsessive behavior towards the male lead.

So, I pretended to be obssesioned with the male lead.

After that, as I expected, the male lead asked me to break off the marriage.

Having safely broken up my marriage, I went on a long-term trip in the name of soothing the pain of a broken heart.

Then, I met a beautiful man while traveling.

Even the beating heart for a while,

At this point, I think that the original work will have been left behind, so returning to the capital again, what?

The male lead and female lead broke up?

My head was spinning in an unexpected situation.

But to make matters worse,

“Let’s start over.”

The Male Lead came back to me?

Moreover, Eden met again in an unexpected place.

He was the younger brother of the female lead.

Also the one who killed Belita in the original story….

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남주와 여주가 헤어졌다
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Sienna97 rated it
April 22, 2024
Status: c10
This novel had a brilliant start. It was interesting to read about an FL who voluntarily and painstakingly tried to stay true to the OG Novel's plot without triggering a death flag because she really wanted to not be tied to the OG Novel. The two years of travelling that followed was also quite enjoyable. However, the drama that was set off as soon as her return was a mess. Even as a reader, it felt tiresome. Besides, FL's decision making skills most times are laughable at best. She's a... more>> constant contradiction between someone who's smart, naïve, and s*upid. Not to mention, the plot holes really didn't do her supposed intelligence any favours. For example:


She lived 6 months post transmigration "chasing" the OGML so she could break off her engagement with him, and that's understandable as it aligns with her goals. However, even after six months of living in that world, it turns out she doesn't even know the value of money in it. She's supposed to be training to be the head of her house and supposedly has all these aristocratic and military knowledge as the heir, yet none of that knowledge includes the basic economy of the world? Come on!



I also want to talk about her "friendship" with OGFL despite her father's constant warnings, which led to her getting stabbed in the back pretty horribly. I mean, why??? For someone who wants to stay away from the OG Novel, deciding to be besties with the OGFL despite having the perfect risk free choice of not having anything to do with her makes absolutely no sense to me. Especially when she knows OGFL is a cheating mistress b**** who is also absolutely shameless and seemingly obsessed with the OGML in an obviously twisted away.



Plus, when she discovers OGFL's true colours by setting a "trap" with no insurance. And what I mean by no insurance is that in the end only she was able to confirm her doubts, while missing the perfect opportunity to create witnesses for OGFL's real face. And that too in the midst of an investigation where OGFL stabs FL in the back and frames her for attempted mu*der. She even brags to OGFL that she will "reveal" her true face to world only to be "forced" to abandon the investigation and join a monster subjugation team instead the very next chapter.


That's the part I dropped the novel because I was genuinely embarrassed by that level of naivety or s*upidity, whatever you wanna call it. I hate unnecessary dragging of drama born out of MC's poor judgement skills in any novel, and this was a prime example of that. But, it's probably my standards that are too high as someone who has read countless transmigration manhwas. Either way, I'm disappointed for wasting my time on reading the first half of this novel. <<less
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