Wandering in Another World with infinity status


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Tomoya Yumesaki is summoned together with four of his classmates to the Flare Road Kingdom in another world, where they are asked to defeat the Demon King.
Tomoya’s status, from his level to everything else, is ∞, but there is no concept of ∞ in the other world, and it is mistaken for 00.
Tomoya was banished from the royal capital for being inferior to ordinary humans.
He decides to live freely in another world with the strongest strength in his possession, ∞ status

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ステータス・オール∞の異世界放浪記 ~ステータスの『∞』を『00』と見間違えられた結果、無能はいらないと言われ追放されました。本当は最強の力をもらったので、自由気ままに異世界を楽しみます!~
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