The Younger Brother Next Door is a School Grass


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The heavily indebted Zhou Sisi died tragically on a wine table while working.

Returning to the age of seventeen, Zhou Sisi, a teenage girl with delicate features and an attractive physique, knocked on the neighbor’s door. Behind the door lived a man named Lu Xi, who was willing to spend his money to pay off her debts.

Zhou Sisi would never forget the scene where Lu Xi rushed over and held her corpse in tears and kept others from approaching. Now Lu Xi was fifteen years old, with terrible achievements and stubborn cruelty.

Lu’s parents had a headache for their son, who didn’t like to study and work hard, so they casually asked the young girl who was good at both literature and art if she would be willing to help her son make up for the class. The little girl readily agreed without hesitation.

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