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Xiao Nanfeng has a deeply held secret: he retains memories of his past life on Earth. Trained as a scholar and wise beyond his years, he leverages his understanding to free himself from captivity and embarks on the path of cultivation. His goal is to find his missing parents, ten years lost. Loyal allies will accompany him, and fierce enemies will deter him—but talented cultivator though he might be, Xiao Nanfeng’s greatest strength has always been his mind.

Original Blurb:
Beneath the vast firmament, the brilliance of an era is but a fleeting moment, a flash of fireworks that vanishes in the blink of an eye. Look down upon the land, through countless ages, and witness the rise and fall of civilizations. Immortal sects, vast empires, sanctuary and holy ground—all are but specks of dust against the backdrop of the heavens; the glory of millennia, reduced to ashes. Yet from the depths of ruin, new sparks emerge. You and I, we strive to become towering trees that would pierce through the heavens. What lies beyond the celestial dome?

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