The Villainess is Three and a Half Years Old


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Yeya is a little sprout of the Plant Clan, who has just turned 100 years old. To save her family, Yeya transmigrates into a novel.

The original owner of the body was a vicious villainess; the system asked Yeya to fulfill the task in place of the dead villainess.

She needs to be vicious and mercilessly suppress the protagonist at every turn. To do that, she needs to snatch away all his resources. And when the male lead is at his most vulnerable, she needs to hit him with a fatal blow.

Yeya nodded her head, indicating that she understood the task. However——

“Uncle, what does it mean to be vicious and merciless?”

“…” The system was extremely depressed and frustrated as he stared at the three and a half years old villainess.


Yeya earnestly acted her villainess role according to the mission. However, the result was always contrary to the system’s expectations. As a result, the progress of the taskbar lengthened in reverse. The system eventually collapsed in despair, “Little one, what breed of plants are you? I’ve worked with your mother before. Your mother is a corpse flower*. She’s super malicious!”

Isn’t genetics supposed to be strong?

Yeya, who is playing in the mud, has a soft and tender voice, “My father is a four-leaf clover, so I am a four-leaf clover as well~”

The system, “…” Wow, like father like daughter!

T/N: * A carnivorous plant that mainly eats insects. It earned its name ‘the Corpse Flower’ because it smells like rotten flesh when it blooms. It’s also literally translated to ‘man-eating flower’.

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The Blackened Female Supporting Character is Three and a Half Years Old
The Vicious Female Supporting Character is Three and a Half Years Old
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lacerem rated it
March 24, 2022
Status: Completed
it is a bit too over the top and not very good. If you still want to have a nice impression do not read the last few chapters.


The love interest is in the very last extra and its her older adapted brother. It is gross he literally was playing father for her most of her childhood. She can love him but making him the love interest is just icky.

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fallinlight rated it
March 18, 2022
Status: Completed
I love the story but I don't really like the ending.

... more>>

The story ends with MC successfully completing all of the main task and used her four wishes to restore the spiritual land (the place where she lives before), brought back her plants parents to life, brought back her human brother and mother to life and send the system to reincarnate. To be honest, I'm kinda disappointed that she didn't want to go back to her plants parents because I really want to see her interact with them : (. I've also cried multiple times when the MC misses her parents and the father didn't acknowledge her. Also, I don't like how easy MC opened up to the father who was so harsh to her in the beginning and wanted to send her back to the labroratory even when he knew she was probably treated as an experiment subject there. Like, okay you hate her because she's a clone of your daughter but that's not an excuse to be a jerk especially when the girl was only three for goodness sake. Except from the ending, I'm also very unsatisfied with the retribution the father got for how he treated her. (I mean sure, he lost all of his fortune but that's literally it and he even got it back at the end smh) He treated her better later but I still can't forget how he treated her at the beginning.

Lastly, can't forget the love interest. I was surprised when I learn who the love interest are because I honestly never even considered him as a potential love interest for the MC. Can't say I'm happy with that.


But overall, it's still pretty good.

Personal rating : 4.2 <<less
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7starkiller99 rated it
February 27, 2022
Status: Completed
Novel NOT Recommend to read!

Huge Spoiler Warning: Rushed/tr*sh Ending. Novel is clearly unfinished.

... more>>

The author was too lazy to finish the novel so they shoehorned in a crummy rushed ending where MC uses his wishes on everyone else and then just stays around in the human world. Literally within 5 chapters/several pages of writing the author ends the whole story unsatisfyingly. It’s as if the author suddenly didn’t want to write any more and gave up. Story ends extremely prematurely with [MC getting picked up, going through kindergarten, going onto a father daughter show, getting chased down for like a few chapters], and then rushed ending. Worst association in charge of illegal cloning ever? I mean come on, you can’t even find/capture/restrain some children? Mc’s not superhuman. So much complete nonsense all around and Mc’s scum father goes from instant bankrupt back to world’s richest man due to literal Deus Ex Machina Android boy. Afterwards, Mc’s poor brother dies after MC fails to do anything somehow. Then everything is all good and MC gets 4 wishes to do whatever MC wants because author is just so done. Wishes are all powerful somehow and just fix everything! Mc’s selection by system, what happened to her family originally, and anything else? All just left up in the air. Will MC ever reach her family? Unknown but you can hope the system guy’s seal stuff works somehow. Really, a horrible mess.


Novel Summary: MC is a 100 year old baby plant girl with plot armor (for author’s convenience) that gives her the ability to use luck and see spirit guardians. She can talk to plants and was somehow taken away by this system to fulfill plot missions (automatically checked off without system’s interventions). In the novel world (that she is stuck in), MC is a clone of a girl heroine mixed with the genes of a vicious genius murderer criminal (this never comes up or applies to the story other than as an excuse for scumbag father). The main story is just the system being dumber than a small child and also MC acting hilariously like a small adult or a no brain child.

The main issues of this novel is the weak overall writing. Basically, 80% of the novel is filler that has nothing to do with the main plot. Besides that, there’s exactly one instance of a urine/fart/poop/dumb foreigner joke. And a few MC being unable to reach a toilet jokes.

If you can get past everyone acting without a brain around MC, there’s some funny (subjective) moments of MC terrorizing the teachers at her school or dealing with her scumbag weirdo father (who acts like a child himself). The funniest joke was probably how some other system tried to make their little snake egg learn. (Poor system teacher.)

-700tril/10 Bad Villain Fodder novel where the author couldn’t really fuse the story of MC acting like a cannon fodder with the typical comedy misunderstanding cutesy child raising novel. Extreme amounts of MC plot armor or sensing danger and thus getting good events and lots of incidents that make no sense if examined closely (Android children/nobody every checking on maniac brother/all of MC just sneaking around or talking while merely 3 years old/etc).

P.S. A lot of these novels really show that the author has never interacted with real children or actual adults enough to write real characters. That or you don’t have a story since so many of these scenarios are 100% impossible. Novels be insane lol. <<less
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wekwek rated it
March 6, 2022
Status: Completed
I rushed to MTL this story because I thought it was cute and it did not disappoint me at all! Yaya is the best four-leaf clover OwO
If you like fluffy stories, this is for you and only around ~100 chapters including the epilogues so it's quite easy to get through.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Maiasia rated it
August 12, 2022
Status: Completed
I liked it. MC is an emphatic and precocious 100 year old demon baby with none of the prejudices. Just like a child, she loved and forgave easily, flying through her villainess tasks as a naive child would. I laughed. I cried. I loved the story.

As for her not returning to her spiritual realm, I believe the system said that time ran different and that the minutes it took for the realm to be reformed, it would be several decades on earth so the system let her lived with her earth family. That when the spiritual realm was finished, her human body would die and she would return to the spiritual realm. As for the ending, I would had shipped MC with the android boy more than I would the older adopted brother but there's no real pairing at the end so oh, well. What gets me more is (1) the earth mother is a loose thread I would had liked the author to tie up. She passed away despising the clone and seeking her "real" daughter. There wasn't enough time given in her kitty guardian form to show any growth between her and the MC. So that when she was revived, she was suddenly okay and feeling maternal toward the MC. (2) I didn't like how they handled the conclusion of the android boy's death. When he died, what he wanted was to be a human, with a human heart, and a loving family, but instead they built him into an sentient a.i. So he could have the freedom to roam the net. Better than being used and abused by the parents of his genes but pale in comparison to the love and warmth of a family. Honestly, I had half hoped one of the wishes went to wishing him real. (3) If it takes 300 years for a demon baby to mature and this demon baby is in a human body, then does this mean that despite the human body aging, the demon mentality remains infantile? Or if in her demon body, in spite of aging, her mentality ages as well but she is still considered a baby? I don't understand how this works. X'D

All in all, it was a lighthearted read with some teary scenes and loves all around. I don't regret reading it!
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lavender_drop rated it
June 9, 2022
Status: Completed
3.0 ⭐

Honestly, it's a little contrived. Despite that I enjoyed it immensely because of how cute the characters are. (I remain a sucker for children and truly innocent characters! Recommendations are always welcome!)

It just got a little to repetitive after a certain point. It didn't really tackle some of the deeper concepts that was touched on in a constructive way. Then, again, for it's genre and premise -- it did what it had to do.

Did I enjoy the ending? No really but it is forgivable because, for the... more>> plot, any ending would be unsatisfactory. I just wished they'd choose a less sensational one, is all. <<less
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F.A.M.H rated it
May 19, 2022
Status: c37
I have to give up reading this up to here.

Because though it seems like a lovely-warm child story, it's actually about how aboused children live. Almost all the children here are aboused in some way with deferent degree, specially the MC, but the authore want to cover it as warm, lovely, comedy' slice of life story about them!

I'm given it 3 stars becuse I really liked her big brother and his friend (the other big brother for her), and how they toke care of her and their younger brothers.
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