Welcome, to the Bad End Route ~Looks Like It’s Heading Towards a Bad End, so I’ll Take the Harem End Route Instead~


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“Sorry, I’m going out with my friends today.”

This was what Tendou Susumu, the popular protagonist, told the girls.

That voice woke up something in me, Jimichi Ikuto, someone who was simply leading an ordinary life, and spurned me to action.

I got my hair done and dyed it a bit, switched from glasses to contacts, then finally made the most out of my parent’s connections.

I, who had changed a lot in both appearance and personality, had gathered people around me. However, I wasn’t interested in them at all.

What caught my attention more were the four female students that surrounded Susumu Tendou. Although apparently, all of them took a liking to Tendou.

But you, why the hell are you like that? If you just kept your mouth shut and had let the things stay as it was, it would be a normal, happy ending.

Ah, you were the one at fault, weren’t you? Those girls came to me because you kept on making choices like that.

This was the first time I had come this far…hmm? What was I talking about? I didn’t even know anymore.

But for some reason, I just felt compelled to say this. “Welcome, to the Bad End Route.”

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Yōkoso, baddoendorūto e ~konkai wa baddo endo masshigurana yōnanode, kawari ni ore ga harem endo rūto desu~
ようこそ、バッドエンドルートへ ~今回はバッドエンドまっしぐらなようなので、代わりに俺がハーレムエンドルートです~
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Borer rated it
October 17, 2022
Status: Epilogue
This is unexpectedly quite good. Underrated imo.

This is as if we are in a gal game, the original MC keep making bad choices and our protagonist as if influenced by something end up by helping heroines. It does have a creepy feeling at first but I don't feel it anymore halfway through the novel.

The development for the first two heroines are a bit lacking imo but the two others are rather good! There have also another female lead but she was in love with our protagonist from start, unrelated to... more>> the original MC.



Before his image change, the protagonist doesn't stand out and was rather gloomy. After his image change he became handsome. He is smart and next CEO of a famous pharmaceutical company. His father died in an accident, his mother is the current CEO. His dream is to follow his father's step and develop a panacea to cure all illness. He also wondered what would have happened if his father was sick instead of dying in a accident.




Actually those heroines aren't really in love with the original MC and of course they aren't dating. This is as if the original MC crushed all the event flags before it was raised. Only thing that bothers me is how open those heroines (and classmates excluding the original mc) are with protagonist's harem.

The first heroine, original mc's soccer club manager : Actually this is a misunderstanding, she was interested into another player.

The second heroine, student council president : She was interested into original MC but it wasn't love.

The third heroine, original mc's classmate from middle school : She doesn't know love so she tried to fall in love with her deskmate because her father mentioned that a maiden in love is more beautiful. She wants to appear beautiful, cute, pretty before her sick father. Her arc hit me the most since it was somehow linked to the protagonist's dream and rather moving. Her father is sick, incurable illness. However the protagonist's late father research will help her.

The fourth heroine, original mc's childhood friend : Because her father's business failed, her parents doesn't get along well, she was somehow become a thorn in their family. Original mc's mom decided to lend them money, in exchange their daughter will come to original mc's house. The female lead thought she was sold by her parents but actually it was all a misunderstanding. Original mc's mom hoped that their house can become a place where she can return to.
Original MC didn't know anything and thought she came here everyday at her own will.


Ending Epilogue, End of Main Story


The original MC keep choosing bad choices until the end, at least he have a good buddy... All heroines admit they love our protagonist. Likewise, our protagonist asked them all to become his girlfriends and they accepted.

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Saint Life
Saint Life
November 18, 2022
Status: Completed
If y'all want to read without spoilers, skip the prologue. I am not a fan when prologues spoil the ending or reveal a major part of the ending. It kinda ruins the story for me a bit and makes it predictable. I know the title and summary already gives away much of the story, but I am someone who likes to go in blind. That is just my personal opinion, so overall it's a good read to pass the time.

Some thoughts,

... more>>

I'm kinda not a fan of how controlled the MC actions were as it made him feel artificial. I know that's part of the story of it being a dating sim or him being a npc becoming self aware, but it felt like the MC had no will. It also didn't feel satisfying with how it ended with the MC stealing the girls. Perhaps because the story is too short with not enough character buildup, but I actually felt sorry for Tendou. The MC didn't come off likable to me and Tendou wasn't a bad of enough person so when he lost the girls to the MC, I actually felt sorry for the dude.

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Tree rated it
November 19, 2022
Status: Completed
A unique take from the genre. The artificial and forced choice progression play a big role to whether or not you'll enjoy it. Everything gets explained in the very end of the novel and you'll slowly see POVs from both of the boys' side as you progress.

My main gripe I have with the story is the balance of scenes for the girls. This can be somewhat justified when we take in their value of affection/dependency to the original protagonist of the game world. Guess I enjoyed the stories enough that... more>> I craved more..


It's honestly eerie how the harem feels so much worse and artificial than the more natural end for our MC when he ends up with Akane in the final extras. It's amusing how there's so many bigger than life characters in our MC's family. Wonder if that was intentionally made from the in universe devs to justify things.

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Lorus01 rated it
September 27, 2022
Status: v2
This is not your usual reincarnated into galgame thing. It's really different and unique. Novel MC doesn't seem to be a reincarnated person. I actually wanted to put horror tag for this novel. Both the story and written style areso creepy that it's actually good. The game MC (supposed) make choices and depending on the choices, the novel MC seemed to be controlled by something to do things which coincidencely make him closer to the heroines.

The moments where novel MC suddenly turns indifferent, almost inorganic and warn to game MC about his choices is really creepy. But I guess it's the selling point.

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Boogle rated it
September 25, 2022
Status: c9
This has a really interesting premise. It (just guessing) seems like this is a gal game with a main character who is making the choice that will lead to the Bad End for him, the novel's MC seems to be the influenced by these choices and interacts with the potential heroines in an actually reasonable way so far.

The novel's MC is pro-active in better himself so far and has an interesting background story so far and also a goal different than just chasing the heroines for his life.

Trying to follow his father's footsteps in researching and maybe curing cancer.

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LittleBigSnowFlower rated it
November 17, 2022
Status: Completed

... more>>

The story seems so fast that it seems artificial for some. It does well however to portray how it os easy to cuck anyone if the rule is dictated by galges and shits... You could understand that them accepting the harem is uncalled for since the first two agreed for some reason.

My only qualm is that there's not much character on the heroines and were not balanced between the first two and the final two in terms of story... I could see that since the last two are very much rooted to the Protagonist before MC stole them.

Still angry though that Akane didn't have the green light as his wife though and the what if of Protagonist having a harem is uncalled, albeit funny.

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October 2, 2022
Status: --
It's maybe me being paranoid, but I think that this story is describing a game (based on what the main said, it sound like he's just a mob in a game) more than describing a situation, which is a bit hard to get used to this plot (me neither XD). However, the story is not ended yet, we'll figure it out what the plot actually is
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lollion21 rated it
October 21, 2023
Status: Completed
Pretty good overall there is some inconsistency, but that is probably because author needs to fit everything in a certain amount of chapters. So some characters don’t have as much developed like the senpai and kouhai. I would have preferred some more fluff but that is the consequences of harem I guess. Akane best waifu
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Mahesvara_ rated it
April 27, 2023
Status: Completed
Surprisingly, this one is actually quite good. It's not just a some badly executed wish-fulfilment story. It's actually well written and author had the story planned out.

The girls have their own quirks and personality, some even have backstory, I was hoping for Prez and Shigure to have their own backstory too tho. In terms of their appearance, in my imagination they look similar to:
Reika — 'Yu Yeorum'
Prez — 'Saeko Busujima'
Shigure — 'Iroha Isshiki' or 'Koga Tomoe'
Hanae — 'Yu Kaeul' + 'Orihime Inoue'

Anyways. It was an interesting read and I was satisfied with the ending.

Story: 4/5
Concept: 4/5
Style: 4/5
Characters: 4/5
Overall: i'll just give it 5/5 because I was satisfied.
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Twistedfire425 rated it
November 17, 2022
Status: Completed
It’s actually so good, the only parts of the novel I didn’t like is that it never explicitly declared Akane to be in the harem and that there was a chapter with Tendou POV with all the girls in his harem in V4. Id recommended you to read it
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TeddyWestside rated it
November 10, 2022
Status: v4 extra
This is nice twist on a common troupe. We have our MC who has his high school debut which attracts the attention of all the heroines. Problem is MC is not the protagonist of the story but the one who steals the heroines. Instead of having bad intentions, he proceeds to follow up on the mistakes of the "nice guy" protagonist and ends up getting the harem.

The things I disliked or feel apathetic to is the fact that MC is rich, smart, and good looking. Even though one of his... more>> flaws is that he isn't very athletic, MC still seems perfect from my eyes. Even his classmates have the same view as me. If MC didn't have these qualities, 2 out of the 4 (you can say 5 but the other one is not part of the heroines from the beginning) heroines wouldn't probably fallen for him. Another thing I wish for is that the heroines were fleshed out more. The heroines feel like pokemon who we're just waiting to be caught by the MC.

Overall, I give it 4 stars since I really enjoyed the dichotomy of the "nice guy" and "good guy" in this story. Edit: The ending was decent. If you want to know how it ends read it or

Imagine the matrix 3

. Best girl will always be Akane even though she didn't have an arc of her own <<less
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Quase Gente
Quase Gente rated it
January 20, 2024
Status: Completed
It was surprisingly a really interesting and well written (for the most part) take on the whole mob-character premise.

A truly refreshing read. I really recommend it.
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Izanaginookami rated it
September 3, 2023
Status: v4 extra
I was quite confused on the meta level/narration level of the happenings until last chapter that is really just a proper explanation or clarification from the author about the story. I mean, I obviously had my own hypothesises, but having it laid out is nice.

... more>>

It's pretty much an alternative route of a galgame it seems, the bad route for the normal MC which is actually a True Harem End route for another hidden character and we see it all from the latter viewpoint.

I have mixed feelings about that, as this mean the characters are programmed to do this and that and both Jimichi and Tendou were made to act and do things based on outsiders' input, just because if I'm not wrong a developer wanted a NTR harem ending...? Uh. I mean, there was already a harem route, so he definitely wanted a NTR one right?

I also am not a fan of this 'worldview' as in the end it means the heroine can be saved by either MC depending on the 'player's choices, it almost makes me feel that everything Jimichi did is irrelevant as Tendou could have really been in his shoes. Or rather, I can't quite explain it well, but it makes me feel as if all of it is really 'artificial', especially the heroine's 'fates' which makes me feel really uncomfortable.

I guess I should applaud author for making me feel so conflicted over the setting. I believe I just am not good with messing with 'free will'. And this absolutely feel they're all 'programmed' to behave in certain ways or, heck, the world itself, as in 'fate', is 'programmed' to change according to these choices.


Surely an interesting premise, though it made me feel uncomfortable in hindsight. I did feel that Jimichi and Tendou's actions were eerily artificial, as well as that Tendou's ending felt a tad too bad, though thinking about it again, it's not totally underserved considering his actions... that are the consequences of his 'choices', and I guess that's what I actually can't quite stomach easily.

Either way, I enjoyed it, a short enjoyable read though I would have been fine without the flash forward in the prologue. I quite liked each heroine's arc, I discovered in the end they were divided into sub heroines and main heroines, which in hindsight is reasonable as the two main ones backstory was indeed far more developed. <<less
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Coldfanai rated it
August 24, 2023
Status: Completed
Its a refreshing new novel I would say,

The whole plot is a story of a otome game played at a different route by another MC or a mob.

its not like a reincarnation or transmigration but the life of a real game character perspective. It may get confusing at times but the whole novel and settings will be revealed as the plot goes on. After completing the novel you can finally appreciate the uniqueness of this novel.
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Starlight8008 rated it
June 16, 2023
Status: --
The kind of story I dislike. It is well written but the plot is forced/stired and plot armor on 'new' MC is strong. The Tendou character is improbable and I see ppl rejoice in the protagonist action (he is a scumbag tho just say he want to help the girls and cure cancer and poof we have a noble and chivalrous hero). But it is Japanese so it isn't suprising
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hyahhaa rated it
June 5, 2023
Status: Completed
This is quite a short novel. Don't misunderstand tho, nothing can beat this novel in terms of its harem parts.

Maybe someone out there hates harem, but as long as you don't dislike harem, you'll fall in love with this. For you who hates harem, the story is worth the read even if it's just for one of the special side-story, which tells you about MC's pure love story route.

I've got nothing to complain about the girls, they don't feel flat and each has their own story. The story is short,... more>> so the author doesn't have to add filler to this. The author made us root after each of the heroines, moreso for the hidden one.

The TL does a very good job. Small mistakes here and there but doesn't really affect the overall quality.

I would've actually give this 10/5 stars, sadly NU only limited the score for 5 stars max.


One more thing, this novel is unique in that although this novel take places in a game-like world, MC is not someone along the likes of a reincarnator or something. Rather, the author give us the perspective of a game character in a dating game, as the character feels like they're getting controlled by something or someone. This is such a freshly made ideas, nothing like the mainstream isekai story nowadays.

Hmmm what to do, I can't think of something bad about this novel. If I had to point something out, it's about the mistery of the controller of the MC, or rather the entire world feels like being controlled by something. Until the end, only hints about it is being told, nothing concrete about it. But the Author (in the Author's note) expressly mentioned about it, they said it's connected to Author's other works. It doesn't really affect the story, or rather, the harem tho. <<less
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Indivian rated it
May 14, 2023
Status: Completed
Honestly, I don't know why this isn't higher rated. Within the scope of this story, the characters are vibrant, the MC is a proper character that inspires others to be more like him, and when reading it I found plenty of parallels where people make choices like Tendou did where it seems obvious from the story's perspective, but that self-focused people make every day. It was also excellently translated, making it a fluid read with only some minor grammar mistakes here and there. All around, one of the very best... more>> I've read in the harem genre. <<less
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Kilo181 rated it
February 4, 2023
Status: v4 extra
This was surprisingly well executed story. The gimmick is that game MC will make the wrong choices in a dating-sim game which lets our novel MC gets the girls. Another thing that sets this apart from other stories in the genre is that the novel MC is not a transmigrator that knows the story but an NPC that's "controlled" by the game which gives the story a creepy/unsettling vibe.

The criticisms I had was that the first 2 girls get little to no screen time/development after their arcs end. I also... more>> wish there was more time spent showing the interactions with the novel MC and FMCs both during the story and showing more during the epilogue/after story.

Overall a pretty quick read and kudo's to the translation team/editors for making it easily readable with none of the usual TL notes in the middle of the text. The text itself is also nicely edited to read with none of the [dialogue brackets] and they use proper quotation marks.

A solid 4.5/5 with only minor complaints. <<less
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promet rated it
January 29, 2023
Status: Completed
Actual rank more like 2.5/5, but I was generous and rounded it up.

My general impression is that this is a kind of practice story—a relatively short, simple harem story (romcom? Not quite, but close) that someone could write as their first story and a sort of warmup before writing a more advanced, complicated, better story. Accordingly, it's pretty meh.

However, I do appreciate the idea regarding the setting. It's slightly similar to a metanovel. It was pretty innovative. I won't say more lest I spoil it.

Because it was relatively short, I... more>> won't go into much detail, but I'll still say a few more words about various aspects.

The setting is pretty simple, but it's okay for a harem rom (com).

The plot is also pretty simple and overall okay, but leaves a lot to be desired. There was a lot of events that the author could've written about, but he just skipped them. In some cases, he even outright ignored the [show, don't tell] rule in the worst way possible, saying in one short sentence that something happened. This is where I deducted a lot of score.

Characters are okay. Some more interactions were possible, and in the main plotline, not side stories (where a large part of them transpired), so it feels like they weren't fleshed out anywhere nearly as much as they could've been, but they weren't bad per se. However, just like other reviewers pointed out, the first two love interests (the soccer club manager in particular) were given much less love from the author (they were given considerably less time and effort). The negative characters were also done suitably well.

I have no real problem with the translation. There were some English mistakes (mostly grammar and less obvious punctuation mistakes iirc), but they didn't really get in the way of my reading.

Overall, it's a novel you can read if you're bored and have nothing to read, but nothing special enough to go out of your way to read. <<less
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121kenx rated it
November 14, 2022
Status: v4 ss 2
This whole story is a what if scenario the author wanted to write. In this case, as you may infer from the title and synopsis, what if a harem protagonist of a dating sim visual novel were to choose all of the wrong choices in the view of a seemingly innocuous character.

It is pretty entertaining reading how the the vn protagonist, Tendou, gradually lose his protagonist status as he makes more of the wrong choices, and how our protagonist, Ikuto, seemed to become more of a chad as those choices... more>> are made.

The mystery throughout the story is pretty obvious, but it seemed that the author wanted to present the story as if it was happening in the real world.

The Bad End novel is in the end, not a bad novel. However, there isn't much that truly made it go beyond not bad territory for me. The idea is unique and the execution is okay with the entire story becoming very predictable very quickly. <<less
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