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Er Er is not a very competent little fairy ; she can’t fight monsters, and can’t meditate either. She would need at least eight hundred years of cultivation. A journey to the celestial heaven helped her get a clean-up but her celestial gift is foreseeing. She knew that the man facing her would someday destroy the earth and skies and slaughter all living beings. Before he turns into a demon, she must firmly tie their lives together ! Li Ye is a very powerful god, the best when it comes to fight monsters, the best when it comes to meditate, and the best when it comes to fight immortals. His 80,000-year cultivation makes him get closer from immortality, to the point he was about to obtain it for good. But he met a strange little fairy. He felt that the little fairy facing him was too much in love with him, losing herself, and not knowing any restraint. How to get her to give up her wishful thinking? To wait in the sky and not hurry.

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Bu Guo Er Er
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ani ianna
ani ianna rated it
August 13, 2023
Status: Completed
Hey friends its was a special read I was finding some blackened ML stories to read in xianxia version and ended up discovering it if you want to read some stories based on the following reasons you can read it -

  • The ML is very powerful and want to take revenge against the immortals and gods due to his own obvious reasons
  • The FL saw this before happening and want to stop this tragedy from happening because the ML is gonna destroy the balance of whole world which will lead to the ending of her, her clan, her friends and herself too.
  • Third reason can be where FL sacrificing herself for the world
  • ML falling in love with FL but is cold and pain in ass to everyone else
  • With a happy ending
Now about the... more>> story it was really decent good plot I enjoyed it without getting anxious and bored obviously it took me days to read it because it can't be read in one sit and for me basically FL is the one who is carrying the plot from her I feel all the emotions in the story. ML does love her but I never read a line where he clearly confessed to her like girl I like you or I love you maybe because his character is too overbearing, cold type he proves his care towards her by his actions instead of words....

But for me in the whole story FL really the ML too much whether by words or actions he does love her but I don't why author didn't give enough scenes and dialogues to express his emotions towards FL he obviously love her when she disappeared his fire ability ended up producing ice all over the places where he was leaving expressing his grieving over fl.......

But my problem with this novel is that the author forget to put some logic in the novel like the soul is destroyed like wtf man soul can't be destroyed but the body can 🤣🤣 <<less
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