What Are the Two A’s Doing While the O Is Running Away Carrying the Ball?


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When AO was going down on the double revenge imprisonment, chasing the wife who ran away with the ball crematorium, the two A’s decided to hit on each other.

Rogue Little Boss A Gong x Intellectual Degenerate A Shou, rivals become lovers, no moral principle at all, no killing each other, looks like there’s not many falling in love either, courting… uh… I feel like I don’t write much, what else can I do, just make do with it.

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Aug 22, 2023
Status: Completed

Title is a bit misleading, I thought the MC/ML imp**gnated an omega but they ended up with an Alpha

The real story is MC and ML are love rivals but the omega got together with another alpha (where they have the usual white moonlight, running away with the ball story)

The story doesn’t really get much focus, it’s more of the ML and MC doing pa pa pa

Anyhooo it’s a quick read with lots of pa pa pa

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Oct 28, 2023
Status: --
It was way better than I expected. Actually, the synopsis describes the plot perfectly. From my perspective, this is a love story about two alphas. From the perspective of the protagonists, this is a simple relationship between two people who decided to be s*x friends for a lifetime while being exclusive and living together—definitely not love. The start of their relationship was an accident, I would say, but it ended very well.

One protagonist is a young master (a little bit spoiled and arrogant), and the other is a self-made entrepreneur... more>> (a little bit rough and wild) who started from the streets and ended up with decent company. Because their personalities and backgrounds are so different, their relationship was entertaining and, on some level, even sweet. There was a side couple, too. Their story was a typical wife-chasing story with an abusive alpha and a silly omega. Actually, while reading, I had a subtle feeling that the author was making fun of such stories.

In general, this is a surprisingly well-written story with a comedic undertone and a good plot. It's really short but isn't lacking in anything; it even has cute little extras <<less
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Oct 13, 2023
Status: --
This story features two love rivals who accidentally realize that they're sexually compatible and end up becoming FWB.

They remain FWB till the end of the novel, FWB who live under the same roof, FWB who have promised to stay together for the rest of their life and also adopt a child together. Yeah, definitely not in a relationship just FWB 🌝🌝.

The side couple have their own dog blood love story (substitute lover, run away with ball and crematorium). And as the typical couple from that genre, they mostly ignore their... more>> child. So our ML is the one who takes care of their child


our ML was a orphan and thus had raised his brothers all alone making him the perfect mama bear 🥰

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Sep 05, 2023
Status: --
Lemme just up the ratings..

Just a very quick read~

MC and ML are like your side characters in a usual dog blood novel lmao. We just watch the AO drama on the side. A whole possible AO novel and development in just few sentences and chapters 🤭 ... more>>

I like how the gong was right and confused like why aren't they callin the police lololol and tired of being dragged with the AOs drama

Our main couple are rough AA. Shou is a tsundere and gong is somewhat shameless. Rivals to casual flings to.. There's no scenes that they're officially together together, but you can just feel them. UwU explicit papapa and quick development. No buns, but they talk about adoption and taking care of kids. Extra 1 was about a toy, Extra 2 was amnesia. <<less
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