The Young Lady Always Lacked Ambition


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In her two lifetimes, Qin Liuxi’s ideal was always to live a carefree life, after all, there were always people content with being lazy and unambitious, and she was happy to oblige. But when a whole family of misery and despair appeared before her, Qin Liuxi’s carefree days were no more.

Faced with the precarious state of the Qin family, with empty money boxes in the hands of the maidservants pleading for business, Qin Liuxi had to shoulder the heavy responsibilities of the young lady – managing the household, supporting the elders, and raising children!

Qin Liuxi: “I clearly signed up for a lazy, carefree script. Who switched it on me?”

Her cousin, who was questioning life choices after being scolded by the young lady: “I feel like she looks at us like we’re trouble!”

Qin Si, the fourth son who toughened up after getting beat up by the young lady: “Be bolder, remove the ‘feel like’ part!”

Qin Xiaowu, who became introverted after being raised by the young lady like a chick, solemnly counted on his fingers when asked about the young lady’s shortcomings: “She can exorcise and capture ghosts, divine and draw amulets, heal the sick and save lives. Oh, which one did you ask about?”

Later, someone asked Qin Liuxi what her dream would be if she could start life anew.

Qin Liuxi fell silent for a long time: “I’ll gladly live a hundred years without ambition!”

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