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Mo Suqing woke up one morning to find a stranger on the bed beside her and decided to accept the handsome guy’s offer of marriage on the spot. What seemed to be a rash decision to get over with her ex turned out to be the love of her life. However, dark secrets began to come to light one by one as she learned more about the man. Will they be able to get through all the obstacles presented in their way? Meanwhile, the other characters were also writing their own love stories…

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AvariFey rated it
November 29, 2020
Status: c28
No offense to the translater who I I think does a great job, but I don't like the basis for their relationship or how this novel portrays relationships in general.

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He straight-up r*pes her in the bathroom within 5 seconds of meeting her because he was poisoned with an aphrodisiac. He just pulls her into a bathroom cubicle and covers her mouth, it's terrible. He justifies it at the time by saying that she couldn't have been that innocent because she was getting drunk at the bar, as if that somehow makes it better. Then he's disgusted with her smeared makeup and calls her ugly. He only feels bad afterwards and wants to "take responsibility" when he finds out she happens to be his first love. The man couldn't be more of a scumbag.

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