Timeless Love


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For the past year, Wu Yu had been experiencing the same vivid dream. As he stood alone before a cliff with strong winds, he heard someone call his name. Amid his confusion, he found her name.

“You will never regret it? Always being nice to me?”

“I’ll never regret it.”

“Okay, it’s settled then.”

We made a promise to each other, from this day forward till death. Regardless of how space-time changed, whether our memories would be erased, or how history would end up, our love would remain true. Time has engraved you into my heart, making it bleed.

Tan Jiao could still recall that ship’s appearance. She had always longed for this trip. Unexpectedly, it would change her destiny. Their lives were knitted together on that very ship. After that trip, they fell into the turbulent river of time. As if it were merely a dream, this world without time left them unharmed and their memories intact. If a person had loved so deeply, they would never forget any of it. Even if they lost their memories, their sense of time, their lives… Even if they lost everything.

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When Bright Moon Encounter the Dark Clouds
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Cerene rated it
May 28, 2021
Status: c54
It seems it will be another " slow burn, action packed romance" story. I'm totally up for it. Ding Mo is one of my favorite Chinese author. I have read every book of hers and watched the dramas. Looking forward to this story.
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czeihne rated it
May 9, 2021
Status: c40
I just started reading this one.

It's a romance-mystery thing.

They mey while on a cruise. They had good first impressions on each other, had a little misunderstanding since the ML was with his sister and was scolding his sister for getting failing grades and reading novels which happened to be seen by FL and apparently, she was the author of those novels... Past forward, here comes the mystery, they dont have memories of what happened while on the ship except for that day 1. On the ML POV, it has been... more>> a year and 2 months had passed when they met again, on FL POV, it has been few weeks.

They met again when FL went to a car wash or auto repair shop where the ML is now working as mechanic or something.

There are creepy black birds which they first saw during the cruise, then everytime they'll see it, there will be a crime of child abduction.

They've decided to catch the criminal to know what happened to them and the missing memories and about the birds.

Im only until the part where the ML got injured following the birds and found out about the hideout and FL took ML to her apartment <<less
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