When I Woke up This Morning, It Seemed That I, Who Was Once a Brother, Had Ceased Being a Boy. Instead, I Had Become a Sister, Transformed Into a Girl


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Retiring from being a boy and entering the chaotic world of girls!

One morning, Azusa Takenaka, a second-year high school student, suddenly turned into a girl. Without understanding why, Azusa went to school and quickly became popular among both boys and girls. Before she knew it, she had inadvertently created a Yuri harem. Amidst all this, her step-sister, Kaname Takenaka, with her intense brother complex, schemes and sneaks about at night, aiming to make Azusa hers.

Thus begins the tumultuous life of Azusa as a girl.

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When I Woke Up, I, Once a Brother, Had Stopped Being a Boy and Became a Sister, a Girl.
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