Welcome, to the Bad End Route ~Looks Like It’s Heading Towards a Bad End, so I’ll Take the Harem End Route Instead~


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“Sorry, I’m going out with my friends today.”

This was what Tendou Susumu, the popular protagonist, told the girls.

That voice woke up something in me, Jimichi Ikuto, someone who was simply leading an ordinary life, and spurned me to action.

I got my hair done and dyed it a bit, switched from glasses to contacts, then finally made the most out of my parent’s connections.

I, who had changed a lot in both appearance and personality, had gathered people around me. However, I wasn’t interested in them at all.

What caught my attention more were the four female students that surrounded Susumu Tendou. Although apparently, all of them took a liking to Tendou.

But you, why the hell are you like that? If you just kept your mouth shut and had let the things stay as it was, it would be a normal, happy ending.

Ah, you were the one at fault, weren’t you? Those girls came to me because you kept on making choices like that.

This was the first time I had come this far…hmm? What was I talking about? I didn’t even know anymore.

But for some reason, I just felt compelled to say it. “Welcome, to the Bad End Route.”

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Yōkoso , baddoendorūto e ~konkai wa baddo endo masshigurana yōnanode , kawari ni ore ga harem endo rūto desu~
ようこそ、バッドエンドルートへ ~今回はバッドエンドまっしぐらなようなので、代わりに俺がハーレムエンドルートです~
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