The Whole World Thinks He’s Secretly In Love With Me


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Sheng Yi can’t believe her high school classmate Jiang Lianzhou would become tremendously popular now;

What’s even more unbelievable is that she, a non-celebrity, would have to record a variety show with this top star;

But the most unbelievable thing is, the CP between her and Jiang Lianzhou had unexpectedly gone viral overnight.

One huge CP fan posted a Weibo to the circle:

“It’s been years since Jiang Lianzhou rose to stardom, yet he has never been involved in any scandal. I thought it was impossible for him to like other people.

But nowadays I discovered that, as it turned out, a top star could also be secretly in love with someone for so many years. He treasures the old notes she wrote, remembers all her preferences, and was overflowing with happiness when reunited with her after long separation.

Please let my CP be together and make his secret love wish come true.”

Sheng Yi stared at this Weibo post, then glanced at the thick variety show script in her hand, then looked towards the TV..

Inside the screen, the top star is currently acting incredibly affectionate, proceeding according to the script,”Have I ever confessed to my secret love? Yes, I have. I confessed through QQ, I told her ‘I want to be together with you’.”

Sheng Yi: “…”

He sure can act out this exceptionally fake script quite naturally, huh.


Sheng Yi cooperated with Jiang Lianzhou and meticulously played her role as his crush to boost their CP. Following the variety show that is coming to an end, the CP is on the verge of dissolvement.

That day, Jiang Lianzhou QQ account was suddenly leaked out. Despite his studio’s immediate denial, it still stirred up an uproar.

When a friend came looking for Sheng Yi to seek the truth, she sneered,”You can tell it’s fake with one look, I have his real QQ account during highschool.”

She casually copied the username circulated online into the search bar, only to find that it was actually in her close friends list.

Moreover, the note she added for him is——

FoolishStranger X

And the chat history stopped at 6.9 during their senior year.

“I want to be together with you.”

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4 Reviews

Oct 05, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel was much more than I expected.

Honestly, I picked the novel out of boredom, with nothing else to read. The title and synopsis came off to me as any other typical pampering novel and I wasn't expecting much out of it. But it's so much more heartfelt than I thought.

The characters are very adoring and lovely. There's no antagonist, just fate playing tricks. Very much love both Shen Yi and Jiang Lianzhou's narcissism confidence. 🤣 The narrative is very much well written, even with the broken english when mtl-ed it's... more>> still enjoyable (but ofc nothing beats a good translation. Will definitely reread when there's more available chapters) . The character's banters are hilarious. It's oh so bubbling with humour and sweetness (and a sprinkle of distress). The way everything unfold little by little is much looking forward to. The ending was approached nicely, altho I really wish for more extras.

All in all, a very good fun and sweet read. Nice refresh from dramas. This is actually my second read already 😅 <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 15, 2022
Status: c28
Hm I'm not sure.. it's very cute, but the set ups are too obviously obvious. Lol. Overly convoluted for entertainment value. It doesn't feel natural to me. What is this loophole... Like he was neighbors with her and he never knocked on her door once... But he needs her to go on a whole variety show to chase her?

I feel like her personality also kinda left... Why does she need to bring him to the dinner? Who cares like just explain it's fake. Why would she need to pretend he... more>> is her bf irl for what? Mind-boggling. The answer I can give for all of this is because everything is just more entertaining to read this way. And that ruins my immersion, even if I was already reading this with one eye closed. Maybe I'll give this another chance later, but it's kinda disappointing bc I was expecting better from the MC's brain especially with how this book began. She looks stereotypical now, but enjoyable probably for a lot of basic romance enjoyers.

Call me heartless but I think this book is too cheesy for me. Everything the ML does would be fine if he didn't need to do it on a variety tv show.... Like I can't get over that. It makes no sense to me. The premise is fine, but why does he need a whole tv show to chase her? They're neighbors now... The writing feels like there's a goal: variety show, entertainment, and romance. And they're fulfilling that. But I like my romances to be: this is someone's love story that happened this way. The writing has a goal for entertainment and that's ok. But it's not for me. Also, if you've read a lot of Chinese romances before, these two characters are kinda basic. Yea I think it's a decent romance chick fic. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 26, 2022
Status: Completed
i..... for real...... truly... dont sleep on this:" this one deserves solid 5 stars!!! recommended!!

omg ML's love for FL is so precious I cant even describe it. yes, he is shameless and thick skinned and only FL can tame him. but for sure, there is no doubt that he loves FL so much!

tho it takes time for FL to accept him, and I think deep down FL likes ML but she hasnt realized it herself

... more>>

i think ML confessed around chpt 40/50s and FL accepted him around 70s


HOWEVER, since the very beginning, they are each other's home I would say. yes, they are separated for 7 years as they went to different school and have different life. but, their tolerance and patience toward each other is top-notch

usually, when 1 person falls earlier and falls to deep, he/she will lose in the relationship. but in the case for this novel, FL really is patient toward ML and spoils him too much despite his shameless attitude! and FL is falling deeper and deeper every day because of ML

guys, for real, this one is so recommended! so fluffy and funny! ML's attitude towards FL is... I just cant describe it, ML really regards FL as his own world

anyway, some of you might feel this one is bored because basically ML and FL interaction is during variety show recording. and ML chases FL during this time. so for around 70 eps it's all related to the variety show recording and it think the time span is around 3 months or more. but no worries, their interaction is top-notch to the point that it's not that boring and even looking forward for what will they do on the recording day! <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 07, 2022
Status: Completed
This so cute and so heartwarming. It's full of love and adoration - but not the mindless kind. You know that the pampering stems from a solid foundation of feelings. I can probably use a lot more similar descriptions for that because it's really a fluffy read. It also has depth because the characters felt very alive. They have emotions!! I read the mtl of there are details probably lost in translation, I hope to read this again when the translation is done. This is definitely a good romance novel.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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