When I Thought I Was Reborn, My Family Turned Out to Be a Huge Landmine


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I finally understood the sense of déjà vu I had felt upon seeing my family’s faces.

A brother who was fond of women, and a sister who took pleasure in the misfortunes of men… These people were characters from a game.

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New Zenftiy rated it
March 27, 2024
Status: --

Like other comments said, from start, this novel give you feeling "another cliche" but after you read more chapter... BOOM! Some twist added!

Although I've already get some idea how this story will going on and (incidentally) read some spoilers in comment, im not really feels down about novel because how good author to execute the story flow.


Sometimes, its make me excited. Sometimes, its make me sad. Sometimes, its make me really depressed. But in the end—


Anway, you really should read this hidden gem. Totally recommended.
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GodlyGodMcGodGod rated it
December 27, 2023
Status: c14
This series started out pretty decent, nothing particularly special, but not something that requires significant willpower to get through, with just a couple of things standing out as unusual for the genre. As it progresses, more information comes to light, with all sorts of foreshadowing and clever story-telling that really sets this one ahead of others. The background of the story that gets slowly revealed is super dark, but it's just a background setting, and the way things are developing, I think it's very likely that, excluding the brief glimpses... more>> of that dark, hopeless background, the tone of the series will continue to be mostly bright and sweet.

In regards to the dark background, at the point I've read up to, there are hints and foreshadowing pretty much right from the start, but since I'm personally not very perceptive, while I noticed the hints, they only formed a complete picture in chapter 9. The reason I think the future developments will probably be a lot brighter is kinda spoilery, so:

Basically, the dark sh*t is related to future events that result in MC's death, and while there was a hidden route in the game this world takes place in that seems to explain that, MC didn't know about that hidden route. Except, he, the heroine, and maybe his sister seem to be having somewhat prophetic dreams about his death, and the heroine seems especially affected by them, so I expect that those dreams will ultimately be the thing that saves him and leads to a happy ending


As for the plot, MC gets reincarnated as a no-name mob in an adult game, but the main heroine seems to treat him a bit nicer than others so maybe she likes him? So far, so standard. The only thing that sets it apart from other similar novels at this point is that MC's older brother and sister happen to be the antagonists of that adult game that, in the setting of the game, drive the player character into despair, so MC has to navigate his love for them as a family (they're extremely loving towards MC to the point of going overboard, and he loves them back the normal sibling amount) and his wariness towards them as people who potentially might do something bad. That by itself is an interesting dynamic that could carry the series by its own merit, except, then the background setting starts to get exposed, and things get a lot more interesting. Anything more than this would be getting into spoiler territory, so you're just gonna have to read it yourself. <<less
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Kermit Pretender
Kermit Pretender rated it
December 23, 2023
Status: c27
Personally, I quite like it. Starts very generic with the 'oh no, I died and now I am in this game' but later is shown an interesting spin on it. Is very short so it never overstays its welcome and with a good ending.
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