What to Do if I Am Noticed by the Straight Guy Next Door?


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Su Bin, an exchange student, moved into a shared apartment recommended by a rental agency. Among his roommates, there is a caring and considerate older teaching assistant, a self-proclaimed social prince who is also a rich second-generation, and a handsome mixed-blood aristocrat (?) who appears to be aloof and cold. As his student life gets underway, Su Bin realizes that one of his perfect roommates, who was like a protagonist in a novel to his (former) girlfriend, is gradually revealing an aspect that he cannot resist. The problem is, Su Bin also feels constantly trapped and helpless. Meanwhile, he is also trying to earn money to surprise his girlfriend back in China, but his plans are thwarted halfway through… What? Roommates must be heterosexual? ( ̄_ ̄|||) Dizzy… Do I really look like I’m gay!? (╰_╯)

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New tarururo rated it
February 23, 2024
Status: --
I meant to rate this lower because of how much I disliked the ML and the ex-GF and eventually! Even the mc's bestfriend.

1. The ML is extremely controlling to the point where he spanked MC for being late? What is su bin? An elementary school kid? He is manipulative, constantly triggering the mc's abandoment issues so that the MC becomes dependent on him.

SPOILERS: kind of but not really..?

2. The author says "don't blame the GF" but then later on it's revealed that after the MC left for china, his bff... more>> and his gf had something going. Yes, the MC kind of caused the peer pressure around the gf to intensify by confessing publically, but they could've literally talked this out. The gf's highschool seatmate say the gf felt bad for leading MC on and she didn't want to hurt him/ruin his mood, but it didn't occur to her that by doing this he's going to be hurt even more? It's better to nip it in the bud rather than letting it grow. Such a very dumb move for someone praised to be smart in the novel.

second, the bff. Even if you want MC to be happy, knowing that their relationship started with a misunderstanding, and you didn't want to ruin it so u keep it to yourself is fine and all, but after years of them being in a relationship, you still haven't gotten over her? After MC and gf broke up, you swooped in the chance to get the girl despite knowing how heartbroken the MC would be due to how immature he is. What kind of friend are you?

the MC is fine, he does grow more in the novel, and that's a very good thing. Unfortunately, he's been surrounded by really sh*tty people. <<less
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matcha_cherry rated it
June 2, 2023
Status: c194
I have finished this novel and this is one of the best ones I have ever read. Although some may feel the ML is controlling, it reassures the MC who has abandonment issues. There is a bit of angst towards the end but there is a happy ending and all the problems the MCs have are resolved. However, this book is not for the faint of heart, because the ML can be seen as toxic. Yet for those who like yanderes this book is one of the best you will... more>> ever read. <<less
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Ireadbl rated it
May 29, 2023
Status: c63
Warning: MC loses self-autonomy, Controlling AND TOXIC ML not wholesome at all

I did not sign up for this. I admit I skipped to see if ML gets better but he does not.

ML makes MC adhere to an oath of unquestionable trust towards ML, where MC pretty much can't talk things out with ML and ML gets to decide every action. MC questions ML and gets slapped with ML threatening MC that he will sleep alone and MC panics because fear of abandonment.


What I liked about the novel:

The slice of life of a Chinese student going to Britain to study. I thought it was interesting to learn about what a normal foreign student would have to go through such as illegal jobs.

What I didn't like about the novel:

The romance. ML is very controlling and manipulative. He starts to control MC's life and said, "From the day you moved in, you will be under my control." Made me sick to my stomach.


This was said 20 or so chapters ago and I stuck around just to see why the GF of MC left cuz author note was like don't blame the GF she has her reasons. Which she did because MC kept publicly confessing and the people around GF was peer pressuring to accept, so both of them weren't mature enough to just talk things out. Like just tell MC, I don't think you're very grounded, let's just stay friends. You think oh fair, it's life, they both need to grow, but author gives hints that maybe one of MC's friends is in a relationship with the ex-GF. Author does a 180 on what they said at the beginning, don't blame the GF.


Then much afterwards MC is fine with being controlled? Even though at that moment he was very much not.


MC feels cared for especially after being dumped by his girlfriend. He has severe abandonment issues. ML does this repeat process of making MC feel very vulnerable or anxious and then turning around and making MC feel nice. Very manipulative.


My red flag of fangirl side characters came up and I should've dropped but I forgave it just cuz MC was knowingly aware and disgusted over it. New red flag is going to be the anime styled cringe rich guy, but I thought the author was just going for comedy.
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July 3, 2023
Status: c21
aw this cute n interesting to read.

MC is so in love with his gf. he's so clingy fr n I think he have that syndrom I forgot what its called but I think its separation anxiety? since he always following her anywhere n love to stick w her. they r cute although I knew they would break up cus its bl lmao.

MC is good at cooking n so funny lmao, hes like a silly kid 😭 if I was the ML I would fall for him too hahah

i really like... more>> the ML description tho? I cant imagine how gorgeus he is like? BLACK HAIR N GREEN EYES? CAN U IMAGINE THAT?? ><

ML is so controlling although so far he said it directly if hes feel uncomfy with polite + gentle demeanor but still, he's so demanding dbsjjsjs n rich asf to the point im wondering why he want to share room with ppl than bought a mansion for himself...

i can see how dark his love to MC will began... but its still not started so far tho 🤷🏻‍♀️

ML really like an old man dhjahs and I think he had that vintage n old money vibes, (THATS WHY I REALLY LOVE IT WHEN THEY STARTED TO DESCRIBE THE ML AAAA)

go read it ><, tysm for the translation ♡♡♡, im waiting heheh

anyway can someone tell me where to read it mtl pls cus I cant waitt 😭 <<less
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