Toshokan Sensou


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Vol 1 – Toshokan Sensou (図書館戦争) (Library War)

Vol 2 – Toshokan Nairan (図書館内乱) (Library Infighting)

Vol 3 – Toshokan Kiki (図書館危機) (Library Crisis)

Vol 4 – Toshokan Kakumei (図書館革命) (Library Revolution)

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Library War
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v.4 c.1 by Toshokan Sensou Novel Translation (09-21-2012)
v.3 c.4 by Toshokan Sensou Novel Translation (05-04-2012)
v.3 c.3 by Toshokan Sensou Novel Translation (07-27-2011)
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Shio rated it
November 17, 2015
Status: --
All of this time, I always think that toshokan sensou is shoujo/josei.... In my defense, it was adapted into shoujo manga.

Toshoka Sensou/ Library war was set in a Japan where all book containing 'prohibited' materials are censored and erased. In opposition to the Media Improvement Act, the library, with their legal ability to store 'forbidden book' stood up and often get into fight with MIA. Iku (MC), despite the opposition from her parents, decided to enter the library self defense force.

Despite feeling annoyed at Iku in several occasion,... more>> I think this one is a pretty solid novel, with interesting character and world. Try it out if you have the time. <<less
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