When I Made The Cheeky Childhood Friend Who Provoked Me With “You Can’t Even Kiss, Right?” Know Her Place, She Became More Cutesy Than I Expected


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“Why don’t we kiss… as a test?”

Second year high school student, Kazami Ibuki, has a cheeky childhood friend

The rumored most beautiful girl in the school with blonde hair and sapphire eyes, the childhood friend named Kamishiro Airi.

Airi claims she habors no romantic feelings whatsoever and would tease him at every opportunity.

“…I suggested we try kissing. If you don’t think of me as a woman… it shouldn’t phase you, right?”

Airi pointed at her lips, provoking.

Ibuki decided that today for sure he’ll make her know her place.

“Well?, were you just acting tough?”

“N-No, of course that’s not it!”

Unable to pull away, the two vigorously kissed.

From that day onward, Airi started becoming more cutesy than expected…?

An impassioned sweet love comedy that started with a kiss with a cheeky beautiful girl!

Who for some reason can’t be honest with themselves even though their feelings are definitely mutual.

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“You Can’t Kiss Me Can You?” When I Accepted My Childhood Friends Challenge, She Unexpectedly Softened and Is Acting Like a Love-Struck Girl
「Kisu Nante Dekinai Desho?」to Chouhatsu Suru Namaikina Osananajimi wo Wakarasete Yattara, Yosou Ijou ni Dereta
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Leftail rated it
May 14, 2024
Status: v2c1



Truth be told, I kinda liked the relationship at first, but then at. The end of the first volume it kinda has a big change that came out of nowhere, it kinda helped it but at the same time it came form a left field, without any guidance.

Truth be told, I could only find a drive with the vol 1 online and not here, and well, it was a good novel to pass the time, interesting premise, bad execution. ITS best quality are the images, the style its quitie good
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WiseMansBlood rated it
January 27, 2024
Status: v1c3-1
Now Idk which chapter I was on since this thing can only be downloaded as a book, But I was page 72 of 222. Now anyway to my Review:

the Concept of this story was Interesting and it did start with some nice events, which were really good and stuff. But sadsly smth about the Book made it feel wrong reading it, I couldn't really get what it was till page 72. The problem this book has is that the Conversations and Misunderstandings are written in a Way that doesn't really... more>> make any sense. Or at least it doesn't make sense for the characters to say certain things with out knowing the context of the Misunderstanding. Like the conversation they have and how they say the things they do does not feel real, since the characters say things they wouldn't naturally say if they actually misunderstood the problem.

Anyway this makes it weird to read since it doesn't feels like we read two characters having a conversation, but more like we read one person roleplaying a conversation with himself, as these two characters.

idk If I was able to properly explain my problem but yeah. <<less
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