The Whole Sect Is Acting Strange


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If waste were to be reborn, could it become completely new?

Pei Yunshu still sees himself as worthless; he has only become smarter and no longer seeks what he can’t attain. He calmly watches as his master picks up a junior brother who will receive the love of the entire sect, and he patiently waits for everyone to go crazy for the junior brother.

He no longer wishes to contend with the junior brother, nor does he yearn to become the most favored one in the sect. When his master and senior brothers treat him kindly, he repays them one by one, so as to avoid becoming like his past self, who was criticized and looked down upon with every word and sentence.

In the past, there was an overwhelming worldly aura, but now, with a rebirth, even a hint of that worldly scent is almost gone.

Senior brothers and the newly arrived Junior Brother were worried about Pei Yunshu. Finally, one day, they forcibly took him down the mountain to drink.

After two bowls of strong liquor, Pei Yunshu’s eyes were slightly red, his face flushed, and a clear and round teardrop slid down, falling into the wine bowl.

Silently shedding tears, it was truly a boundless beauty.

From that day on, the whole sect is acting strange.

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3 Reviews

Oct 07, 2023
Status: Completed
Listing my reading experience of this book :

    • Somehow I didn't understand what's happening in 20 first chapters lol. I think my brain was adapting to author's writing for this novel, bcs I didn't have this problem with author's other books.
    • Before reading, my expectation was 60% drama-angst, 40% romance. What I got is 60% slice of life-light heart romance-travelling, 40% drama-angst.
    • Honestly, MC, ML and their friends are so funny and wholesome. Especially in later chapters where it is more into their slice of life and child raising.
    • MC just want to leave the sect and didn't want to have anything to do with people in his previous life. So even though there are angst and regret of his senior brothers in the current life, it is not the main star/their karma process isn't the main star. Just a notice for readers who read this book looking for dog blood.
    • The sense of toolman is strong for the supporting characters hahaha. The real MVP is Baili, I love him but dude really is just a helper for the main couple throughout the story.
    • Every characters are distinct and interesting (especially MC's friends). I love all the supporting characters and found family vibe between MC ML and their group. How ML loves chicken, listening to praises, playing hooligan but sometimes so innocent. How Baili is so kind and mischievous. How funny Huaye is as #1 fan and supporter of MC and trying to pit ML. How Qingheng is so done by all of them sometimes. I won't complain if author makes the extras longer and only about their daily life. Honestly I prefer the extras bcs they are more funny and enjoyable than main story, in my opinion. The modern IF is fun too.
Problem :

  • My problem with this book is idk what is its focus in earlier chapters. Like every possible focus isn't strong enough to be called the theme of the story (is it about slice of life? Is it about how MC moving on? Is it about karma/dog blood?). I mean you can have all of these elements, but you need to delivered/executed it well.
  • Sometimes events that happened feel so impulsive AND not really have important impact in the end (which is I often see in xianxia novels, so common problem).
So based on 2 problems above, it could be boring & feel lost when you reach 2/4 of the story.
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 18, 2023
Status: c47
This story is not emphasizing on romance. If you look for romance this story is not for you. But if you like story about abused victim getting a better life, try to read this. There's also some sort of 'revenge', if ignorance can be called a revenge.

It is about one's journey to get better from his trauma and then get to meet his found family (?). Some parts of the story can be bland or feel like a filler episode, but I quite enjoyed it.

The CP is rather weird for... more>> me. Their mental maturity doesn't match. I don't particularly enjoy their romance but it's tolerable. <<less
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Dec 13, 2023
Status: c23
its really good but wasn't entirely my cup not tea.

i was expecting something a little bit more cliche but this story went 180 on me lol.

id put it in slice of life genre.

idk, also the characters seem to be very shallow, not much description,... just there.

not much comedic relief or explanations either

,... bland

but the translations are really good tho.
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