Weaving a Bridge of Silk with the Monarch’s Kin


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Li Yunzhu is a well-known beauty within the elite circle, but she is also known for her arrogance and promiscuity, unable to tolerate even the smallest slight.

Cao Shao, a young Imperial Uncle, once dreamed of marrying her, but sadly his elders had a change of heart.

“Yunzhu, I have failed you with my incompetence,” Cao Shao confessed.

“Oh,” was all Li Yunzhu could muster. She didn’t have much affection for Cao Shao, but she couldn’t let it go.

It was at this time that Cao Xun, the Great Imperial Uncle, returned to Beijing. In his youth, he had once proclaimed, “A man can’t marry without securing a solid foundation.”

Now at thirty years old, Great Imperial Uncle Cao Xun had achieved great success and stood tall and mighty.

Li Yunzhu reluctantly agreed, “Fine, I’ll marry him.”

The female protagonist is indulged, while the male protagonist is scheming. Neither of them are flawless character.

There is a twelve-year age difference between them.

Associated Names
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Jià Guó Jiù
Marriage to the Royal Prince's Uncle
Marrying the Uncle of the Country
Weaving a Bridge of Silk with the Monarch's Kin
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Rhiech rated it
February 13, 2024
Status: --
This girl? Hands down my all-time fave, even with the future being a total unknown. She's got her head screwed on straight, and yeah, maybe she throws on a bit of vanity.

But who wouldn't with her kind of power and looks?

The cool thing is, she doesn't get stuck admiring herself in the mirror for long. A little primping, a moment of "damn, I look good, " and then boom, she's back to reality. Loves herself, loves her family, doesn't get hung up on others, and sees things for what they... more>> are. No sugarcoating.

She's real about life, about choices, all that jazz. No sulking after setbacks. When things didn't work out with Ca Shao, she bounced back, made a plan, and went after what she wanted – the best, and maybe a little payback with marrying Cao Xun.

But even when she's fierce, she's got a heart. When her family needed her, she swallowed her pride for them, even if it meant swallowing some bitterness. But don't think she's a pushover. This girl's got fire.

"We fight together, " she says, "even if the world goes upside down."

Basically, I'm all for characters like this, flaws and all, the kind the world might not always understand. I'd rather root for a "bad girl" chasing her dreams than a "good girl" who gets played without even knowing it.

This heroine, with her mix of smarts, heart, and self-awareness, is seriously inspiring. Not just for fictional characters, but for anyone wanting to own their story. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Eeria rated it
March 17, 2024
Status: Completed
It’s a cute story. No major fluff but no bad villains neither. ML is more like a doting elder brother and FL is a spoiled lady but not annoyingly so. They lacked a Bit chemistry but the plot kept moving.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 17, 2024
Status: c20
So far, so good. Within 20 chapters, It already has a nice balance of romance, wit, humor, charm, and seriousness. What I really like and appreciate is that the ML actually acts his age and deals with issues/family members consistent with his age and experience. Some translated parts don’t make sense because it was copied and pasted from google translation. 😔
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